DTime International October 2018 Top 5 Hits !

by DTIME International on 05 November 2018

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section. Today I will show you the most hits from our website based on our statictic countre that we have in our system. This data is valid, and all statistic was exclude our IP address. The reason why we do this topic is to show you what is the most view products, brands, pages, search and videos in our website as your guideline what is our customer behaviour to see our products and pages.




NO 1  : Submariner 904L Stainless Steel 116610 LN Black Ceramic Newest Noob V8S Best Edition on 904L Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

TOTAL VIEW : 11.468 HITS. There is no doubt how popular Noob factory is. They keep developing some Rolex model especially Submariner model. Finaly after some delay for a while, they released the newest Submariner model after V7.They called it V8S version. This version already use 904L material armed with Superclone SA.3135 movement. For you who want to buy movement looks perfection and dial perfection. You must go for this newest version. Buy now  HERE


NO 2  : Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black-Grey Textured Dial on Black Rubber Strap 324CS Clone (Correct Thickness)

TOTAL VIEW : 10.589 HITS. Every factory keeping up to make good replication to one of iconic Patek Philippe model ; Aquanaut. Some factory like V6F, PF, MPF were there in the market for a while on making this model. Suddenly ZF make a nice move by making this aquanaut model to compete. And their result is extra ordinary. The best color and dial details, also super nice material finishes especially on the case. Not only that, ZF make their own Caliber 324CS super clone to replicate the looks and the thickness. Nice packaging, nice build. Buy now HERE



NO 3  : Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m 42mm Stainless Steel VSF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on SS Bracelet 8500 Super Clone

TOTAL VIEW : 8.351 HITS. VS factory is known as the factory who always make super clone movement on every of their replicas. Firstly they made a breakthru on Panerai super clone movement, now they repeat their success to make Omega Co-Axial super clone movement. And the best move is that VS put their nice movement to the most iconic Omega model, SMPO. Now you can adjust the date as what it should be on genuine Omega SMPO. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 4  : Daytona Cosmograph 116520 904L Stainless Steel Case ARF V2 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On 904L SS Bracelet A4130 Super Clone (Correct Thick & Material)

TOTAL VIEW : 4.694 HITS.   2018 is ARF year on replica market especially on some high flying Rolex models such as Submariner, Date just and Daytona. I will say physically ARF is the best compare to every available factory in replica industry. On Daytona, they are focusing on dial details besides the physical build. And I will also say that ARF dial on Daytona is better compare to Noob. They are very consistent to choose reliable movement to reduce price while noob making it with super clone movement. You can read our review HERE and you can buy this perfect piece HERE



NO 5  : Navitimer 8 A17314101B1X1 Automatic 41mm Stainless Case ZF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial On Brown Calfskin Leather Strap A.2824

TOTAL VIEW : 6.119 HITS.  Wide range replica brands and models is what ZF aiming for. They don't want to be too focus on 1 single brand or models. People generally think that with this way, the result will not going to be perfect, because they must put their eyes to every of their watches. But in fact, not really that case. ZF build is very nice on every brands they make. And one of their good move this year is by making the newest Breitling model, Navitimer 8. And the result is also perfect. You can buy this nice new Breitling model HERE



Above choices of our customer behaviour might be your guidance to choose which model will be your next order from our website. Apart from top hits products, we also have another statistic of our customer behaviour happened on October 2018 :



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  1. ROLEX : 55.188 View
  2. AUDEMARS PIGUET : 29.052 View
  3. OMEGA : 18.628 View
  4. PATEK PHILIPPE : 14.965 View
  5. PANERAI : 14.106 View


I hope this topic can be your guide how to pick the products based on our customer behaviour month to month in our website. Everything have reasons behind, that it why those data i present is consider as market fact of how good and demandable those replica model are.