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Recently noob just released some Rolex Day-Date 228239 & 228206, and also Datejust 126333 & 126003 models with super asian clone 3255 as a perfect clone of Rolex calibre 3255. The price is not cheap, in fact same price with super asian 3135 previously made by Noob with extra ordinary success. We want to take a closer looks how good this movement compare to genuine caliber. We haven't test this yet, what we can do is compare both to see how good Noob replicated this movement from the looks.

Here we go !

Genuine picture we took from Rolex website, so it is not a real movement, but onlny for display purposes, that is why the looks is so perfect. But this is not our point, what we will spot is the structures and how detail Noob replicating this. Overall i will say pretty cool, but I consider asian clone 3255 is not as perfect as asian clone 3135 that previously made. There are some noticeable spots that you can easily see :

  • The Axle : When you see the center you will be very easy to spot what is the different, which is the triangle should be with rubby on genuine, but not on replica. The size of the axle is too big on replica, because it should be another ring after, and this is not exist on replica
  • The Axle outter ring : As we mention above, there is no outter ring after the axle on replica which I believer there is a reason why noob didn't make this.

I dont want to talk all the flaws here, because there must be some, because it is replica. I will talk more about the major flaws only.

From what i can see, noob pretty much detail to make a copy, however when you see more detail, you will spot something different :

  • Should be no screw on the left of "3255", which is exist on replica. And move left, there are 2 gears intack which you can spot the shape difference.
  • After 2 gears, there should be gold gear, which not existed on replica.
  • Some screw at the outter movement also shouldn't be there

Lets move down to the gear train part. There are differences on this part as you can see above picture :

  • Blue hairspring is not there as genuine
  • Rolex and movement serial number also not there on replica
  • There is a frame at the bottom of the gear train, which not exist on genuine

Except from the axle issue that i mention on the beginning, i don's see major flaws on the rotor parts. The shape and finishing is just like the genuine.


  • If you are expert, you will notice easily what is the different, but if you are not, i don't think it will be easy.
  • Flaws on replica is normal, if there is no flaws, means the replica price will be as genuine price.
  • Engravings issue is always there on replica, not as neat as genuine. But again, it is not something that you can complain
  • Overall, I will say noob just made something revolutionary movement copy of Calibre 3255 after their success by making 3135 clone movement. I hope this is more reliable, which i believe it is. Next topic will be how reliable this clone movement is, since we have some issue on 3135 in the beginning. Stay updated !


by DTIME International on 22 March 2017

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Confusion will come accross your mind especially if you are new in replica, because there are many replica factory around the market, wheather well known or not. When you look at the webisite mentioning so many different replica factories, there will be some obvious questions, which factory is the best? Are they all good? 

In order to wipe your confusion, I will explain which factory is the best to make particular brands or models. Because every factory have their own flagship model on replica watche they buit. By this topic, I hope you guys will understand and use it as guidance to pick some good stuffs from the right factory. I will try as honest as possible to tell the truth, and this is also based on my experience handling replica selling activities, and getting more information from replica forums, and from the customer feedback.

Here we go... !


This factory is very well known in the replica industry. Even their name is used for any good replica from china. Is this noob? (means is this replica?). This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship replica watches (click the product name to see the watches) :



When you ask which factory best on making Audemars Piguet? There is no doubt to go to J Factory, not other factory. There are so many review of how good JF making those AP models. But, not only AP J Factory also have some other cool stuffs on Breitling, Cartier, and many more. This factory has made some perfect replica watches in some brands, and below are some list of their flagship replica watches (click the product name to see the watches) :



This factory is not an old factory like noob or BP, but this factory recently made so many brands and model replicated perfectly. Some brands like IWC Schaffhausen, Tudor, Bell & Ross, and some Panerai model. These are some models as ZF flaghsip replica (click the product name to see the watches) :



Formerly known as the first generation Rolex best maker, BP still making good copies up until now. There are some brands and model that you must go for this factory for some reasons, here are their flagships (click the product name to see the watches) :



This is the only factory that produces so many brands, and the good thing is most of them are categorized as perfect copy among other factories. Formerly known as the first factory made perfect copy of Hublot Big Bang series, now they made bunch of perfect models from some other brands. Here they are (click the product name to see the watches) :



This is quite new factory in the market, but this factory has made some perfect Panerai model. I dont know weather they will produce another brand or not, but so far the only brand they made is Panerai. The good thing about this factory is they made random serial number which match between case and the one on the movement. Only 5 flaghsip replica from this factory so far (click the product name to see the watches) : PAM441, PAM213 (real split-second), PAM382, PAM359 and PAM312



This factory is also very reliable on making some brands and model, Below are some of their flagship (click the product name to see the watches) :

  • Rolex > MK factory is mastering on Celini model, you wont find any other Rolex model made by this factory except Cellini. The build is good and I consider this model from MK is the best quality so far in the market
  • IWC Schaffhausen > When you looking for Portofino model, there are 2 factories around the market who made perfect replica, but i will consider MK as recommendation. Another model is Pilot Analog model
  • Patek Philippe > Talking about the best Nautilus 5711 model, the latest version that very close to genuine is form MK factory
  • Tag Heuer > Recently MK factory launched the new Calibre 5 WAY201A model, and it is very recommended
  • Breguet > It is very hard to find good replica of breguet, but if you looking for the simple breguet replica, you have to choose from MK factory. The best Breguet from this factory is Classique 5177BR.



This factory is only mastering on some Omega model, such as (click the product name to see the watches) Planet Ocean chronograph, Speedmaster Crhonograph, New model of Planet Ocean 600m, and Speedmaster 57 model. Eventhough the chronograph hands on the second sub dial is only 1 hand working (which is very hard to make both hands working on 1 sub dial), the build they made on these omega is very nice.




Again, there are some factory only develop 1 single brand, like S factory (SF) is only mastering in some Panerai model which is quite the same quality with KW /V6 Factory. Both are with super clone movement, but some form S Factory are better, such as on these model (click the model to see detail products): PAM604, PAM425, PAM448, PAM690, PAM672, PAM1359, PAM605, PAM1312, and PAM449



New factory since end of 2016 is mastering on some Rolex model. The different between this factory and other factory is that EW factory replica are with the paper set which is match to the serial number of watches itself. Mastering on Rolex Daydate and Datejust model, here are some of their flagship replica (click the product name to see the watches) Date-Just 116300 series, Day-Date 228396 series, Date-Just 116333 series, Datejust 116334 series, Day-Date 228235 Series, Date-Just 126331 series, and Datejust 126301 series.



Mostly making some replica on Germany watches like Glashutte, A Lange & Sohne, now this factory launched the most demandable Breitling replica on perfection. Here are some brands and model as GF flagship replica (click the product name to see the watches) :



This factory is the master of Tourbillon and some complication watches. When you looking for Tourbillon replica watches, there is no other choice to buy only from this factory. Even not exactly like genuine, but all tourbillon watches from this factory are well made and well function. These are some models that I recommend for you :

I hope this topic can help you to decide which brand and models is the best from any particular replica factories in replica industry. At the end, first understand that a replica factory ARE NOT OFFER FLAWLESS REPLICA, this is replica, even if these are the best and the closest one, there MUST be a flaws. What can you expect by buying $300 replica compare to $3,000 or even $30,000 genuine. You must accept the fact that these are replica and you must accept the fact of their minor or major flaws. All you need to do is find out the seller/dealer who can speak and response your questions properly.

by DTIME International on 20 March 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section !

Today i want to talk something different due to the fact that there are million people want to buy Replica watches for some reasons. However, since there are scammers around, people get scared regarding all payment process and shipping process of their order. Here is a start and your handy Beginners Guide to.

To begin, be comfortable with and understand patience in our hobby is not only a virtue, but also an absolute must. It is not uncommon for the process, from start to finish, to take over a month. (I've waited several months) Keep in mind that Quality Controls on 1:1 replica is do not exist, or they would not be a replica. Just enjoy the process ! There are thousands of rep sites and dealers out there. Most of us have had a poor experience or two with a less then reputable dealer or scam site. That's all behind you now and you can look forward to a new day of watch buying and of couse, a growing credit card bill!

So, where do you start?
To begin with, first understand that a every seller / dealers are not perfect and DO NOT OFFER FLAWLESS REPLICA, At the end, this is replica, even if these are the best and the closest one, there MUST be a flaws. What can you expect by buying $300 replica compare to $3,000 or even $30,000 genuine. You must accept the fact that these are replica and you must accept the fact of their minor or major flaws. All you need to do is find out the seller/dealer who can speak and response your questions properly. Good website is not necessarily guarantee that they are good seller. But well maintained website, fast response, payment method accepted, honest, and dynamic contents will be your consideration of a good judgement to the seller / dealer. In online world, you must know some parameters which is good or bad from only in early stages. Find some information, and evaluate their website, plus you must use your proper logic sense to judge.

After doing some reading and deciding to order and selecting your seller/dealer now what? 
Every seller have their own rules and regulation in the way of order processing. Each are individual and each dealer has their preferred method of communication from their website to email to live chat to skype, it's all clearly laid out. Keep in mind good seller / dealers have 50/75/100 messages a day sometimes and they cannot always get back to you right away. Just be patient and diligent and you will have your answer shortly.

What's all this asian movement and modified 7750 talk?
Well, like cars, there are different models to choose from with your watch. You can get all the bells and whistles with your model, but it will cost more. Review the movement reference thread for some insight into what each "engine" or watch movement offers. A good rule of thumb to go by is if you really want the watch to last for an extended period of time, order the better eta movement. If you are a collector and will end up with 5, 10, 15 watches, the asian versions might be better for you as they are less expensive and many times just as reliable. (keep in mind if the watch does stop working, and they all eventually will, the eta movements are much easier to service/repair and but an asian movement may be more cost effective to just have replaced)

Follow Seller suggestions
You just follow the seller preferred method of ordering and send off your query, order or question. Keep in mind english is not the first or many times second language of some of the dealers. Try to be as clear as possible to avoid any confusion. Be sure to describe the watch accurately (movement, dial, color, band, etc...) and provide a picture if possible. Realize that replicas are part of a backdoor industry and do not come with a warranty as watches from your local retailer so again, do not expect perfection. 
Taking the time to learn some basic watch making skills will make the hobby much more enjoyable. It might save you the hassle of returning your watch to China for a simple repair. Besides, it is part of the enjoyment of this hobby.

OK, so I sent a message, how long should I wait to hear back? 
That depends on the seller/dealer and how busy they are. We all have lives outside of our hobby and sometimes it will take 2 minutes, 2 days or maybe 2 weeks. Flooding a dealer with emails/pm's does not make them respond faster, if anything it is a clear red flag that you might be a little too anxious and pushy to enjoy the hobby. Again, patience goes a long way and saves you much angst when ordering. Sit back and enjoy the process, make some friendly chat and you will have your reply soon.

Does price shopping and playing one seller against the other seller work? 
Not really. While it definitely is wise to look for prices and compare like anything else, but sending dozens of emails saying you will buy if they offer you the "best deal" is not a good way to foster a strong relationship. Most of the prices you will find are very competitive from some seller. The cost of shipping/delivery method, WU fees and if applicable, currency exchange rates is also another factor to add into your total cost. Ask your dealer when you are ordering if there any additional costs. 
Once you hear back from your dealer you are ready to order and check out. Follow their instructions, keeping in mind the golden rule is to never mention replica or fake or copy or the specific watch brand/name in your payment transactions. Why? The same reason you do not scream fire in a movie theater.  No need to call unwanted attention. If you purchase a watch with several complications, such as chronograph, learn how it functions from other owners before you get the watch to avoid damage to the mechanism. There will be no instructions with your new watch.

So the order is completed and you receive a tracking number from the dealer, great! Now what? I should have it in 2/3 days right? 
You immediately punch in the numbers and begin to cringe when you see no information is available. What to do? Did I just get scammed? Should I send off 10 emails back to the dealer blasting them? Do I call my credit card company and file a complaint? Nope, just relax and again be patient. The tracking numbers are many times very slow to process and will often not work for a few days. (I've received watches when the tracking number had shown no updates/information at all.) 
If you live in the EU area that has traditionally high customs risk, always ask your reps to be delivered via standard registered airmail. Never use any commercial shipping companies (FedEx, etc.) if you want to avoid customs hassle. Remember to tell this to your dealer. 

What does it mean when it says "processing in custom's?, "turned over to customs" or any other variation of the word "customs' in my tracking report? Now I'm really screwed right? 
Nope! Again, just relax and be patient. (common theme here) Each country is different, each post hub has different wait times, each post office has different regulations and each delivery will be totally independent and unique from the last. Give it a few days to upload in the system and check it again, you will be pleasantly surprised to see it is most likely on the way to your door step. Will there ever be times when the watch is lost or seized by customs? Yes, as you can imagine there will certainly be issues from time to time, but working with your dealer, as they will have the same tracking information as you have, you will be able to come to a fair and amicable resolution. If something goes wrong with your purchase, don't post your problems publicly until you have given your dealer a fair chance to resolve the issue. They want you to be pleased with your purchase just as much as you do. A little patience and understanding goes a long way.

What's next? 
In no time at all you will have your watch! Share your eye candy pics with the seller, give them feedback, “ enjoy your new watch! 

*) Very special credit to J-C RG


by DTIME International on 17 March 2017

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog section...

I am very exciting today because finally i got more time to do closer inspection of the most revolutionary movement made by VS factory on PAM 213 Rattrapante model. This is the first replica with real working split-second feature, which mean it has 2 stopwatch hands align together, and you can stop 1 of them to mark the time and the other one is still counting and moving. I don't know exactly how it will be useful, but I consider VS factory just made a good breakthru. Unfortunately i don't have a chance to compare with genuine in my hand, but i will try to analyize based on what I know and some pictures and video refference. Here we go


Very close and identical, i think on this level, VS factory just made a good move and i think they just made it. Without comparing side by side, i don't think your eyes will gonna be able to spot the flaws. There are some points that i can mention as below :

  • Dimension and diameter pretty much no issue, i can't see major different from the front face. 
  • Ther marker font size, and style i don't think there is a major flaws on that, all good from my opinion.
  • I don't see a flaws on lettering and logo, except the L SWISS MADE L that on replica seems a bit bigger, but i believe it is because of the domed crystal on it.
  • There is lume on the hours and minutes hands. I can see that on replica, the lume box is a little bit wider compare to genuine, but i will not complain for this.
  • Subdial and tachy ring detail i can say very good as well.

To give you more clear, i will provide some macro shot of the dial itself :

All the lettering is just good, very neat and there is no rough edges on every letter of it. The way VSF made a lume on the marker is also good, nothing rough edges on that placement, they are just well placed, and well neat.

