• We will notify every auction session via email / whatsapp to our registered customers
  • You can see current auction from our auction page in our website
  • You can see current auction from your D-COIN menu in your member page



  • Check our auction session list, and view the auction details


  • Login to your account and Top Up your D-COIN balance (minimum 10 D-COIN to join 1 auction session)


  • Join the auction by click JOIN


  • Authorize 5 D-COIN reduction to join the auction session



  • After you authorized your D-Coin deduction, Bidding form will be in your auction page, and you can strart bidding.


  • Please note, that your minimum bid is $1.00, and maximum bid is $5.00 added to last bid


  • Maximum bid times is 10 bids for every 10 D-Coin in one session (your remaining bid chances will showed on your page). You need to put another 10 D-Coin after 10 times bid in one session.



  • When someone bid higher than you, you will get notification on email and on your auction screen


  • When you or someone reach our maximum auction price (set by our system randomly), or reach maximum auction period, auction session will automatically ended
  • If you are the winner of the acution, you will received email notification along with payment link. You can choose the payment method and pay within 48 hours. If we don't receved your payment after 48 hours, it will be canceled automatically by the system


  • If you are not the winner, you will be notified by email, as well as on your auction screen.



  • Auction participants are those who willing to spent 10 D-Coin to have a chance. Without that, you will never be able to join the auction. 
  • Auction participants are all "real" human invited by email notification, or directly join from the auction page. We are not using robot, you can see one of our auction result recently ended at May 21, 2018 (some of private information are covered) :



  • You must have 10 D-Coin in your D-Coin balance to join the auction
  • 10 D-Coin will be reduced upon your authorization when you decided to join each auction session
  • You will have 10 bid times maximum on 1 session
  • If your bid times is below 10 bids in 1 session, the remaining (un-used) D-Coin will be automatically returned to your D-Coin balance within 24 hours.



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