Rolex Submariner 116610LN GM Factory, better than Noob ?

by DTIME International on 24 April 2018

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog section....

After my disappointment with Noob for their promise of Submariner V8, now it's finally cured by a perfect works of very new factory called Great Master factory a.k.a GMF. They were just come from out of no where with something incredible, they build such a perfect Submariner 116610 LN and 116610 LV with 904L stainless steel material and SA.3135 movement, which is exactly the same as what Noob promised us with their V8.

I took the easiest option which is 116610LN (black ceramic bezel), and finally got a chance to take a closer look of that piece. First impression? the looks is just like ARF with plastic box as their presentation, but GMF put their own label on it. And when i firstly touch the piece, I was impressed and i was thinking that GMF is noob with other name, or maybe something close to Noob. I don't know what is going on there, but the build is very solid with perfect details on this GMF piece, as well as the GMF movement is better finished compare to Noob V7 SA3135 i guess. Anyway, let's have a look.



I took genuine picrtures from one of genuine site, clearly GMF is replicating 2014 up to early 2016 model with shorter "f" on the 1000 ft words, however they did a small mistake by putting "300 m" words too close to the "=". It should be a bit far as you can see on the right pictures. 

  • Dial details is well replicated, nice black dial color with totally correct size, fonts, shapes and dimension of hour markers, hands, logo, and dial lettering. I will say perfect on this part except the "300 m" too close from "="
  • Rolex logo on the dial have perfect shape and dimension, i found no issue on this
  • A little over zoom on the cyclops from what i see, but i am sure it's because of the camera angle on thaking those 2 different pictures.
  • Date font and dimension is correct with perfect shape of date frame.
  • I spot the rehaut is slightly better compare to other build on the same model.
  • Bezel markers color is very close to genuine, with perfect thickness and engravings depth. But to be honest, i still stay on ARF bezel color marker, they are doing a bit better.
  • Have no issue with ceramic bezel color anf finished, it is just simply perfect replication.



I can't see any different between those crown details on above picture. GMF crown logo is as perfect as genuine from the shape and dimension. No issue.

I raised this part because some noob build have issue on this part (SEL). The SEL of GMF is perfectly solid, there is no significant gap that potentially make some shaky when you shake the bracelet. They made it cool actually, but it is not something extra ordinary since ARF always making this part perfectly. 

GMF clasp is very good, the mechanisme is just works perfectly without any jammed or other issue. However the crown logo still not replicated properly, as well as other factoies with pretty much the same issue on this. I have no complain on the clasp engravings, they are just good as well as other factory like Noob, ARF or VRF. 



I am not going to talk 904L too much on this topic, because it is hard to tell by the pictures to talk about this. What i felt is very solid brushed steel and well done finished by GMF compare to other factories that make it with 316L. I ll go to the movement right away, because GMF also make this build with SA.3135 as well as noob V7. How good is GMF movement looks? let see over all pictures first : 

If you don't compare the looks with genuine calibre 3135 movement, you wont spot easily because i can see that GMF movement have better finished compare to noob V7 ( i will show you later on ). The engravings is very deep and neat, and there is serial number engraved on the edge of the movement which noob didn't have that details. Let's compare it with genuine calibre 3135 to see how good and how close this GMF 3135 movement to it :

  • The inner disk on GMF is more rough compare to genuine
  • The amount of the screws and the position is replicated properly, even though size is not all the same. Generally GMF screws is smaller compare to genuine.
  • Purple rubby on the outter disk below the rotor are not the same with genuine, too small on GMF. However, this is happen on SA.3135 noob as well.
  • 3135 fonts is different between GMF and genuine, and the position need to be lower to the edge of middle disk.
  • Rotor and outter disk below rotor finished is better compare to what noob have.

Again, replica is still replica, but i will say that GMF has made this movement better and very close looks to genuine especially when you don't put them side by side and do closer looks. Many of you might wondering is it better compare to noob ?, lets compare it :

  • As i mentioned before, the engravings of GMF is better compare to noob made.
  • Outter disk below rotor textured is better on GMF compare to noob.
  • engravings font is better on noob 3135 compare to GMF.

Let's compare other angle :

All structures are about the same (except the engravings depth and font style). The big things on GMF movement is on the serial number perfectly engraved on the edge of the movement, just like genuine.



  • What a perfect weight made by GMF, genuine is between 158 - 160 grams, and GMF is 160 grams exactly. This is far better compare other build which is below 155 grams
  • I have no doubt about lume, GMF use super luminova with correct color and good bright.

That is for now. So far i conclude that GMF build is very nice and all the details are better compare to Noob V7, even though i don't know about noob V8 becuase noob keep delaying the production..