Going down down a little bit to see how is the lettering at the bottom of the dial, PANERAI logo, no issue and i think the L SWISS MADE L that i just mention above is wrong, in fact the font size is correct. It is just because of the effect caused by the dommed crystal. As far as I can see, all good.

There are 2 hands on stopwatch hand, and i consider VS factory just make these two hands align perfectly and well placed with a good gap as you can see in above picture. From here you can also see that the lume placement is good. You can see it on 12 maker, very neat and well placed.

Lets move to seconds sub-dial. To be honest, nothing i can say on this, it is just perfect from what can i see. Also on another sub dial and tachymeter details below, i can't say more on this part. 



As we know that PAM 213 have domed saphire crystal. Some people said that on replica the domed is too high, but i don't think it is. Maybe the domed effect to inside dial is a little bit different compare to gen, but i still consider this as "good' as some pictures below :



After close inspection on dial details, and so far at this level i am very happy with what VSF made. Now i will move to other part which is how the case was built, and how detail it is especially on engravings. Let's take a look closer :

The engravings on the crown guard is nice, pretty deep and neat. The crown gear i am not too sure if this is to sharp or not, but when i touch and turn the crown, there is no sharp feeling, it is just smooth enough. 

It is just amazing for me, all engravings are there perfectly well made, deep enough and the most important thing is there are all neat, there is no sharp edges i feel when i put it on my wrist. Simply nice, i think VS factory just made it very detail and put the best effort to make it.



This is the most exciting parts for me, because VS factory is the first factory who make perfect clone mechanism of OP XVIII Caliber, with real working split-seconds feature on it. I am still wondering how reliable this movement is, but i still consider that this is amazing breakthru on replica industry. Before see it closer, let's have a look how the genuine OP XVIII caliber is, see the picture below :

The mechanism should be close to picture above. Eventhough i spot some differences, I think i still say that VS factory has build this perfectly, not exact, but very close. Let see how the mechanism looks on VS factory replica : 

I am not quite happy on this part, since the blue painting on rotor engravings are not as smooth as on the other part, or maybe just because they put the blue color on it. I just realized that this part is quite small, and above picture looks big just because I do macro shot. Let's take a look from different angle :

Well, it's better now. But my eyes will try to move to the finish of the rotor and the mechanism, i will say good for this. 

There is 1 very spottable missed when you compare the genuine and replica on this movement view. The black gear on the genuine is not exist on replica, that's it. I don't know weather you will accept this fact or not, but this is the fact. Among other perfections, there is 1 single thing missed, and i will still say this is very good. Maybe for you guys as well, or maybe not. Anyway, let's move to other part :



I don't want to talk too much on this part. For me the way VS factory made the strap is really good, by using carbon fiber material, the offort to copy the genuine is very respecful, The texture, the shape, the padding and all strap detail are really good. Engravings on clasp is very details and neat as well. See all pictures below to get clear picture how good this factory made this :

Now we gonna see how the split-second works and what is the flaws of this feature on replica. To make it more clear, i provide 2 videos for you. First video is VS factory replica as below : 

And the below is genuine video taken from Youtube :

As far as i can see, the way to run this split-seconds feature is the same between replica and genuine, the button are all correct and well functioning. The only different that i spot very clear is when the stopwatch being reset to zero. You will see some bounce on one of the hands of replica when you reset it, while you can't see it on genuine (compare it on two video above).

As a conclusion, I will say this replica is amazing, well build and very match to genuine. But again, you must accept that this is still replica, there must be some flaws that sometimes you still have to accept. Price wise, this replica from VSF is probably the most expensive panerai in the market. Would it be worthy? I think so, and you decide yourself.


by DTIME International on 11 March 2017


  • ETA is the biggest watches movement company in the world. Introduced in 1793 in Switzerland by Isaac, David Benguerel, Julien, Francais Humbert and up until now serving the whole world supporting so many watch's brands.
  • Swiss ETA movement is known as a very relaible movement with high accuarcy, no wonder watches with Swiss ETA inside will be listed in fantastic price.
  • Swiss ETA movement price is quite expensive in the market, you can see some price HERE
  • Swiss federation have a new regulation to reduce ETA production and open competition market in watch movement industry, so there is no longer monopolized by ETA company. Therefore there are so many movement factory after this regulation
  • Some brands starts making their own style and calibre on their own movement as a signature of its brands, for example : Tag Heuer with Calibre 1887, Caliber 5, Calibre 16, Calibre S, Calibre 36 etc. Rolex with Calibre 3135, 3186, 3125, 3131 etc. Also other high-end brands are using their own calibre.

See on the capture below as one of the prices for some Swiss ETA movement :


From above figures you can really see that real Swiss ETA movement is very expensive. Now I will tell you the true story based on our customer questions 



Case Study : Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44mm 26400AU Real Ceramic Novelty Forged Carbon JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Black Rubber Strap A3126, My list price is : $678 (This price is including my profit). So, if you think that this movement is using real Swiss ETA, lets do simple calculation as below :

  • Movement price (must be 7751 chronograph automatic) =$698 
  • Forged carbon material price ???
  • Price for the case ????
  • Price for the dial, hands, and other parts ???
  • Production and labor cost ????
  • Shipping cost ????
  • Overhead cost ????

Is that make sense if high end replica using real Swiss movement? you can see and figure out based on data above. There are so many replica seller keep saying that the movement of replica from china is Swiss ETA, and so many people being mislead by this Terminology ! One thing for sure that in fact, there NONE of replica made by any factory are using Swiss ETA movement, except some modified watches (not factory made). 



  • YES, but not factory made replica. It should be modified by watch smith, and the price consequently high due to the real ETA price, maybe $1,500 or above.
  • If point number 1 is yes, the movement looks will not going to be the same with the brand's calibre. Because right now every high-end brands have their own calibre with unique and different looks and decoration. If there is a real ETA on replica, it should be modified to be close to brand's calibre looks. The warranty will broken obviously. If you see below pictures, you will noticed that there is a huge different looks between genuine ETA and some brand's movement caliber. So if it is genuine ETA on replica, without modification will looks so different compare to genuine calibre.



  • There are a clone version legally produced in China which is the exact copy of Swiss ETA, people called it as ASIAN ETA. They copy exactly the same structure as genuine ETA. Some model are copied perfectly become Asian 2836-2, Asian 2824-2, Asian 7750 etc. The looks is very close compare to genuine ETA. You can see the comparison on pictures below :

  • Price of Asian ETA are very cheap compare to genuine Swiss ETA. This is the reasons why all factories in replica industry choose Asian movement to be installed on their replica instead of using genuine Swiss ETA movement.
  • The factory need to make some modification on Asian ETA based movement to get a closer looks compare to genuine calibre from the brands they copied. The decoration need to be the same, the structured need to be the same. But again i repeat, the movement based is ASIAN ETA, not SWISS ETA as logically the price will be huge different.



Asian movement is legally distribute in China and there are so many testimony talk about how good and reliable these movement are. Running with the same beat as genuine ETA, the only different is that Asian ETA don't have FORMAL QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS from the factory, while the genuine is formally QC. Overall, this is a good cheap option to have a good movement as good as genuine ETA movement. There are some testimony i took from one of website forum regarding how good Asian movement are :

  • "The only advantage to purchasing gen ETA is that if it should physically break, you have easy access to parts. If a China clone ETA physically breaks, parts may or may not fit. Some do and some do not. Your option would be to purchase a new clone ETA from a parts supply house like Otto Frei or a genuine Swiss ETA movement to replace the broken clone. It's really your call. There is nothing "wrong" with china clone ETA movements." (Source : RWG)
  • "Excellent points by Jkay. The clones are really good! Sometimes so good it is hard to tell them apart from ETAs." (Source : RWG)
  • Many people even say that the installed genuine swiss ETA in replica watches are worse than asian clones movement. Because the Asian clone is new and relatively controlled, but the gen Swiss ETA has n unknown origin and age.



  • As you know, Japanese miyota movement is group of Citizen company, and this movement are very famous in watches industry as the alternative of price pressing. The movement price is not too expensive, but you can't complain the reliability, those are consider as very reliable movement. .
  • One of Miyota flagship is Miyota 9015 as a good cheap alternatives of ETA 2824-2 movement.



  • It is based on the history from the beginning of replica movement, almost all seller said that the movement is SWISS ETA, in fact, they missed 1 word : COPY, it supposed to be SWISS ETA COPY 1:1.
  • I think nothing to blame, it is only MARKETING tools to gain so many customer. On the other hand, as customers we need to be very careful to identify and understand the real meaning of this SWISS ETA terminology
  • There are so many seller only have ability to SELL, without knowing which one is right and which one is wrong.

In the end, I hope this topic can help you who have no experience on replica industry, or for you who know already and gaining more info from this topic. Let's get it right !


by DTIME International on 11 March 2017

Hi Guys, 

Welcome back to our blog section. Today I want to talk a little bit more into the quality of the straps uses on replica watches. Everybody know that no matter how good the replica is, there is a major flaws on the leather straps (for watches with leather). Because the main things is that replica factory mostly use genuine calfskin leather (the cheapest option) and printed as other skin material such as Crocodile/Aligator. So when genuine watches is using aligator/crocodile straps (belly or hornback), the replica will use a calfskin leather and embossed / printed as close as crocodile / aligator straps. 

There are many watches brand using leather strap as default, such as : Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Panerai, Patek, Cartier, Tag Heuer, IWC, etc. Pretty much every brands have their own watches with leather straps as default. 3 kind of leather material that usualy use on genuine watches :

  • Crocodila leather strap (Belly and hornback)
  • Calfskin leather straps including assolutamente strap
  • Kevlar / nylon canvas straps

Lets see how it looks :

So, on replica watches with kind of leather straps above, these are the fact :

  • Crocodile Belly & Hornback : Almost all high-end replica watches are using crocodile printed strap, the base is genuine calfskin. The reasons is a cost, because genuien crocodile leather is very expenseive. Some of the factory are using genuine crocodile leather strap, but it is rare and this is only for up selling.
  • Assolutamente : This kind of strap are used mostly on Panerai model, since the genuine have this kind of material. All replica with this kinda leather strap are using the real genuine asso leather.
  • Calfskin Leather Strap : All high-end replica are using genuine calfskin leather strap for this replication.
  • Kevlar/Nylon Strap : All high-end replica are using the real genuine material for this kind of strap.

Many of our customers asked me if they can make a good genuine custom straps (especially for crocodile strap) to replace their replica straps. There two options to do :

  • Buy after market OEM straps form the brands. This will require you high price and not easily find in the market. 
  • Make a custom strap by using genuine leather materials. This is another options since there are so many strap maker who can make your strap even better. Price, it is lower, but also not that cheap, since the material is genuine.

Now, I want to talk about Pro's and Con's of using genuine custom straps :


  • The material is genuine and it is usually hand made
  • You can customized the style, the model, and the size because usally there are people who have small wrist, and need XS strap instead of regular.
  • You can choose different materials : Crocodile, Calfskin, Carbon Fiber, kevlar, Stingray, Ostrich, Lizard, Pyhton, Shark skin etc. So basically you can do some exploration on what kind of materials do u like as your strap replacement.
  • Affordable price compare to OEM straps
  • Your straps will comes with a perfect exclusive package from the maker. 
  • Your straps wil be well made and nead (depend how good the strap maker is)


  • Custom strap maker will not gonna put the logo embossed on the back of the strap, this is agains the law of copyright. The only way to do this, is in replica strap factory in China, but i don't think it is recommended to do
  • Takes time to make your custom straps, because most of the maker need to make it first to match with your requirement. 

Below are some samples of kind of material that usually use as custom straps :



















There are basically some option taken by replica lovers to dress up their high-end replica. Again, it is only options, you don't necessarily replace the replica strap, you still can use your replica straps if you happy enough with it. 




by DTIME International on 09 March 2017

This questions is probably the most frequent question that I got from my customers or peope who go to my website. I oftenly confuse what should I answer because need some more perspective to answer that questions. In fact, it is depends on how you see the watches itself :

  • Principal Perspective
  • Technical Perspective
  • Movement Physical Perspective
  • Brand Perspective
  • Position of Watches Perspective
  • Knowledge Perspective

Now i try to answer that questions with technical and non technical reasons/facts. Keep reading this blog !

I took one brand in mid class model ; Seiko Prospex "Sumo, which come with mechanical Seiko Calibre 6R15. Price range for this model is around $500. On the other hand, I pick high-end replica with high-end replica movement as Asian 2824/2836 to compare with. Lets have a look in some perspectives, which one you should take it as your personal collections.

Nothing i can do if you are the person which keep to the principle of REAL vs FAKE. I just can't change your principle, if you are kinda person who keep "Genuine" principle as your bible, just buy genuine watches, instead of replica even in the same price range. Just buy watches which match with your principle, not against it. Anothe principle that i can not change from people are in terminology of "Formal Warranty". If you are kinda person who put Formal Warranty as your principle, go for genuine watches, not replica.


Both movement of Calibre 6R15 and Asian 2824/2836 have similarity :

  • Regular features : Hours, minutes, seconds and date
  • Both are having high beat rate (BPH), even Asian ETA is higher beat (28800) compare to 6R15 (21600), both are consider in high beat class.

See below table to know about detail specification between those two movement :

Overall, Asian ETA is better on specifications. So if you want higher specification of the movement, you should go for Asian 2824/2836 instead of 6R15.



The major different of these two movements physically are the decoration. ETA looks more complex and beutiful esthetic wise, while Cal 6R15 looks dull on its decorations. Since Asian ETA has no formal quality control from the factory, some of them might sounds not as good as formal QC factory movement, but mostly are good. So in this perspective i have some suggestions :

  • if you are kinda person who put the beauty of complexity on the movement, you should go for watches with Asian ETA 2824 instead of 6R15
  • If you are kinda person who loves high beat rate of the movement, you should go for watches with Asian ETA 2824


This part is probably the most sensitive part, because there is an involvement of brand loyalty. It is hard for me to drag people who are crazy about one single brand. Regardless real or fake, those person will go for that brand. Another terminology that might lead people to choose on this perspective are Japan Made Vs Swiss Made (in fact it is Chinese made). I can't get customers to buy my high-end replica who loves Japan movement, they will remain in their lovely place of being Japan movemen lovers. On the the other hands, some people thoughts that high-end replica are with Swiss movement, in fact is not. But they will remain choosing ETA instead of Japan things, regardless it is Asian or real Swiss ETA, they will go for this one.

