DEEP REVIEW : Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16 High Grade Special Build

by DTIME International on 17 June 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section...


Today we are very honor to do deep review to one of the most unique High grade replica Hublot Big Bang series in the market ; this is Big Bang Sang Bleu 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16 45mm Hexagonal case and dial. You will never find this model in high grade in other store, because it is very limited production from one of expert watch maker who are successfully build some Roger Dubuis model. And the best thing for us is that this group of watch maker only want to put what they build in our website, especially for this Hublot Sang Bleu model. 

Being the first person to touch this model is such a big honor. Because what they build is extra ordinary from my point of view. Every side of their build is full of perfection, i suggest this is why they only produced limited numbers of production for this model. 

This model is very unique, with hexagonal shape of the bezel, match with 3 layer hexagonal dial which works as seconds hand, minute hands, and hour hands. And not only that, this replica is also mirroring the lates design of rotor which usually called Maxime Büchi geometry design. Well, lets see this replica build in details !



  • Please note, that the picture you see is taken from the actual replica build by this watch maker. What a perfect shape of watch, hexagonal brush finished of the bezel is just perfect combined with polished sloping bezel. 
  • Black DLC in the middle layer is very nice with texured finished.
  • The screws is one of Hublot signature. You can see bunch of screw decorating the bezel, the crown guard, and the lug end to tighten the strap. What they made is seriously neat. It is just perfect.
  • The round dial is almost invisible, because they put geometrical shape of the hands. There are 3 layers ; the outter hexagonal dial have double sided arrow as an hour hands, the middle geometric dial also have double sided arrow as minutes hand, and the inner geometric dial is moving 21.600 vph suported by Miyota based movement, works as seconds hand. You can see the video for clear view.
  • Hour marker is not on the dial, they put it as a slopy rehaut with numeric marker. And the minute marker is on the dial below all geometrical hands. It is just simply perfect as it should be on genuine.

  • Very nice DLC texturized finished on mid layer of the case, and again, there are screws decorating the side of the watch. Simply nice !
  • The crown is engraved with new "H" style of logo, and cover with black DLC gear. Feel better to handle while you set the time.
  • The placement of the 3 layer of the case is very tidy. I didn't see any significant gap that will ruin the perfection of this replication.

  • The lug shape is typically Hublot. The end link strengthen by the screw to make strong intact with the strap. 
  • The unique part of this model is that there is always geometrical shape in almost every part of the watch. You can see the lug of this model is engraved with geometrical pattern with brush finished.




  • I am impressed of the movement looks, especially when the rotor is turning, it is very unique (you can see how cool is this rotor on the video at the end of this topic)
  • Brushed finished of caseback is as how it supposed to be on genuine, and as always, screw are decorating the caseback on almost every side.
  • Nicely engraved, very neat and deep enough.
  • The shape of the rotor is just how it should be on genuine. This replica is replicating final model of rotor with geometric inscription by Maxime Büchi




  • The strap is made by rubber with calfskin geometrical printed at the front of the strap. It is very neat rubber strap replication with nice fitment to the lug.
  • I have no complain on this parts at all, well neat replication !





We don't have the genuine in my hand obviously, but we tried to compare with some reliable source of genuine pictures to make quick comparison to see how close this build to genuine. Let's start !

  • The shape is just perfect. i didn't see any flaws on the bezel shape, case shape, and dimension. The build is very precise and solid 
  • Hour marker is very nice, a little bit thin from that picture, but i am sure it should be the same in reality. I was thinkin the "4" marker is a mistake, but it is not, they flip the number start at "4"mark to "8" mark. 
  • Something i found consider as small flaws is on the double sided arrow as pointer of minutes and hands. I found the size of those triangle on the hour hands is bigger compare to the minutes hands on genuine. Howerver, i found those have the same size on replica. But i don't want to complain about it.


  • Except for Titanium letter is wrong, i will say that all the detial looks well replicated on this part. And just to let you know, this whole build of this model should be with solid titanium, but on replica is 316L stainless steel with titanium finished.
  • The maker choose Miyota 8N24 as movement base with 21.600 vph highly decorated to be close to genuine HUB1213 calibre. Reliability is the key, that is why they choose Miyota based movement to build this perfect replica.





Well this is the question that we expected from you. Because in fact this model has been replicated earlier on AAA grades. They have 2 version, quartz and automatic on this grade. So what is the different? The answer is HUGE diffferent for sure. Lets check !

  • It is very obvious from the shape, case finishes, and the dial details. You can see on AAA is very rough and the hour marker scale is white color. This is not it supposed to be on genuine, and we believe you can judge those 2 different grades by the picture above.

Well i don't know what to say, you better judge it yourself. Crystal clear !







  • First of all, there are no other seller selling this at this movment, the maker decided to work with us to sell this model. It is very rare, and as you won't find any high grade in the market for this model
  • Perfect solid build from every part of this replica
  • The price is totally worthy to the build that you will have
  • Miyota movement has been choosen for reliability.