Dear Customers,

As we know that Chinese New Year 2019 is coming, formallly dated on February 5, 2019, This is a very big events in China that will affect every activities in China related to any businesses there. Every business activities in China will only be open until January 26, 2019 and they will be open again on February 20, 2019. All factories and shipping activities will be closed roughly for 1 month.

As business, we must inform our adjusted schedule during this events to every customers. Please follow below flow and schedule for every orders comes from our customers :



  • If you are in a rush, order from now until January 21,  2019. And we will make sure to proceed your orders before February 3, 2019, because this is the last day before their holiday. Some of factory and shipping company even closed started January 26, 2019
  • Everytime long holiday happened, there will be huge amount of pending order during the holiday and will be proceed right after their activities started after holiday. It will caused a very long delay to be processed. We advise you to put order during Chinese new year holiday to get early priority processing after holiday.
  • Refer to huge number of pending orders on every busienss line during holiday (production, distribution, and delivery), they will process holiday orders first once they back in business (March 2019). This will take almost 1 month to clear all pending holiday orders. And this will cause March 2019 orders to be delayed on processing, usually take another month. 
  • All fulfilment flow will be back to normal again on April 2019. In other words, April 2019 orders onwards will be following normal schedule again.


We suggest you not to delay your purchases, be smart and please follow our schedule..




DTime International Team