So there is no suggestion on this perspective, just follow your loved brands of watches, and movements.


In order to choose to buy genuine watches or replica, it really depends on the position of watches itself on you :

  • As Luxury Stuffs : If you consider watches as luxury stuffs, simply go for genuine watches instead of high-end replica. So you can put it proudly on your precious box or cupboard to let people see your luxury watches
  • As Fashion Tools : if you consider watches as fashion tools that you can mix and match and change anytime, go for high end replica, because the price is affordable and you can change it anytime, buy it anytime you want to cover your fashion needs.
  • As Collectible Items : Stick to one or two brands, then start collecting, it could be all genuine or mixed up with high-end replica
  • Daily Accessories : Simply go buying replica, so you never feel worry about what you wear on your wrist.
  • As Toys : Simply buy high-end replica, and keep your rare genuine watches in your safety box


Not every people know well about watches and movement, even worse, some people don't know what is chronograph means and function. But there are also bunch of customers with high knowledge about watches and movement, they know exactly what watches and movement is. If you don't know anything or more about watches and movements, just go buy genuine watches with no worries. Even you don't know, you will feel confidence by wearing it.

You won't be surprised that in fact, replica buyer are :

  • Someone have genuine watches with high knowledge about watches
  • Someone have geunine watches with little knowledge about watches and want to upgrade their knowledge by buying replica for experiment
  • Someone real new on watches, just want to try and start learning about watches
  • Someone have genuine watches, with high financial profile, but they want something close to what they have, for their daily use, and keep the genuine in the safety box

So, hopefully this blog can help you out to find which watches that you should buy for your own personal uses. I am not saying replica is always better, and I am not saying genuine always better. It realy depends on how you see it. It is totally up to you.


by DTIME International on 08 March 2017

Hi guys, 

Welcome to our blog section. Today I will show you the most hits from our website based on our statictic countre that we have in our system. This data is valid, and all statistic was exclude our IP address. The reason why we do this topic is to show you what is the most view products, brands, pages, search and videos in our website as your guideline what is our customer behaviour to see our products and pages.




NO 1 : Rolex GMT Master II 116710 BLNR Black/Blue Ceramic Bezel Noob V7 1:1 Best Edition on Stainless Steel Bracelet A3186 (Correct Hand Stack) 

TOTAL VIEW : 342 HITS. This product is the newest GMT master II model from Noob factory with newest modified 2836 movement become very close to calibre 3186. Eventhough it is not superclone movement as SA3135, but this version is really the improving since the "hand-stack" issue has no longer there anymore. This version have perfect hand stack as we mention on our review HERE. I believe this is the reason why this model was number one view in our website on February 2017. Buy this model HERE



NO 2  : Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Black Ceramic Noob Newest V7 1:1 Best Edition Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

TOTAL VIEW : 225 HITS. Submariner Noob since V5 until V7 is always the most demandable products out of replica models in the market. Noob was made so many improvement until this level. The newest V7 with super clone 3135 is the best version of this model. This is the reason why people keep viewing and buying this model. Not only last february month, buth also pretty much every month, this model alwasy be in top 3 position among other replica models. Buy this model HERE



NO 3  : Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea 116660 "D-BLUE" Stainless Steel Blue Black Dial Noob V7 1:1 Best Edition On Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

TOTAL VIEW : 190 HITS. This one has been in the top place for couple months. Eventhough not in the first position, but this model from Noob v7 with superclone 3135 movement is always in top 5 position. The perfection is as good as Submariner 3135, but people will go for Submariner more than this one, probably because of the size. Compare to black Deepsea Sea-Dweller, this model is more demandable as the unique gradient blue color on the dial, this is the reason why people love this more compare to black one. Buy this model HERE



NO 4  : Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante PAM213 Stainless Steel "Real" Split Seconds VS Factory 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Black Carbon Leather Strap A.XVIII

TOTAL VIEW : 169 HITS. This model is the first replica which have REAL split seconds features. Made by VS factory, this model become more demandable compare to other panerai in replica market. Eventhough the price is a little bit expensive, people still choose this model just because of the real split seconds feature works very well. Not only the faeature. the build also very nice, perfection are there with nice real carbon fiber strap attached on this model. Buy this model HERE



NO 5  : Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26185TI.GG.D002CA.01 Chronograph Chronopassion Edition Sandblasted Titanium JF 1:1 Best Edition on Black Rubber Strap A7750

TOTAL VIEW : 166 HITS. Personally this is Audemars Piguet model that i love the most, maybe this is happen to our customer as well. The titanium finish on this Chronopassion model si very nice, sandblasted instead of regular finish. 42mm case diameter is another reason why this model was flying, more friendly with regular wrist size. J factory made this model was perfect since it launched couple years ago, and still become the most demandable chronograph version among Audemars Piguet model in replica market. Buy this model HERE



Above choices of our customer behaviour might be your guidance to choose which model will be your next order from our website. Apart from top hits products, we also have another statistic of our customer behaviour happened on February 2017 :



  1. GENERAL COMPARISON : Rolex 116610LN Noob V7 Vs V6s : 761 Reader
  2. Watch Review : Officine Panerai PAM 441 VS Factory, Super Flawless ! : 290 Reader
  3. REP VS GEN : Tudor Pelagos 25600TB ZF V2, Super Match ! : 207 Reader
  4. PRO's & CON's : Submariner With A.2836 Vs Super Asian (SA) 3135. Which one better ? : 197 Reader
  5. 2016 Top 3 Best Selling High-End Replica Watches By Brand (PART -1) : 175 Reader



  1. ROLEX : 3,916 View
  2. AUDEMARS PIGUET : 2,395 View
  3. OMEGA : 1,441 View
  4. OFFICINE PANERAI : 1,381 View
  5. IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN : 1,119 View


I hope this topic can be your guide how to pick the products based on our customer behaviour month to month in our website. Everything have reasons behind, that it why those data i present is consider as market fact of how good and demandable those replica model are.


by DTIME International on 08 March 2017

Hi guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. Who is actually made all replica watches around the market? Who is the best?, those 2 questions are probably the most frequent we got from our customers. Even most of the people don't know what is Noob, what is JF etc. On this topic, i will reveal some of the biggest factories on replica watches in China, and what brands do they make perfectly. 

Before i go further, There are some other funny questions from our customer that made us laughing :

  • What is the factory looks like?
  • Are they really existed?
  • Can we visit those factories?

Obviously, No body knows for sure weather there is formal factory or not for replica watches, but i believe there is existed and of course it will be invisible to touch. They are group of people making the watch together somewhere in China, that is what I believe. Please don't ever think the factory will be as big as you think, there is none of them are visible and visit-able. How they works? There are agents in distribution market such as the one in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Most of the seller there are connected to the factories with ofcouse you can not ask where the factory is. But they know for sure.

How to identify the replica watches from particular factory? The answer is : sometimes we don't know, but they put their own signature or mark or hologram sticker on their products, but not all, you need to have experience to be able to identify those pieces. Here are some main factories 


Noob factory is probably the most famous factory among others, they start a very long time ago and really developing their piece of replica. Noob is the master of Rolex model, especially Submariner, GMT master II, Deepsea, datejust and recently the just made a new version of Day-date, Daytona, and Yacht Master. Some of those flagship are really good with superclone movement, and they called it as V7. Besides Rolex, Noob also developing some brands like some Planet Ocean Omega, Blancpain, some Audemars Piguet models, and some Panerai model. To see some list of replica made by Noob, follow this link HERE


When you see a bunch of the best Audemars Piguet replica, you must go to this maker. Almost all models of Audemars Piguet was made perfectly better by J factory compare to other factories. 15400, 15450, 15703 and almost AP models are perfect with this factory. Another flagship from this factory is Rolex Daytona and Yacht-master model with super clone movement. These rolex models you can not really compare who is better compare to noob, both factories made this Daytona and Yacht-Master Perfectly. Besides, JF also make some Breitling, Cartier, and some longines models. To see some list of replica made by J Factory, follow this link HERE


Nowadays, this factory are really mastering on some Tudor and IWC Schaffhausen models. There are some flagship of IWC and Tudor from this factory such as Tudor Pelagos, Black Bay, Fast Rider, also IWC Portuguese model with perfectly well made. Z factory also make some other brands like Bell & Ross (flagship : BR 03/92), Jaeger Le-Coultre, and some Panerai models. This factory is really good on strap detailing also choosing perfect movement to support real power reserve on some Portuguese models. To see some list of replica made by Z Factory, follow this link HERE


Firstly known as HBB factory long time ago just because they made the first perfect replica for Hublot Big Bang models, in other words, this factory are mastering on Hublot Big Bang models. Since the competition is very tight on replica industry, This factory start changing their vision to make another models and brands instead of 1. In fact after couple years, this factory is probably the most brands and models producer among other factory. Well made Tag Heuer, Cartier, Tudor, Omega, Zenith, Sevenfriday, Dietrich, Panerai, Patek, Tudor, Chopard, and obiousely Hublot. Some models are so perfect, but some are not developed quite a while. To see some list of replica made by V6 Factory, follow this link HERE


Specialized on some brands like IWC Schaffhausen ( Portofino and Pilot models ), Omega ( De Ville ), Patek (Nautilus Model), Longines, Breguet, A. Lange, and some Rolex (Cellini model). This factory was not quite agressif toward the market, keep slow, keep low but they always make some good break thru after a while. When you looking for some IWC Portofino, you have to choice except to choose MK made. To see some list of replica made by Z Factory, follow this link HERE


This factory has been around the replic industri since the beginning. Mastering on some Rolex pre-ceramic and vintage models,  also well known as the best maker for Omega Planet Ocean 300m Diver models, this factory rules the market from the beginning. Unfortunatelly noob and some new factory are taking over the market, while this factory stay low and not too agressif toward competition. BP factory also known as one of the best maker to make some Patek Nautilus model with leather strap. To see some list of replica made by BP Factory, follow this link HERE


This factory is quite new in the market. First launched some Panerai model with super clone movement. It was shocking the market for a while, however other competitor keep up very well, and on the other hand S factory not making any development on their products. So far, i only knew Panerai model from this factory with really good quality. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


Firstly launched the new Omega Planet Ocean chronograph, this factory become more countable on making those Omega models. The market is very respect to what they do. Except the Omega series, JH also tried to make some Rolex Daytona series, but unfortunatelly not as successful as the Omega series. If you want to get good new Omega PO Chronograph, you might think to get from this factory. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


This factory is very new in replica industry. But we consider this factory have a perfect start to rule the market. Rolex is their point of view, however since Noob already rules the market on some models, EW decide to choose other models with super clone movement. Their first flagship model is Rolex Day-Date and Date Just. The best things about this factory is they also inlude the paper set that match to the serial number of any watches they made. Talking about the quality, so far i don't have any complain from customers, all good and happy. The movement also quite reliable. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


Known as a maker of complication watches models, such as tourbillon, moonphase etc. T factory is successfully rule the market on some brands with tourbillon features such as  Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Cartier and hublot. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


"Rookie" factory is probably the one that i want to dedicate to this factory. VS factory launched some high quality Panerai which I think better compare to other factories. First time launching PAM 441 with random serial of clone movement, this factory start to be known as good factory. After successful with PAM441, this factory launched another models such as PAM 320 and PAM 312, these are another success. The most shocking fact is when VSF made the most revolutionary movement on Panerai PAM 213 with real split seconds features installed on that replica. The build is so perfect and the features is excellent. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE


When you talk about Germany watches such as Glashutte, you can't go to other factory, you must go to this factory. Senator series as their flagship was successfully rules the market in 2016. They also make a good copy of breitling especially on Avenger models. GF also successfully selling a good replica of Cartier Drive model. To see some list of replica made by S Factory, follow this link HERE

Those factories are only 12 main factory known in replica watches industry. There are so many factory around the market but i rather to put those 12 as the most famous one to make a perfect replic. The rest, i can named it like : AJ Factory, YL factory, H Factory, AX factory are also in the industry, however i ll consider them as a small factory. 

I hope this topic can help you guys to choose the best factory of the models or brands you want to choose from our website. Those factories have pro's and con's, have plus and minus. At the end, you can't expect replica as perfect as genuine. There is big price gap in between. Replica will always have a flaws, and you must accept those fact on replica. 



by DTIME International on 05 March 2017

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. Today i want to do a deep review on the newest replica of Ballon Bleu De Cartier made by V6 Factory. This model is : Ballon Bleu De Cartier WSBB0015 Black PVD 42mm. See some general pictures below :

The reason why i do this is just because this model is very new in the market 2017, and this replica is so perfect from my point of view. Today i only want to go on the dial and case detail of this model. Let's have a look closer  of the dial on some pictures below :

As you know, Ballon Bleu model mostly have texture on its inner dial. This texture is very unique, and i believe it will need effort to make perfect replication. In fact, as you can see on above picture, V6 factory just made it perfectly, the texture are perfectly neat as on its genuine. You will feel different angle different view on this texture. Another good parts on this is on "AUTOMATIC" letter printing. Eventho on the texturized background, I still can see it as a very neat printing, there is no rough edged on every letter on that words. You can see even more clear on below picture :

And now lets move down a little bit to see how perfect the words printed at the bottom of the dial :

There is a ring on the outter dial, and it must be texturized as well. As you can see V6 factory made it perfectly, the same pattern of the inner dial texture with a well neat finished. There is "L SWISS MADE L" on that ring, which is printed on texturized background. But as far as i can see, it is also well made, very neat and nothing rough on every edged of the letter. My point of view, it is just perfect !

Lets move left a little bit, when you can see another compulsory details that have to make by V6F to be close to genuine, the "CARTIER: words on 7 o'clock marker. I need to take out V6F sticker in order to see it clearly, lets see it on below picture :

Well, i don't really have issue of hour markers on this version, those looks good, and V6 factory also put CARTIER on the hands of 7 o'clock marker. Still a little rough on this lettering, however i consider this as a very small flaws, in fact this part is very small. Overall, i can see it as a very tolerable flaws.

Lets move up from this part a little bit, to see how clear and good the roman hour marker are.

The minute hands is right on the perfect position which is not touching any hour markers, but also not too far. If you see the edge of the minutes hand, the gap is perfect as its genuine version. How about the cartier logo on the dial ? you can see how good this part on below picture :

Again, this parts need extra ordinary works to make a perfect lettering, especially on logo, because it need to be the same dimension, font, and style in order to replicate the genuine perfectly. As you can see, eventho on the texturized background, the CARTIER logo is so perfect, the font is right, and the dimension i don't think have any issue. Besides, the hours, minutes, and seconds hand are also perfectly well finished. Lets moving right a little bit to see how the date wheel detail :

I have no chance to compare this parts on genuine head to head, but i compared it with the genuine picture on cartier website. I don't see any major flaws on the date wheel size, seems very proportional compare to the whole dial. The frame, size, and font style is correct from my point of view. Maybe need more thicker on the font, but it is very small things to complain.

