Connect Yourself To China, Set Up Your Business, Run it with ease....

by DTIME International on 14 November 2018


After we run DTime International for quite a while, we realized that there are so many opportunities that we can offer to our customers all over the world. There are huge variety of products in China marketplaces that you could start to think running digital business with those producst in your country or even internationally. We faced the same problems when we build DTime International to get a perfect connection to China, and we believe you will face pretty much the same things. Here are some problems you will faced when you try connecting yourself to China marketplaces :

  • Finding the real reliable products with honest quality
  • Reliability supplier direct contact issue
  • Product certainty of availability
  • Payment issue to China supplier which required you to use Alipay, no protection on customer side
  • Warehouse arrangement for dropshipping business models
  • Shipping issue with no specific arrangement


Those issue will be your main possible issue that you will face. All you need is reliable partner / hub to support your business. And in fact, there are hundreds service provider that can provide you with this kind of service, but there are some limitatation :

  • They wont provide product hunting service. 
  • They have formal rules of fees, especially on warehousing fees.

Finally you will need personal partner with personalised and flexible services. Here we are, finally open new division to help you grow your digital business with perfect personalised connection to China marketplaces. We provides :

  • Product research and hunting as your requirement
  • Flexible price and quanitity
  • Wide range product choices that you can choose : Watches, Bags, Earings, Neckless, Rings, Belts, Wallet, Shoes, or any other available products in China marketplaces
  • FREE warehouse handling and storing
  • Flexible shipping arrangement. You can send to any of your customer in the worlds partially.
  • Dedicated personalised admin staff to handle your end to end process



  • Quantity of buying / bulks purchases. Our division will not handling retail purchases
  • Payment methods : Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Moneygram, Western Union
  • All inquiry will be customised and personalised by email or whatsapp

Grow your business now, and personalised your connection to China with someone can be trusted !