Now, lets move to the parts that is very important on this model, the crown, and the crown guard. This part is probably the most talkable flaws since the beginning of the replica. I still remember the first issue is the "too small" crown issue, it makes us hard to do crown setting. V6 factory make a better version time to time especially on this part. Now, on the latest version (not only the black PVD, but also on stainless steel version), i don't think you will have crown setting issue anymore, because the dimension now is more perfect, and also the gap between the crown and the crown guard is better now. You can see it on pictures below :

Well, what do you think? For me, it is just perfect !. I wont go to other parts like the strap, movement, caseback etc, because there is nothing i can say on that parts, all good and perfect. This 42mm is very worthed to have.



by DTIME International on 28 February 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Today i will talk about the model from IWC that have really nice simple character, The Portofino series. I am choosing boutique blue dial as a sample. Previously MK factory has made this piece perfectly, however there is a new factory X6 Factiory comes with they claims correctiong the leather treatment, matte instead of blue. Let's have a look closer on this watch form X6 factory :


Blue with sunburst effect is very nice, the color is just simply there as genuine, was not too bright, not to dark. Silver hour marks make this piece even more classy by combining with classy navy blue color on the dial. I have a chance t make a closer pictures of it :

  • Look at the marker on the dial, very neat and clear, there is no some kind of mis-align or rough merket. The stainless steel hour marker is there perfectly install with a good thick and smooth edges. The second marker as you can see also very nice, the line is perfectly neat with exact font of the number. Red on 60 marker it is just simply nice. 
  • I don't see any issues on the logo printing, the font is correct and also the dimmension is perfect.
  • Hands are perfect, the shape is nice and the finishing is good, very neat with smooth edges

This is another angle taken by me, i try to spot the date wheel. I think the font size and style is correct, the frame has no issue. When u see from vertical view, you will see that the date are perfectly centered of the frame itself.

"SWISS MADE" printing is very neat, no rough parts on it. Perfectly in the center if you comare with 6 o'clock marker above it.


Before i talk about the case, i will go firstly on the crown engravings. You can see there is some teeth and it feel very smooth when you try to turn the crown. The logo engraves is very nice and neat. Pretty much no issue at all on this parts. How about the dimension of the crown? i am not sure weather it is exactly as genuine or not, but it is just nice.

This is what X6 do better compare to MK. There is Correction on thickness, no longer curvy on the caseback as MK did. The case finished is also nice, no sharp edges at all.

The lug curve is fine, i can't compare it since i don't have genuine to compare. What can I say on this parts is perfectly well finished with no sharp edges.


The detail are there as genuine it is. All the lettering and pictures are correct. X6 just make this with extremely details. The caseback is a bit flat compare to MK (too curvy). 

Some people talk about the flat engravings at the caseback. But for me, it is not like what people talk about. The engravings are deep enough and very smooth finishing. When you wear it, there is no sharp edges feel on your wrist, simply perfect.


This parts is also claimed as the correction by X6 compare to MKF, the strap finish is better on X6, matte instead of polished. It is true, and on this model, X6 use blue grain crocodile pattern instead of black as MK did. 

The buckle is very nice feel, smooth and there is no sharp edges around it. The logo and lettering is perfectly neat and engraved properly. No issue at all.







by DTIME International on 12 February 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section.

Today I will try to make comparison between genuine and replica on SevenFriday P3B-01 made by V6 factory. I think everybody knows that almost all of SevenFriday model was replicated perfectly, maybe the most flawless replica compare to other brands, even the NFC is working well and stated the serial number on the watch itself. I took this model as the example, And you will see how perfect it is compare to genuine.


Did you spot any differences? I am not. V6 factory just made it so perfect, no dimension issue, no material issue, no finishing issue.It is just perfect replication, nothing more i can say here. Lets see closer look on dial

Up until this level, i still can't find any flaws on the dial perspective, the logo, fonts of letters, font dimension, position, marker size, gear position, all perfect, no different at all from my point of view. Or maybe you need to look at it carefuly, i believe there is differences even only small things. But by clear eyes, nothing spotted. Lets move on to the other parts on the face side.

There you go, I finally can spot at least 2 flaws on the crown and crown guard.

  • You can see the crown guard on replica at the edge curve have different degree compare to gen. Genuine have a sloping crown guard compare to replica, take a look on yellow sircle i made on both side of parts.
  • There is also a small gap at the bottom of the crown on replica, while on genuien is very solid and pack.

Those 2 points is not a big flaws, only small flaws when you compare genuine and replica side by side, if not, you won't gonna find it.


Most of replica have thickness issue compare to genuine, but i didn't see that issue on this model. As you can see, the thickness is correct, and all engravings on the side of the case are made properly, it is just perfect.

This model is using sport calf leather strap with black color. The most important part on this strap is on the upper side of the strap need to be a texture and pattern. When I compare it with genuine, i didn't see any major different between those two straps. As you know that replica also using genuine calfskin material to make this strap closer to genuine. You can see on both side of strap, there is no different at all, and also the buckle, i don't think there is an issue of replication. All good.


I don't see any issue on this parts, since genuine and replica both are using Miyota 9015 movement with 21,600vph. There shouldn't be any problem for V6F to make a perfect replication on this parts. But let's see it on pictures :

All engravings are the correct, pretty much no issue at all when I try to compare the font size, the lettering and the engravings it self, All perfect, no issue.

Since replica and genuine are using the same movement calibre which is miyota 9015 japan, you can see there is no different on this parts when you open the caseback and see the movement. All correct, no issues at all.

How about the NFC? It is working, when you scan the caseback with your phone, you can see the serial number will popup on your phone and it is match with the serial number on the watch even it is replica. The only issue is, ofcourse you can't do registration to SevenFriday apps, they will not accept serial number on replica, you should know this for sure.

I use the picture of P2B series (woody), but it will be the same with any working NFC SevenFriday replica. Don't try to register this to SF apps ok!, it won't be accepted for sure :).

Here is the video of this product to help you see it in better view :


Bottom line, this is probably a perfect replica that you should have, I believe there is no one will notice that you are using replica. Even NFC, its working. GRAB THIS PERFECT REPLICA ONLY IN OUR STORE HERE

by DTIME International on 22 January 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section. Today i want to take you out a little bit from mainstream zone, we know that almost every poeple talking about how good is Rolex from Noob, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Panerai etc. Those are the mainstream brand which you never lost such a small information, because people always talk about them all the time. 

Start looking for something that is not mainstream, because there are bunch of perfect replica arount the industry that you can take a look deeper and suddenly you will realized how perfect are those, and how close are those replica compare to genuine. We will talk about GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL specificly Senator Sixties model. 39-52-01-02-04 Senator Sixties from G factory is our model to compare with genuine. Let's start knowing how good it is !


Can you imagine how if we take of the label "GF" and "GEN" on picture above? Would you be able to spot which one is fake and which one is genuine? definitely NOT !. The first reason is just because people never talk about it, the brand is not as famous as other mainstream brands. The seconds is technically G factory make a perfect replication on this model. You can see all the details on the dial are the same compare to genuine. From the marker, hands, color, logo, finishing etc. All just perfect. 

Can you spot any flaws? Only a very small flaws that probably someone can see. The "Glashutte Original" words on the dial is a little bit heavy on the replica compare to genuine. The rest? not at all, just perfect !


This parts is the key of its beauty. You can see that the font itself was made to produce "zoom" effect. 3,6,9, and 12 fonts is just like magnified font. And then the crystal dome is the key, It will make even more perfect 3 dimension on the dial. Well, fortunately G factory made the perfect replication on this part, you can see the crystal is just perfectly produce 3 dimension effect as the genuine is. You can see on below picture to make it clear :

It is just awesome ! the dome is perfect, and when you see the dimension of the case is also perfect. No issue at all. 


When you choose displayed caseback, this is gonna be your obvious flaws. Not only on this brands, but also happen on other brand with displayed caseback. There are 3 major flaws that we can spot right away when we put those piece side by side (see the number mark on above picture :

  1. The center of the rotor is slightly different, you can see on above picture that on genuine is more simple and have bigger screw as the center.
  2. Look at the gear number 2, the center is slightly different compare to genuine
  3. Look at number 3 on above picture, it should be no clear pattern on this part. But G factory put the engraved pattern instead of making it plain.
  4. The wheel should be silver instead of gold.

Without having fake and genuine side by side, you will not gonna be able to spot wheater it is replica or genuine. The flaws will only be noticable when you put them side by side and do deep inspection on it. 


Nothing else we can say, it is just perfect ! G factory just made it. 


There are too many eyes on mainstream brands, there are too many eyes on mainstream replica factory. Sometimes we forgot that there are bunch of un-discussed perfection on other brands available in replica industry. This Glashutte model is probably one of them. It is just perfect build when you start looking on it. Just be different, stop being mainstream people for some reasons. There are something even more perfect compare what people mainly talk.


by DTIME International on 16 January 2017

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog section. This is our second review of the same model Breitling Avenger Blackbrid V1731110, but what we are reviewing today is from G Factory. And now more into comparison between genuine and what this factory made. As you know that GF is specialized on Glashutte and A.Lange replication, they are good at it. Now they start to make a breakthrough by making one of the famous Breitling model.

Before go into deep, We will tell you something, that compare to other factory, GF made a significant correction on the back case. "GERTIFIE" issue existed on other factory version now no longer exist, GERTIFIE now corrected become CERTIFIE. So for you who love the perfection on detail, GF will be the best one to choose. You can see on below picture :

Now, let's start comparing between this factory made with the genuine of this Breitling model :


If we put it side by side betwen GF and genuine, I will say that pretty much no issue on dimmension, GF has made this replica even better. DLC finished on titanium case is perfectly produced the same color with genuine, however the replica need to be more shiny on finsihing, because when you see it, the gen a little bit more shiny, yeah that is only 1 small flaws, basically you can do special treatment on this replica to be more shiny.

The bezel engraves is also nice, same detail with genuine, almost no issue. When you see it side by side from a bit far, there is no doubt that you won't spot any flaws at all. You will be so confuse which one is genuie, which one is replica. It is just perfect. How about the dial detail? Let see it !

Need a good eye to spot the flaws of GF replication, because you will spot a very small flaws on it when you start looking on it deeply. Here are some flaws we spotted :

  • All letter on dial should be more thicker, you can see on replica is a bit thin, that is why it will look smaller on the font size, in fact it is only need to be thicker.
  • The date font need to be thicker to reach genuine model, however the font style is already correct. Just need to be a bit bigger and thicker.

In other words, ther are perfections on this replica :

  • The dial finish is correct
  • The marker dimmension is correct
  • The hands (seconds, minutes, and hours) dimension are correct
  • The logo is exactly perfect like genuine
  • I can't spot the pinion size difference between replica and genuine, all perfect


GF using modified A.2824 movement with 28,800bph, perfectly the same specs with genuine. And on this parts, you will find some easy spotted flaws, such as :

  • Breitling and letter engraves on the rotor is not too perfect, you can see easily that genuine have super neat engravings. On the replica the engraving is rough, and the font is too small.
  • Still on the rotor, you will see that there are lines on the rotor, but on genuine is not clear line, only shadowing line. But on the replica, you can see clear engraved line, and there are too many line on the rotor. 
  • There is a number near by the wheel on genuine, and there is not exist on replica

The rest I will say very good, very detail. All the screw, and the gear are there perfectly like genuine. All flaws above can be covered easily, because the caseback of this model is solid, not displayed. Also you can only spot the different when you open the case and put them side by side. If not, you won;t be able to identify easily weather this is replica or genuine.

The price is slightly higher compare to previous version, and this is very worthy to have all perfections.


by DTIME International on 07 January 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog. 2016 has been our best year for selling high-end replica around the world. Just to let you know, that our website have around 1,500 models of replica watches from more than 50 brands available. Based on my experience in 2016, there are some high-flying sales from each brand, and this is happen with reasons behind. We will list top 3 best selling replica watches model from each brand, and we hope these can be your guide to choose which replica watches that you might buy/have based on what people mostly buy.

Instead of only presenting the facts, we will give you possible reasons why people buy those models/brands. We will break down the blog into some pieces because we are about trying to show every brands based on our sales report in 2016. Here we go !

NUMBER 1 : Saxonia 384.026 Real Moonphase Large Date Stainless Steel GF Factory 1:1 Best Edition White Dial On Black Leather Strap A.2824

This models is the first model we reveiewed among all of A. Lange Sohne models (Read our review HERE). Made by G Factory who is specialized in German watches replication such as : Glashutte, Nomos, Montblanc etc. This model is probably the most flawless replication. From the dial, case material, case finishing, movement decoration, features, there is no such major flaws. All perfect except the date font is a little bit too thin compare to genuine.

With $318, you will have such perfect dress watch piece with elegant features such as grande date, and working moonphase. With A.2824 movement as additional reliable factor to choose this as your personal collection. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Saxonia 384.032 Real Moonphase Large Date 18K Rosegold GF Factory 1:1 Best Edition White Dial On Brown Leather Strap A.2824

As different style from the same model, 18K Rosegold has been chosen by some gold lover to make their wrist even more elegant. All perfections are the same with number one. This model become number 2 is just because gold lovers have less number compare to stainless steel lovers. 

The most common reasons of not choosing this model is because the gold on replica is only plated, not full as what people want, not even thick. But regardless, gold lovers will choose this model instead of stainless steel version. Buy this model HERE




NUMBER 3 : 1815 211.026 Saxonia Thin Stainless Steel Silver Dial MKF Best Edition On Black Leather Strap Miyota 9015

Simplicity is probably the common reasons why people choose this model. With only minutes and seconds features, no date, no chronograph, no nothing more just simplicity. Some people love simple model. This model has been made by MK Factory who is specialized on making some IWC watches. I will say not too hard to do replication of this model for well experience factory such as MK. 

Despite the perfections, MK only choose miyota 9015 as the movement of this model. It is not a big issue, as Miyota itself is probably the most reliable movement among japanese movement with 21,600 bph. They did this with price reasons, they want wide range of customer who buys. $288 for this watch, is quite affordable and worthed to have such perfect replica with reliable movement. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Royal Oak 15400 41mm Stainless Steel Case JF 1:1 New Version Black Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A3120

No doubt, J Factory always made Audemars Piguet perfect flawless replication. With the newest version of this model (correction on dial color and textured) leads peorple to buy this model more and more. This model is probably the most elegant among all sporty Audemars Piguet models. People love this also because of the case diameter is only 41mm and very friendly to almost all wrist size. And most reasons is the thickness, in the newest version is exactly the same with genuine (10,5mm) while the previous model is a little bit thicker compare to genuine.

To make it thin, JF must choose Miyota 9015 as movement, but JF must change the beat from 21,600 to 28,800 as genuine, and they made it. Decoration of the movement is just perfect on the newest version of this model. Nothing more I can say, just perfect !. Buy this piece HERE


NUMBER 2 : Royal Oak Offshore 26470ST.OO.A101CR.01 Black Themes Stainless Steel Case 2014 JF Best Edition on Black Leather Strap A7750

2014 model of Black Themes models is the most demandable model out of all ROO chronograph 42mm. Possible reason for this is because this model have very nice looks, perfect combination between Silver, Black, and Red color is just perfect. Sporty look in elegant feel. Made by J Factory, perfection has no doubt on this one. Common flaws on this model and pretty much on every model of ROO 42 are : date wheel position is too close to the tachymeter ring, and slightly thicker. But nothing else you can do about it since JF is the only factory who made this model perfect.

A.7750 on this model is a must, because of chronograph function. After some reliability issue on the first generation, JF has made this become more reliable in new version. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Royal Oak Offshore 44mm 26400AU Real Ceramic Novelty Forged Carbon JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Black Rubber Strap A3126

Novelty 44mm case diameter is not too demandable due to the size is too big on average wrist. But this is not happen on this one, we have more sales of this model in 2016. I believe it is because of the perfection especially on the real forged carbon material has been placed by J Factory on this model. Rubber strap is the safest way to have replica, since most of replica are using fake crocodile leather strap. 

Besides all perfections, JF also make the Asian 7750 movement even more reliable compare to the previous batch. But again, by moving seconds hands from 9 position to 12 position will always raise some issue in the future. However, all of this matter will disappear from the customer point of view, just because the perfection is more than the flaws. Get this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : BR03-92 Stainless Steel Golden Heritage ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap MIYOTA 9015

Z Factory keep upgrading the skill to make good replication. Mastering in some brand like Panerai, Bell & Ross, Tudor, and IWC, this factory produces better quality compare to other factory on making those brands. The reasons why this model is the most demandable model is because of the material and dial finishes is very nice. Exactly like genuine, no issue. 

Some factroy made this model with thicker case, but not for ZF. The dimension has no issue. Again, Miyota 9015 helps the thickness become thinner, and 21,600 bph is the consequently. But I will say no option for the movement, since ZF is the only factory who made this model perfect. The combination of gold color, black, brown leather, and silver case is just so perfect. Get this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : BR123 Vintage Sport Heritage Limited Edition Stainless Steel Brown Dial on Brown Leather Strap Miyota 9015

This model now is not going to be available in stock, because of the factory stop producing this model. We never know why, but that is the fact. On the first productions of this, the factory never produce in a large number of quanity, only a few were in the market.

Being a rare item will always be an advantage for this model. When it is available, it will be gone quickly. Not only that, the built is also nice and perfect, even made by small factory, but I will say the quality is outstanding. Limited edition on genuine, and the replica factory made this limited production as well. With miyota 9015 on 28,800 bph, will face no issue at all. Unfortunately, you can't get this one right now, and we are happy to sell so many of this in 2016 before disctontinued.



NUMBER 3 : BR03-92 Heritage Black PVD On Stainless Steel Case ZF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap MIYOTA 9015

Same story with the Golden Heritage, this model is also made by Z Factory with all of the perfection. The different is only on the case finishes. This model are PVD plated on stainless steel material. For someone who prefer black things on the wrist will definitely choose this model, and this is why this model has been top 3 best seller in 2016. But again, something plated on other material will raise some issue in the future.

ZF always choose miyota for all BR03-92 models to make the case thinner and close to genuine version. Miyota 9015 on this model is on beat of 28,800bph, very similar to Asian ETA. Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 1 : Fifty Fathoms 5015-1130-52 Black Dial Stainless Steel Noob 1:1 Best Edition Stainless Steel on Sail-canvas Strap A2836

Noob Factory has been consistently developing this models, since the previous version has been pulled back and now with updated version in the market. With perfection on "Blancpain" engravings on the side of the case. This piece has been the most valuable and demandable replica watches around the market.

The material built of this piece is extra ordinary, very neat and especially the bezel and the lume, both are perfect. Well, price will always tell the quality, even if only with A.2836 movement, this piece market price is between $400-$500, not cheap but the price showed the quality of this replication on this model. Buy this perfect piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Fifty Fathoms 5015-3630-52 Black Dial Noob 1:1 Best Edition 18K Rosegold on Sail-canvas Strap A2836

Gold will always come in second place after stainless steel. This fact is based on our selling experience. It is just because the gold lovers number is less than stainless steel lovers. 

All perfections are the same with the stainless steel version, only gold plated is the difference. The price is slightly higher compare to stainless steel version, but it is the consequency of gold material being placed in stainless steel case. Asian 2836 movement inside this replica, and it is reliable enough to cover the features of this watch. 

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Fifty Fathoms 5015D-1140-71 Blue Dial Noob 1:1 Best Edition Stainless Steel on Sail-canvas Strap A2836

Not everybody love blue, but all of the brands have blue theme on their models. There is no choice on Blancpain models if you want blue theme. Only this model have perfect blue replication made by Noob Factory. Same story with above blancpain from Noob, nothing more i can say about the quality, it is just the same with I just mention above.

This model is a little bit different from other model, there is sunburst pattern inside the dial, but it is not full dial, like inner dial with perfect pattern. When you look at it from different angle, you will see how good it is. The blue color also not too bright, more into navy, just perfect.

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Classique 5177BR/12/9V6 Automatic 18K Rosegold MKF White Dial Roman Markers on Brown Leather Strap MIYOTA 9015

This is the only brand when the gold is being number 1 selling in our website. We are guessing that maybe because of the position of the brands itself is related to mature excecutive classy people who loves more into gold luxury stuffs. Or maybe because of the looks itself is very classy, combination between white plain textured dial with gold and brown leather are perfect, compare to stainless steel version. Or maybe, because of the genuine on silver color is white gold, while the replica is stainless steel. There are more possible reasons.

Besides, MK factory has made this piece perfect, include the breguet engraved stamp on the dial. The thickness is very close to genuine compare to other compliatcions model of Breguet replica. Buy this piece HERE


NUMBER 2 : Classique 5177BR/12/9V6 Automatic Stainless Steel MKF White Dial Roman Markers on Black Leather Strap MIYOTA 9015

This piece have the same quality of the gold verison as we mention above. Made by MK Factory with Miyota movement inside. Thickness is no issue on both of this. Reliablity is also un-argueable, because Miyota has been around the market since long time ago. But it should be white gold material instead of stainless steel, nothing you can do here because none of replica are using real white gold, not even plated. 

All the detail engravings are there made perfectly by MK factory. This is maybe the reasons why people choose this, even the case material is different. Price, maybe also the concern.

Buy this piece HERE


NUMBER 3 : Classique Complications 5307PT/12/9V6 Tourbillon Stainless Steel Case TF 1:1 Best Edition White Dial On Black Leather Strap Asian Seagull

This is beyond my expectation being top 3 best seller around Breguet brand. Because I think T Factory was not made this piece perfectly. The tourbillon is real, but there is something missed on the tourblion parts. The Pole is missing, and this is not too good because you will see it easily from the dial. Beside that, the thickness is always be an issue on tourbillon replica. TF not put too many effort to make this model perfectly.

Well, people have reasons to choose, maybe out of tourbillon models on Breguet, this is quite the best. Or maybe something else that we don't know. From the material built, it is perfect, and TF also put breguet signature on the dial, and the texture of the dial is replicated perfectly. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Navitimer AB012012/BB02 Chronograph Stainless Steel JF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Black Leather Strap A7750

J Factory has made this replica long time ago, pretty much nothing to improve because it is good already. No wonder this model is being number 1 top selling in our store, becuase its been a while around the replica industry. We try to make proper judgement on this one, which is the material built is good, and the leather quality is nice. Even there is no imporvement, pretty much nothing to do with this one. 

Movement is using Asian 7750 without needing extra ordinary decoration on the back side of movement, because the caseback is closed not displayed. 7750 is quite reliable and all replica with chronograph function are using this movement. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Superocean Chronograph Abyss A1334102 Black Dial White Hands on Stainless Steel Bracelet A7750

Breitling lovers prefer more into chronograph models, because most breitling are Pilot based, and the image is "complex" features. Therefore, this model is being number 2 top selling on Breitling brand in our store. Besides, the technical perspective also good, movement si very reliable Asian 7750 without needing any modification, just placed as 7750 should be. 

What makes this model are demandable is because of the quality of the bracelet is just nice, well finished. As the caseback is not display, there is no flaws on movement decoration, all perfect. There are some color option on this model : White subdial frame, blue, red, and yellow. White is match on silver color, therefore, this model is more prefered compare to other color in the same model. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Avenger Blackbird V1731110 DLC Black On Titanium Case 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Black Nylon Strap A.2824

This model was around the industry by the end of 2016. But people seems to be waiting for good replication of this model. And finally Noob make it happen at the end of 2016, and boost the sales to be the top 3 in our store among other Breitling models. We made review on this model HERE.

​​​​​​The case is made by black PVD plated on titanium case, and the dial is so perfect as i mention in my review. However there is a small flaw on the caseback engraving, "GERTIFIED" instead of "CERTIFIED". Now this model has been disappear from the market and become rare item. I am hoping noob will make an update on the new version availbale in the future. Buy this piece HERE



This is the first parts of the blog, because there are so many brands that i have to put. And it will be in Parts 2, Parts 3 and so on. Keep updating our blog !

by DTIME International on 07 January 2017

After the first couple brands review ( Read HERE ), now this is the 2nd part of 2016 Top 3 Best Selling Replica Watches by Brand. Here we go !

NUMBER 1 : Cartier De Santos 100 W2020010 38mm Titanium Bezel DLC Stainless Steel Case V6F 1:1 Best Edition On Black Nylon Strap A.2836

This model is very rare in the market since it was launched. That is way this model is probably become the most demandable model out of all Cartier model, just because very rare in the replica market. V6 Factory had perfect strategy to make this piece fully demandable.

Talking about perfection, I can say nothing to say on the case and dial, made by stainless steel with DLC coating and perfectly combine with titanium brushed on the bezel, it is just a perfect built. There are some flaws on the dial marker, but it is only a matter of small gap between the marker (only between 9 and 10 marker), the rest is perfect. Strap quality I can say so so, nylon canvas is good, but at the back of the strap is easily pop out near by the end link. Movement is good with Asian 2836. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Ballon Bleu De Cartier W69012Z4 42mm Stainless Steel Case V6F 1:1 Best Edition White Texture Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A2892

Out of all cartier models, this one is probably the only one who has update version time to time. The recent update from V6 Factory is on the crown size, now become bigger and easy to control by hands. The old version is too small and hard to do crown setting, because the position of the crown is in the middle between case and crown guard. Besides that, V6 factory also made certain improvement on the case build, now become more solid, and the dial finish is now become perfect. 

I think this is probably the reasons why people pulled a trigger to buy this model. Besides that, this model have 3 sizes to choose, 42mm, 38mm and 33mm. Some peope want to buy a couple watch, and this model is the perfect choice. Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 3 : Calibre De Cartier Diver W7100056 Stainless Steel Case TF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Black Rubber Strap Miyota

Sporty !, this is probably the common reason why this model become top 3 best seller out of all Cartier model in 2016. Perfect case diameter 42mm, good looking, and well built by T Factory. There are some choicec for this model, but this color combination between black and silver on the case and dial is the most preferrable color.

Talking about the movement, T Factory is using Miyota with 21,600 bph, it is more than enough to make this piece reliable to wear. There is no complicated decoration on the back of the movement, it is simply perfect replica to have. When you touch the rubber, I will say the quality is above expectation, good, flexible and comfort to wear. Buy This piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Senator Sixties 39-52-01-02-04 Automatic Stainless Steel GF 1:1 White Dial On Black Leather Miyota 9015

2016 Is our best year to sell this model, there are so many customer happy about this model especiall from Germany. G Factory is the only factory who made this even better compare to other factory like YL factory. Perfect dress watch with good looking crystal design and seems like zoom effect of the number inside the dial. White dial become more popular among this Senaotr Sixties models, because with combination black, silver and white will make easily match with the attire. Gold accent on the marker made this piece even more classy. 

The only concern about this model is the leather strap. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but since not using real crocodile, the color of the strap will be fading time to time. Easy solution, create genuine custom strap for this. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Senator Navigator 39-34-07-07-04 Chronograph 44mm Limited Edt. Stainless Steel GF 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial On Brown Leather Strap A.7750

The powerful part of this model are the lume. G Factory using SuperLumiNova placed on the marker. It is simply perfect and beautiful. Besides that, as usual, G Factory always made the material built perfectly well finished. The brushed and polished combination on different parts of the case and bezel is just in tune.

Chronograph function will require the movement using Asian 7750 by doing modification not to use 1 of the subdial. Reliability is no doubt, and  decoration of the movement is also not a big issue for G factory to replicate. Leather strap is using genuine calfskin with perfectly engraved at the back just like genuine version. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Senator Sixties 39-52-09-02-01 Automatic Stainless Steel GF 1:1 Blue Dial On Black Leather Miyota 9015

Same story with the white dial version, This model is simply different dial color. But when you see it, the blue on this watch is very nice, there is a dome view if you see it from the front. Marker as i said on the top 1, simply zoom effect. 

Nothing else to say, because i already mention how G factory made this perfectly. Flaws are there, but it is not hard to solve, as simple as replace the leather with genuine custom, or even OEM strap for this model. 

Miyota movement with 21,600 bph is very reliable enought to cover the features. The thickness is only 10.5mm is probably another reason why this piece is so demandable. Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 1 : Big Bang Evolution 301.SM.1770.GR Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Dial V6F On Rubber Strap HUB4104

There is no doubt that V6 Factory or previously called HBB factory is the master of Hublot Big Bang replication from the begining of its career. No wonder what V6F made on this Big Bang model is so perfect. Again, the combination between Brushed steel, textured black dial, and Sporty black rubber, is the reason why this model become number 1 best seller among all Hublot model.

Look at the dial, it is very nice and close to genuine. Talking about movement, Asian 7750 is a must to cover chronograph function on this watch. Nothing too special to placed the 7750 on this, but consequently will make the case a little bit thicker. But its ok, it is only minor flaws out of perfections. 

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : King Power OceanoGraphic 731.NX.1190.RX 48mm Diver 4000 Titanium Case V6F V2 1:1 Best Edition On Black Rubber A.7750

Why this model become top best seller? The built ! that is the main reason. Made perfectly by V6 factory who is the master of hublot with perfect titanium finished on the case, and all the detail of complicated parts on this model are replicated perfectly. The only reason why people don't really like this model is because the diameter is too big (48mm) and too thick. There is no way for small wrist to pick this perfect piece. It is just not fit. 

Even no chronograph, this model is usind Asian 7750 to cover certain function to get closer to gen. Reliability is no doubt, and there is no different thickness compare to genuine. Simply sporty and strong character ! Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 3 : Big Bang Evolution 301.PM.1780.GR Rosegold Carbon Fiber Dial V6F On Rubber Strap HUB4104

Same built like the number 1 best seller on Hublot page. This model is perfect for gold lover who want to be sporty watches. Even with gold, the strong character of this model is there, super sporty. The gold plated is not polished but brushed like genuine, V6 Factory made this replica become demandable with all perfections on it.

Movement as I explain on number 1 best seller is the same using Asian 7750 chronograph, running with 28,800 bph, super smooth. Thickness is slightly thicker compare to genuine, but it is only minor flaws, nothing to do about it.

Buy this model HERE




NUMBER 1 : Portuguese Real PR IW500705 ZF 1:1 Best Edition White Dial Blue Markers on Blue Leather Strap A52010 V3

Noob Factory has been consistently developing this models, since the previous version has been pulled back and now with updated version in the market. With perfection on "Blancpain" engravings on the side of the case. This piece has been the most valuable and demandable replica watches around the market.

The material built of this piece is extra ordinary, very neat and especially the bezel and the lume, both are perfect. Well, price will always tell the quality, even if only with A.2836 movement, this piece market price is between $400-$500, not cheap but the price showed the quality of this replication on this model. Buy this perfect piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Big Pilot Real PR IW500916 Stainless Steel Le Petit Prince 2016 ZF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial on Brown Leather Strap A51111

Le Petit Prince limited editon has always become an icon out of all IWC model. After made success story on replicating the previous Le Petit big pilot ( See product HERE ), Now, Z factory repeat another success story by making the newest edition of Le Petit Big Pilot with replicating the newest version on genuine with number marker. 

Again, the real power reserve is the key of successful selling on this model, more thant 48 hours with correct pointing on 7 days sub dial power reserve indicator. Even with Asian 23J based movement, this model is very reliable, I never found my customer complain about the reliability. Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 3 : Portuguese Chronograph Stainless Steel Case IW371417 White Dial Blue Marker ZF 1:1 Best Edition on Blue Leather Strap A79350 (Correct Thick)

Previously, noob made this model, but since Z Factory released the newest updated version in the end of 2016, this model become so popular, and the sales is running like can't be stop. Why this is happen? I think because of the correction on the thickness. Now Z factory has made the thickness better compare to noob. 

Base Movement: Asian 7750 automatic movement at 28800vph; ZF New Decoration: Platinum plated movement plate and rotor which are made according to the genuine movement, the direction of words is same as genuine, this is ZF unique decoration and very close to genuine. Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 1 : Master Compressor Diving Automatic Navy Seal Stainless Steel Case Dark Grey Ceramic Bezel On Canvas Leather Strap A.2836

This model has been around the replica market since long time ago, but still this one probably the best Jaeger LeCoultre replica compare to other model. Perfect built and superb lume. Well finished stainless steel case with dark grey ceramic bezel is the beauty of this model, that is why so many people buy this model like no tomorrow. The diameter is quite friendly 42mm, and leather version is more demandable compare to rubber bracelet version.

With Asian 2836 movement, I never found any significant issue on every replica. Running with 28,800 bph has made the sweeping hand become so smooth. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Master Ultra-Thin Q1378420 Réserve de Marche Stainless Steel Silver Dial ZF Best Edition on Black Leather Strap A.938

Super thin case is probably the main reason why people buy this more and more. Simply classy with perfect sub dial on tis dial. Power reserve indicator is working, and the date also working well. Z Factory made this model with good result, all details are there just like the genuine version. There is never been any dress watches with big size, so this 38mm is definitely perfect to be the friendly reason for your average wrist size. 

Asian 23J automatic movement decorate to Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 938 movement has been placed to support this watch, and in fact, this movement is quite reliable, no major issue so far on this movement. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Master Ultra-Thin Q1368420 Moonphase Stainless Steel Case Best Edition Silver Dial on Black Leather Strap Miyota 9015

Working moonphase is probably the main reason why people love this model. With no complication on the dial, has made the moonphase indicator become center of attention on this one. Classy is the character, very nice dress watch with perfect combination between silver dial, silver case and black leather strap.

Miyota 9015 movement is more than enough to support the features of this watch, and it is very reliable. Unfortunately the leather is not genuine crocodile as all replica have, but this is normal issue and very easy to solve by replace it with genuine custom strap around the market. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Master Moonphase L26734786 Chronograph Stainless Steel JF 1:1 Working Moonphase White Dial on SS Bracelet A.7751

The only reason why this model is so demandable is because all of the features on this watch are working perfectly just like genuine version. Moonphase, 24 hours, Day-Date, and chronograph, all in 1 perfect package with perfect built by J Factory. When you touch the bracelet, very smooth and solid, and the dial pattern is very neat, there is no miss align or broken words caused by the textured on the dial.

J factory place the Asian 7751 movement to support all the features working well, and it is quite reliable. There is a guidance to set this watch provided by J factory. Simply nice. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Master Moonphase L26734786 Chronograph Stainless Steel JF 1:1 Best Edition Working Moonphase White Dial on Brown Leather Strap A.7751

Not every people love the stainless steel bracelet. For this kind of people, leather strap is the best option. With white dial, brown is the perfect choice for leather instead of black. Eventhough it is not genuine crocodile leather, but I will say the strap is quite nice to have. For you who want to replace it with genuine leather, there are so many choicec around the market.

J factory place the Asian 7751 movement to support all the features working well, and it is quite reliable. There is a guidance to set this watch provided by J factory. Simply nice. Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 3 : Master Collections L26284786 Stainless Steel Case MKF 1:1 Best Edition White Textured Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A.2824

MK factory now jumpin to compete by making some of Longines model. Smart move to make the simple model instead of complicated model. By making this model, It is successfully drive a good sales, and this model is the top 3 best seller among other Longines model in our store. 

Simply analog will only require standard movement placed. But MK Factory put better movement which is Asian 2824-2 running with 28,800 bph. This is just perfect choice for people who want simplicity.

Buy this piece HERE



2nd parts is done, keep update our blog section to read more brands top 3 best seller in 2016.

by DTIME International on 07 January 2017

After 2 parts presenting top 3 best seller replica, now we are in the last part with 9 more brands. Here we go !

NUMBER 1 : Luminor PAM111 N Stainless Steel Noob 1:1 Best Edition V4 on Brown Calf leather Strap A6497 with Y-Incabloc

4th generation update from Noob on this model has been perfectly blown the sales of PAM 111 model. There is no significant update except the Y-Incablock on the decoration of the movement. I received so many good feedback regarding this model from the customers. The case and all the dtail is perfectly clone, almost no flaws for this model. The lume is always perfect on Panerai replica because SuperLumiNova has been placed to make the replication even more perfect. 

Platinum plated Asian 6497 hand-winding movement with dagger swan neck regulator at 21600bph is very reliable and work well as genuine version. The calfskin leather is genuine and exactly match with genuine version. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Luminor PAM 441 Real Ceramic Case "Ceramica" Dial VSF 1:1 Best Edition on Brown Asso Leather Strap P.9001 Super Clone

After some version rules the replica market, finally in the end of 2016 new factory come up with perfect idea, VS Factory. What makes this factory different from big player like ZF and V6F is the details, VS Factory version have perfect dimension in every part of it ; the case, the hands etc. Also they make random serial number, so you won't get the same serial number with others.

It is not like other factory, the movement is Super Clone ; Custom designed Asian automatic movement to match the genuine Panerai P.9001 movement at 28800vph, same balance wheel position as genuine P.9001 movement. The back case crystal is beter compare to other factory.  Read our blog regarding this model HERE. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Luminor Submersible PAM 382 Bronzo ZF 1:1 Best Edition on Brown Distressed Calfskin Strap ZP9000 V4

There are some factory compete against each other to build this model ; ZF, V6F and SF. ZF is what i thoughts the best in terms of case material finishes. All of those factory are using real Bronze to make this model, but in terms of finishing, ZF is probably the best. Besides that, The bezel on some Submersible model is quite fragile, but not on this one. Z factory has made this model even better.

Base Movement: Asian 7750 automatic movement at 28800vph; ZF New Decoration: Platinum plated movement plate and rotor which are made according to the genuine movement, the direction of words is same as genuine, this is ZF unique decoration. Buy This piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Liquid Metal 1948 Ltd Edition Stainless Steel Noob 1:1 Black Dial on SS Bracelet A.2824

LMPO 1948 model is very rare in the market, so far only noob made this perfectly. By the end of 2016 noob has release this model again with some upgrade version in terms of finishing, especially on the ceramic dial and bezel, it is extra ordinary. We made the review about this perfect piece HERE.

The result is almost flawless except the orange color on the edge of the seconds hand, slightly different from genuine version. With Asian 2824 has made this model out of regular Omega movement made by V6 Factory (Miyota movement). 28,800 bph is exactly the same with genuine version. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Stainless Steel V6F 1:1 Best Edition White Dial Gold Marker On Stainless Steel Bracelet A8500

Since V6F release the first aqua terra, this model was flying in the market. Out of all the color available, white color with gold accent is the most preferred. I don't know why, personally love the blue, but the market told me different story. Beside the color, V6 factory also successfully made the case exactly the same with the genuine. 

Line pattern on the dial is pretty nice and no more Omega logo issue on this model. There is 1 thing as a little bit disturbing flaws is on the bracelet, it should be polished in the middle link instead of brushed. But still, this model is very demandable. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Seamaster Diver 300m 50th Anniversary James Bond "007" Limited Edition BP 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on SS Bracelet A2824

The legend 007 helps this model flying around the industry, Eventhough Bond's 50th anniversary was held 2 years ago, this model still demandable up until now as a perfect masterpiece from Omega replica, especially made by BP factory. 

Dial pattern is probably the main reason why this watch is demandable, with 007 engraved on the dial, it makes the watch very unique and classy. No longer with miyota as other factory ever build, BP factory use A.2824 instead of it, that is why the sweeping seconds is very smooth running on 28,800 bph as per genuine.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 1 : Nautilus Jumbo 5711/1A-010 Stainless Steel Case MKF 1:1 Best Edition V4 Blue Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet Miyota 9015

Previously made by V6 factory, and then BP factory jumpin to make this model, and then the MK factory jumpin to compete with 4th generation version. The common issue of this replica previously is there is a pin hole on tha bracelet endlink, it supposed to be not even exist. And now, with V4 from MK factory, that issue is no longer exist, perfection is there, and you can see the dial is very nice blue fading to black. It is just nice.

MK factory choose Miyota 9015 as movement based to reach the correct thick and has been made with perfect decoration at the back of the movement, very close to genuine verison. Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : Nautilus Jumbo 5711/1A-011 Stainless Steel Case MKF 1:1 Best Edition V4 White Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet Miyota 9015

Previously made by V6 factory, and then BP factory jumpin to make this model, and then the MK factory jumpin to compete with 4th generation version. The common issue of this replica previously is there is a pin hole on tha bracelet endlink, it supposed to be not even exist. And now, with V4 from MK factory, that issue is no longer exist, perfection is there. Besides, MK now made date wheel frame like genuine, while the previous factory / version have no date wheel frame.

MK factory choose Miyota 9015 as movement based to reach the correct thick and has been made with perfect decoration at the back of the movement, very close to genuine verison.

Buy this model HERE


NUMBER 3 : Aquanaut Jumbo 5167A-001 Stainless Steel V6F 1:1 Best Edition Black Textured Dial V4 on Back Ruber Strap A2824

This model has been around the market since long time ago, with so many verison from so many factories. People choose V6 Factory Versin 4, because most probably because of the dial correction, movement decoration, and dial color correction. I have no doubht about the rubber, it was good since the beginning of its productions.

Miyota was no longer used in this version, V6F use Asian 2824 with 28,800 bph catching up to the genuine. And the most important thing is movement decoration now extremely perfect. No more logo engraves issue in the rotor.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 1 : Submariner 116610 LN Black Ceramic Noob Newest V7 1:1 Best Edition Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

Every year, this model has alyways be in the first place among other Rolex models, even among other brands, this model always be best seller piece. After successfully flying with V6S version, this newest version called V7 comes and easily accepted in the market. Noob claims there are some upgrades especially on the rehaut, bracelet sell, bezel marker and better stability on Super Asian 3135 movement.

The only debatable parts is on the clasp Rolex stamp, you can read our blog regarding this model HERE.  Is that true that the movement is more reliable? I guess so, there are no such previous version issue of broken stem and poor power reserve on this version. Noob just made it, buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : Sea-Dweller Deepsea 116660 "D-BLUE" Stainless Steel Blue Black Dial Noob V7 1:1 Best Edition On Stainless Steel Bracelet SA.3135

Blue black combination on this model is probably the main reason why people choose this model instead of black. Technically noob V7 is better as we explained, and all people know about it. Nothing more we can explain here, noob V7 is always demandable in the replica market.

Is that true that the movement is more reliable? I guess so, there are no such previous version issue of broken stem and poor power reserve on this version. Noob just made it, Buy this model HERE




NUMBER 3 : Yacht-Master 116655 Everose 18K Rosegold Case 3D Black Ceramic Bezel JF 1:1 Best Edition on Black Rubber Strap SA.3135

Extra ordinarry improvement on this model is the main reason why this model become best seller. With upgrades on some parts of the watch such as the bezel, the marker, the rubber quality, and especially the movement now with SA.3135 option, this model have big reason to be chosen.

Since the beginning of its launching with average quality, people already fallin love with it, however, people keep waiting for the upgrade version. And finally J factory made this happen. Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 1 : P-Series P2B/03 - W "Woddy" Working NFC V6F On Brown Asso Strap Miyota 82S7

There are so many people buy SevenFriday replica, it is just because the quality and the movement are exactly the same with genuine. Also just because the genuine price is not too high, so it is not gonna be too obvious by wearing replica. Hard to spot between genuine and replica on this brands, especially on this model, even the NFC is there and working very well.

The only different is you can't register it on SevenFriday website or application. But who cares, at least when it scanned, it will pop up the serial number match with the serial number at the back case. 

 Buy this piece HERE




NUMBER 2 : Q-Series Q2-01 Stainless Steel Case V6F 1:1 Silver Gold Accent Dial on Brown Calf Leather Strap Miyota 82S7

There are so many people buy SevenFriday replica, it is just because the quality and the movement are exactly the same with genuine. Also just because the genuine price is not too high, so it is not gonna be too obvious by wearing replica. Hard to spot between genuine and replica on this brands, especially on this model.

Q series was just produced in the end of 2016, but it is suddenly grow in sales because of the physical and movement perfection. Unfortunatelly the NFC is not scannable. Besides the the NFC, it is just perfect !

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : P-Series P3B-01 "The Racer" Black PVD On Stainless Steel V6F 1:1 Working NFC Black Dial on Black Leather Strap Miyota 82S7

There are so many people buy SevenFriday replica, it is just because the quality and the movement are exactly the same with genuine. Also just because the genuine price is not too high, so it is not gonna be too obvious by wearing replica. Hard to spot between genuine and replica on this brands, especially on this model, even the NFC is there and working very well.

The only different is you can't register it on SevenFriday website or application. But who cares, at least when it scanned, it will pop up the serial number match with the serial number at the back case. 

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Carrera Calibre 16 CV2A10.BA0796 Chronograph Stainless Steel V6F 1:1 Best Edition Black Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A7750

This model is one of long lasting model out of Tag Heuer replica, V6 Factory keep producing it, even without significant improvement, but the result is still extra ordinary. Complicated features such as chronograph and day date display is also become powerful tools of this model to be chosen. Not only that, the black and silver accent on this model is very classy, sport and classy combined on this model.

With regular position of sub dial, there is nothing hard to put Asian 7750 chronograph movement on this model. Running with 28,800 bph is another advantage for buying this model. Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 2 : Carrera Calibre 1887 CAR2115.BA0724 Chronograph Stainless Steel V6F 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial on Stainless Steel Bracelet A.7750

The blue color is just nice, not too bright but sometimes looks black instead of blue. Eventhough chronograph are there, but the dial looks very nice and simple. Silver accent on the 2 sub dial has made this model even more classy. The bracelet is perfectly replicated by V6 Factory.

With regular position of sub dial, there is nothing hard to put Asian 7750 chronograph movement on this model. Running with 28,800 bph is another advantage for buying this model.

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 3 : Grand Carrera CAF5115.BA0902 Calibre 36 RS Chronograph Stainless Steel V6F Best Edition On Stainless Steel Bracelet A.7750

This model is very unique, and this is probably the reason why people love this model. Caliper features accurately scaled perfectly like genuine and unique chronograph display are perfect tools for this replica to be chosen. Seconds hand is running vertically, very unique. 

Asian 7750 is a must since this model is chronograph watch. But on this Tag Heuer model, it extremely different from normal chronograph. Seconds hand is on the left bar, running vertically back and forth, the stopwatch hand is normal, and the other 2 indicator was designed as gauges on the racing world. 

Buy this piece HERE



NUMBER 1 : Pelagos 25600TB ZF 1:1 Best Edition Blue Dial Titanium Case & Bracelet A.2824 Free Blue Rubber Strap

Z factory is not the first factory made this, firstly made by V6 Factory with extremely demandable blue color. However, ZF has made this model better compare to V6 factory. Blue color on Z factory is a bit darker, and it is close to genuine version, while the V6 factory is brighter. That is why, people love ZF version instead of V6F. As usual, the lume is the most strong parts on this model since the first model launched.

With 2824 movement, it will just make this model even more reliable and smooth running on 28,800 bph. Extra blue rubber strap is the advantages of having this model. Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : Pelagos 25500TN V6F 1:1 V2 Best Edition Titanium Case Black Dial On Titanium Bracelet A.2824 Extra Rubber Strap

Black is a normal color to be easily mixed and match with any attire, that is why people love this color and become number 2 best seller in our store. Titanium case is also another cool stuff what V6 factory made. The titanium brushing finished is just perfect, the watch become solid and perfectly light.

With 2824 movement, it will just make this model even more reliable and smooth running on 28,800 bph. Extra blue rubber strap is the advantages of having this model. 

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 3 : Heritage Black Bay 79220R Black Bezel ZF 1:1 Best Edition V4 Stainless Steel Case on Bracelet A.2824

Vintage classy. That is my first impression to this replica long time ago since it was launched. Now with 4th generation upgrades version, Z factory keep upgrade this piece with good reason behind, because this model is very demandable in the replica market. Eventhough so many new model come up time to time, but this model is long lasting model, and will always be demand for this model

Movement reliability is no doubt with Asian 2824 movement. Running smooth on 28,800bph. No wonder this model always become best seller in our store.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 1 : Overseas 47040/B01A-9094 Automatic Stainless Steel Case JJ Factory 1:1 Best Edition Black Textured Dial On Black Rubber Miyota 9015

Recently produced by JJ factory. The factory is not quite popular in replica industry, but the result is quite impressive. New Overseas model has been replicated perfectly. If I have to mention why people love this, probably the main reason is the looks itself, textured dial is just perfecly replicated. Besides, the overseas model of Vacheron Constantin have very unique design.

No need complicated movement to support simple features of this watch. With miyota 9015 modified become close to Vacheron calibre is enough. Rubber version is the addition for being sporty on elegance look.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : Overseas 4500V/110A-B128 SIHH 2016 Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Case Blue Dial On Stainless Steel Bracelet A.2836

This is the first Overseas model introduced to the market on Baselworld 2016. And the response is very interesting, people start loving an "out of the Vacheron box" design. As yo know that always made classic watches with unique and complicated features. But not happen on this one. Very simple, and the bracelet link design is very unique.

The replica of this model is also quite good in terms of material and movement. With Asian 2836 has made this model very reliable to have. Pretty much no issue so far, and people loves it.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 3 : Patrimony 86020/000G-9508 Contemporaine Bi-Retrograde Day Date Stainless Steel White Dial On Black Leather Strap A.2836

The basic reason why this Patrimony model is very demandable is because of unique desing to cover the features. The date display is out of the box, all the dates are displayed from 1 to 31. And also the day features are there from monday to Sunday. So in other words, it is just unique.

Case diameter is very friendly, and the movement of this model is very reliable by using Asian 2836 running with 28,800 bph. Very smooth.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 1 : Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 45mm "Real" Bronze V6F 1:1 Best Edition on Brown Asso Strap Miyota 9015

As you know, Zenith model is not the most desireful to be replicated. Only a view model has been replicated perfectly time to time. One of them is the Type 20 Pilot model. This is 2016 article and suddenly become number 1 best seller in our store. Most probably because of the "Real Bronze" material used to build the case. Vintage accent is there, and as usual, huge pilot style of the crown is always be the icon for this model.

V6 factory has been successful to make this replica. SuperLumiNova is also the perfect tools to drag people in love with this model. No need special movement to cover the very simple analog features, no date, no day, no crhonograph. Miyota is more than enough. Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 2 : Pilot Heritage Ton-up Aged 45mm Stainless Steel Case V6F 1:1 Best Edition on Green Nubuck Strap A.7750

Vintage looks is the objective of this model. So in order to make perfect replication, it must be very careful, the old accent need to be there. And V6 Factory made this happen on this model. Old looks, you can see the dial and the case, all vintagized perfeclty. Also the vintage asso leather is there to add vintage looks. The result is extremely perfect just like genuine version.

Need Asian 7750 to cover the chronograph function, and no doubt, this model is just perfect. No wonder people loves it so much, and become 2nd best seller in our store in 2016.

Buy this model HERE



NUMBER 3 : Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Stainless Steel Blue Dial V6F 1:1 Best Edition on Brown Leather Strap A.2824

After 100% successful with black dial on stainless steel case, now V6 factory try to repeat its success by making perfect replica of this model. The goals of this model is not vintage, but more into modern sporty. With blue color on dial combined with polished stainless steel case, it is just extremely cool. In addition, V6 factory made a good crocodile leather strap to be close to genuine. With brown color and blue stitching. 

The movement is very reliable, Asian 2824, good enough to cover the features of the watch itself. 

Buy this model HERE



We have done our job here to present the 2016 Top 3 Best Selling Replica Watches by Brand. We hope this blog will give you a little guidance before you decide to buy Replica watches in the market. But again, what we present here is really based on our customer preferences in 2016, your preference could be different, make sure you ask us first how good your chosen replica is.

by DTIME International on 15 December 2016

Hi guys, 

Welcome back to our blog. At the end of 2016 there is one replica factory just come up with something good, i can consider as Flagship replica, the Panerai PAM441. After V6F and SF has made the best PAM441 with almost flawless, and now VS factory suddenly come up with better idea compare to the other. With the same real ceramic material, this version also made significant improvement compare to other factory. All parts are really made exactly copied 1:1 from the genuine. Let's take a look closer and more details :


No more issue of hands length different, no more logo issue, no more date font issue. As far as I can see, there is no significant different face wise. And when all dial parts are tear down, you will see that all the detail are exactly copied as genuine :

Hand pinion are perfect, the gap between hands has no issue as well. All markers, and dial quality is really good. VS factory is just come with all these perfections.

Look at the dial, no flaws at all, exactly copied. If someone can spot a significant different, please let me know. Hands length and width are made perfectly as genuine. 


Scratch-proof sapphire crystal with colorless anti-reflection coating (Swiss standard, single-sided, same as genuine); Tinted case back crystal color as per genuine. That is the specification on this parts. Let see it in more details :

Anti reflective crystal are made perfectly as genuine, Crystal heights, no isse, colorless AR, no issue. It is just perfect from my poin of view.

Even still a little bit brighter, but on this version clearly see the upgrade, more tinted on back side crystal, not as bright as the other factory made. 


This is why i called this version as the exact copy. From both side, the dimension is perfectly cloned, almost no significant issues on tis one. But if you see it carefuly, the case corner edge on VS factory version is slightly higher compare to genuine. But if you don't look at it carefuly, it's really un-noticable.

What a details, no more crownguard dimension issues and no lever issues on this version as some version from other factory, and as you can see all parts like screw is exactly the same with genuine.


While other factory are using A.7750 based on this replica, VS factory make it different. The movemen on this version is a custom designed Asian automatic movement to match the genuine Panerai P.9001 movement at 28800vph, same balance wheel position as genuine P.9001 movement.

You can judge it by yourself, the movement details is just perfect, very close to genuine. These are reflection of how this new factory VS made it with huge effort to make it better and closer. 


Since the strap material is assolutemente leather, i can's see any different between VSF and genuine.


No issues at all on this parts. As VS are made it with Superlumed dial and hands (lumed with genuine Super-LumiNova); Flush Cannon Pinion as per genuine. It is just awesome.

NOW, WHAT ELSE? Grab this perfcet clone only in our store HERE

by DTIME International on 03 December 2016

Hi guys, 

After i did movement perspective review before, Now i want to make comparison between my new GMT Master BLNR Noob V7 super clone SA.3186, and my previous BLNR Noob V5 with A.2836 modified to close to Cal 3186. I ve lost my bracelet on my V5, so I put custom strap on my v5. When i look at it, pretty much there is no significant different on the case and dial physically, even on the movement look, there is no big different. But, there is huge different on the other part. Let's take a look.


I can see that noob didn't do any upgrade on the dial, there is pretty much the same between V5 and V7. Font, datewheel, dial color, and bezel. Still the same. The bezel blue color issue still there existed. Bezel marker I consider there is no different between those 2 version.

No different at all, as noob claimed on V7 sub rehaut is improving. But i dont think on GMT Master V7.

Rolex logo on crystal is there, but i feel like on the v5 is very easy to spot compare to V7.

V7 crystal is a little bit lower compare to V5, but it is not significant things. I dont know weather this crystal height is the same with genuine or not, please somebody tell me.


This is probably one of the reason why i stated as HUGE different between V7 and V5. If you remember V5 GMT hands position is at the bottom of hour hand while the gen is above hour hands. Now with V7, noob made it perfect by doing correction on GMT hands position, now exactly like genuine, above the hour hands. 


As we know that V5 are using Asian 2836 modified to be close to 3186 calibre, and the V7 are using Super Asian 3186 which is built from scratch to be close to genuine calibre 3186. However, the looks is not significantly different between these 2 version, you can see it on below pictures :

Eventho the engraving on the movement is a little bit better on V7, but i can't spot any significant different on the looks between these two version. But, I still wondering why noob still give double red gear instead of single. 

This is the biggest flaw on this previous GMT BLNR. The date setting is very different compare to genuine, also the GMT hands setting as the opposite of date setting. Noob has made this biggest flaws disappear, because now the way the crown setting works is exactly the same with genuine version. You can see on below video, i made a comparison between these two models :

How about the reliability? Hmmm i am not sure of this, due to the fact that the first super clone 3135 are having big issues in the beginning. Hopefully this one is not. Will see.


No doubt, no issue, all good on this part, as usual noob did well.


by DTIME International on 21 November 2016

Hi Guys,

Recently in November 2016, one of replica factory in China called G Factory (GF) has been release the newest model of A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Moonphase with 384.026 model. G factory is probably the only factory that have its own pride to produce single brand with focus to develop to be better and closer to genuine. After successfully made Senator models, now GF attend to repeat its success to produce another revolutionary replica.

When you look at the previous Senator model, you will find how good and how detail this factory is. Now they try to make new model with complexity ; grande date and moonphase features. Making the date and moonphase displayed on the dial is quite easy for any factory, but making it all well function and real accurate, is probably one of hard part from some factory. But we think that GF is quite put extra effort to make it even better.

Let's take a look closer on dial parts and movement parts deeper


Look at all detail that GF did on this parts. Marker, date wheel, logo, date font, and the dial itself are perfectly made to be very close to genuine version. And it is perfect, probably you won't spot any flaws on this parts. Grande date (Large date) is working perfectly, the moving of the date is perfectly like genuine.

When you look at the moon phase decoration, you will see huge different compare to any replica with moonphase function. GF is not just put the regular moonphase parts in the market, but they made their own in order to be closer to genuine. It is different from others, and when you see the genuine one, it will be the same like what GF did. The full moon display, the stars, and half moon, is perfectly cloned.



A. Lange & Sohne Caliber L086.5, beats at 21,600 vph, composed out of 325 parts, contains 40 Jewels & has an approximate power reserve of 72 hours. That is the genuine movement of this models. Therefore GF worked very hard to get close to this movement. With A.2824 based, they modified some parts to make all features worked well, and they did it. 

All decoration and details engravings on this parts are perfects. Look at it by yourself, there is not "cheapy" things you can see on this one, very detail and well finished. All engravings are well made.

This one, is probably the best replica on price range $300-$500. Perfectly well made, and almost flawless in every parts of this models. We are not inspecting other parts, because when the factory made all details on dial and movement, we assumed that that other "easier" parts will made perfectly aswell.

This one is very recommended for you, and the price is quite worthy to get this perfect one.


by DTIME International on 21 November 2016

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog. Couple weeks ago there is one factory in China relaesed the new Breitling Avenger Blackbird, which is : V1731110 on Nylon strap. First impression, is not too special, because it is all black, which I don't really like. But after a while, I was looking at it on details and i was amazed especially by tis dial. So perfect. On the other side, the material finshed is very nice. All engravings on back case is superb. Now, I am trying to make a light review of what I found the best on this piece.


Generally i love the dial, textured like blasted sands on the dail patternt is just perfect. What I can see so far is perfection, all lettering, logo and marker are well made.There is no major flaws or errors that i can spot on the dial. Bezel itself I can say good, DLC finished on stainless steel is nice, also the bezel marker i think they all good. Clean, and neat. Lets have a look closer on the dial, i took some parts to allow you guys to see more details :

Who dare to say "very bad"? I think pretty much no one, or maybe some. But for me, it is just a perfect piece of replica made. Even the hands and the datewheel is also sand blasted, include the marker frame. It is just cool for me.


I am trying to take a bit zoom shot on this parts, I really love the crystal, it looks amazing. Let's have a look :

All looks great on this parts what i can spot. From the bezel engravings, also on the case back engravings. Very neat and well finished.


Nothing gonna talk much on this parts, but good enough from my perspective. I can only show you some pictures, you judge it your self. For me, when I wear it, there is no such issue on this parts :

Good enough, but it is really replacable with some custom genuine straps, might be great !


This parts is probably the best. The lume is no doubt, with very minimal light source will make a good result. With a price of $328, it's quite worthy....


by DTIME International on 17 November 2016

Currently we have the newest GMT Master II V7 from Noob, with Super Asian 3186 Movement. This one i think it is quite revolution on this one. After a while being rumors, now I got it in my hands. I am not gonna do such review on this, but i just want to show how noob upgrade it. With the new super asian 3186, now all crown function and setting are the same with how genuine works, pretty impressive.

Lets have a look deeper on the dial and movement :

Its clearly correct handstack, the GMT hand over hour hand.

Perfect look, very nice and close to genuine. All function works as genuine. But i don't know about the reliability of this new asian movement. Hopefully it will not gonna be as worst as i was thinking.


by DTIME International on 14 November 2016

Hi guys,

Today I wanna do quick review of probably the best omega replica in the market so far. All you know that noob had release the newest Liquid Metal 1984 ceramic dial, and unfortunately i only have the leather strap version (black & brown), but the bracelet is on waiting list to be deliver. When I look at it, it is really perfect, the ceramic dial is just awesome. Basically physical overall is perfect. 

I will just do picture compare between genuine and replica, also provide you some QC pictures of this beast.


Can you see how perfect this replica is? pretty much no flaws, especially the ceramic dial and bezel are absolutely perfect. Marker and fonts is also no issue, i think on this one, noob really put his eyes on it. The only noticeable thing is the end second hands color. It is just different with genuine, on genuine it is red while noob make it orange. See the picture below :

Below are some QC pictures of dial and face parts of this replica :


Did you find something bad on this parts?. From my point of view is none !. all done perfectly, very detail. The crystal is so nice. I don't know weather this is the same with genuine or not, please somebody tell me. But i just like this part.

Crystal height i think is fine, and also the case thickness i dont think there is any big issue compare to gen


Nothing special on this one, even if the replica probably have a bit flat sea horse logo, but the rest is very detail. And also one thing, when I wear it, there is nothing bad caused by this engravings. All well finished.

Below are some QC pictures of back case parts :


I was thinking that is a big flaws on this parts. Because I saw it all blue color instead of blue and greenish on the minute hands and pearl. But when i look at on genuine, it is clearly answered that the lume is exactly match with the genuine. The brightness and the blue color is super match with genuine.


by DTIME International on 28 October 2016

Hi guys, i just want to make a quick review on one of Omega 2016 collection. Seamaster Two Tone Blue Dial.

Overall I think it is pretty much perfect on my opinion. Well built and nice finished. All the detail are perfect to me except the sub dial chronograph function, which you can't expect anything of it. I have some QC pics to show you guys :


I think there is no major flaws on di dial. I am not gonna talk about the detail of color, marker etc. But on right sub dial (minute & hour) is not working as genuine. Only minute counter hands working and could be reset to 0 when you stop the stopwatch. But I think I shouldn't complain on this, because the movement of this replica is a7750 which required 3 sub dial to make all working. When Omega make 2 dials together in 1, only 1 can be function well. The rest i will say very nice and perfectly cloned.


The case finished of 316L stainless steel with gold plated combination on the bezel ring and buttons is very nice finished. The only flaws I spot is on the cyrstal thickness. Too thick compare to genuine version. 


Omega Calibre 9900 was cloned perfectly, the decoration is nice, all details are there as genuine. but again, the crystal on caseback is still too thick.

You can spot there are 3 engravings at the back of the lug. Those are the same with genuine, it is just so detail how JH made it.


The material of the strap is rubberized leather. I feel very comfortable when i touch and wear it, smooth, and flexible. They made it on this one. I have no issue with buckle and clasp. All good.

What do you think, guys? 


by DTIME International on 26 October 2016

Today I am going to bring you a review on this huge piece – Replica Hublot King Power 4000m. This black and cool watch looks very strong specially when I hold it in my hand. As strong it is, not everyone can handle this huge watch, I think this is for those strong and sport guys. Strengths of this watch including new strong material, diving timing function and supper big case. Let’s have a look at this fantastic watch.

It is well-know that Hublot is good at using high-tech and new material. This large diving watch has a 48mm case, and the parts with patterns I can see is made of new forge carbon fiber material which is 8 times stronger than solid stainless steel. On the black dial, markers and needles are superlumed, which is a basic function for a diving watch. Come to the right side, there are two buttons, one is protected with a bridge and this is for adjust the timing while diving. The one below is for adjusting the time. Both of two buttons are screw in type. The protective bridge is made of rubber, and the buttons are made of metal with PVD coating. The front glass is made of sapphire crystal. Inside its strong case, there is an Asian 7750 movement, very accurate and steady working heart. This ensures it can work as good as per original watch.

The back case is sealed and waterproof, and there is engraving logo and information on it. The bracelet is made of rubber, matching the carbon case perfectly. The bracelet can be moved easily and change it if necessary. On the bracelet, there is Hublot’s name and logo, looks nice. The clasp is a adjustable one just as other sport watch. And, the waterproof function should not be worried about. As I said at the first, this watch is not a right one for anyone, this watch would be a favorite watch for those strong and sport guys. If you love sport watches, don’t miss it.

Replica Hublot King Power 4000M

Replica Hublot King Power Carbon Fiber

Replica Hublot King Power 731.QX.1140.RX

Replica Hublot Diver 4000m Crown

Replica Hublot King Power Case Profile

Replica Hublot King Power Diver 4000

Replica Hublot King Power 4000m Caseback

Hublot King Power Diver 4000m Replica Watch


by DTIME International on 14 October 2016

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog. Today I wanna show you custom design replica watches, Rolex Milgauss Bamford Edtion, with DLC engraved on case and bracelet. The reason i do review on this, is just because i found these pieces is very interesting and very artistic. This is not factory made replica, this is custom engraved with nice finished i think, and the price is quite OK. Let's have a look !

This engraved milgauss is not special order, one of watchsmith made it to sell. He made 3 models for this Milgauss with the same engravings style and strap options :

  • Milgauss Bamford Green marker
  • Milgauss Bamford White marker
  • Milgauss With Explorer Dial

Those 3 models come with engraved bracelet or vintage genuine leather strap. Let see those on pictures :

Bottom line, i see these as a good art. And quality wise also quite good, well finished also the leather straps is nice. The movement is just ordinary movement with A.2834, but I think that is enough since this Milgauss have no date and complicated features.


  • On engraved bracelet is $388 (exclude shipping fee)
  • On genuine vintage leather strap $358 (exclude shipping fee)
  • If you want both bracelet and leather is $438 (exclude shipping fee)

All of these collections are ready to ship, you don't need to wait for engravings process unless you want to make other watch engraved or make different engraves pattern. 

We are not put these on our website, because the stock is limited, contact us to order this great collections HERE


by DTIME International on 11 October 2016

Rolex GMT Master II Replica Wrist Shot

GMT Master II is a popular series of Rolex, it has a rich history and many people who usually travel around the world buy Rolex GMT Master II, the two tone bezel of GMT Master makes it stand out among all GMT watches. The bezel of Rolex GMT Master II has several styles, such as Blue/Red, Blue/Black, Red/Black etc. Because of these bezels, Rolex GMT Master II also has other names, like Coca Cola and Pepsi. A lot of Rolex fans still do not know what is Pepsi or Cola bezel, before going to introduce this replica GMT Master II 116719, I will help you clarify the two types of bezels.

Rolex GMT Master II Replica Blue Red

Rolex GMT Master II 116719-BLRO Replica

Pepsi is red and ble bezel used on GMT Master 1675, 16700, 16710. Coca Cola bezel is red and black bezel used on GMT 16700, 16760, 16710. You will have a clear definition of the two types of bezels as long as you think the color of the two canned soft drinks.

Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Bezel

About the watch here I am going to review, it is a superior replica, which is made by Noob factory. It is imitated according to genuine because Noob bought a genuine 116719 GMT and researched it, the factory used the same material as genuine, the functions of the replica are 100% the same as original, it is a perfect replica. The movement inside the replica is Asian Clone 3186, actually it could be also equipped with Asian ETA 2836 or real ETA 2836 movement. Absolutely the best one is with genuine ETA 2836.

Rolex 116719-BLRO Crown

Rolex 116719-BLRO Case Profile

Whole replica watch is made of 316L stainless steel, except ceramic material on Pepsi bezel, it is real ceramic, blue and red color are natural, bezel engravings have a certain depth. The red part bezel just matches with the red GMT hand on the dial. Brushed finishing on case and bracelet, well processed case and bracelet edges so that they are smooth and will not scratch your hand, I wore this watch several days, it is really very comfortable.

Rolex 116719-BLRO Bracelet

The dial is highly readable because white silver hour markers and hands are on black background. Those markers and hands are applied white lumimous material, they will emit strong light in the dark.

Rolex 116719-BLRO Clasp

In a word, the first feeling when you get this replica Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi watch on hand is it is very heavy and gives you a genuine feeling.

Rolex 116719-BLRO Clasp Engraving

This watch is really nice finished, probably one of best choice for you. I know, the gen one is using white gold, but i don't think will be the issue for you who really love this "Pepsi"


by DTIME International on 11 October 2016

It seems Rolex is another name of watch, and it has a great reputation and popularity in watch market. But, I think Rolex watch is a good option for man in a age range of above 30. This replica Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 with a 40mm grey dial is a wonderful choice for those man who has a career. Or, for those who want to be professional at business occasions, Rolex Yacht-Master would be a right option. Actually, when we are talking about Rolex watch would remind me of George Clooney, he is a such a perfect guy as spokesman of Rolex watch. On this point, I think I am not alone.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 in grey looks not as bright as another model with a ocean blue dial, many people would still like it. The sapphire crystal glass matches the stainless steel belt well, and these two materials make it a good one for normal occasions, and of course, wearing suits. What’s more, the luminous dial is classic and useful which follows the Yacht-Master Perpetual Date series.

Choosing a Rolex watch won’t be wrong due to its design and function. We can have both of them from a replica Rolex Yacht-Master watch. And the Swiss made 2824 movement completes it a mechanical watch well, as this movement is working stable and well in replicas. Some people don’t like leather belt much because it is easy to spoiled and has to be careful with water, stainless steel won’t bother you much. Replica Yacht-Master 116622 watch is not a very outstanding watch but certainly it will help you build a mature, professional and good-taste impression for others.

The exquisite manufacture and super movement enhances Replica Rolex Yacht-Master watch. It is not a surprising one but it won’t never be a wrong one, and the inspiration from the yacht and ocean makes it kind of sporty too. I think this replica Rolex does well represent for this brand’s culture, style and ideology.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 116622

Replica Rolex YachtMaster Grey Watch

Rolex YachtMaster 116622 Grey Dial

116622 40mm

116622 Crown

116622 Case Side

116622 Back

Rolex 116622 Buckle

Rolex 116622 Clasp


by DTIME International on 02 October 2016

IWC Mark XVIII Replica

Military watches are always welcomed in watch market, especially the Pilot watch from IWC. This Top Gun Miramar belongs to IWC Pilot series, it is the latest model of Mark XVIII that was published in 2016 SIHH. The watch inherits the original features of previous Top Gun Miramar – highly readable dial design and nylon strap. Genuine watch is equipped with a better movement that has a reinforced power reserve. Now, the replica here will be discussed is just made according to a genuine Mark XVII watch by MK factory. It consinues the high quality feature of former IWC Mark series replica watches made by this factory.

IWC Mark XVIII Ceramic Case

IWC Mark XVIII Black Dial

The replica case is not complex, it is just one complete real ceramic piece. The diameter is measured to be 41mm. Black case color makes the replica look calm and stable, actually a lot of Pilot Top Gun watches uses ceramic case. Steel crown is big, it is screwed down with a long tube, the crown has refined engravings, which are clear to read. Case back is brushed stainless steel, it has six grooves for the user to open the back with special tool. The unique engravings on the centre tell everything you want to know more about this replica watch.

IWC Mark XVIII Crown

Black dial echoes with black ceramic case, the white markers, hands and dial printings increase readability to the replica. The dial design of Top Gun Miramar is too different from other IWC watches, the red circle is for users to read hours, these white Arabic numbers like 5, 10 are displaying minutes, while the most outer white markers are for seconds display. There is a small square date window positioned at 3:00 lying on the red circle. To increase visibility, the white date font is in black background.

IWC Top Gun Miramar Case Back

If you have ever bought one IWC Mark replica, you will know the best one is equipped with a ETA 2892 movement, so is this Mark XVIII. Other versions are not as stable as this one. The band also offer wearer the greatest satisfaction, because the outer material is nylon while the inner lining is black leather, there are some mysterious words on the leather lining like “BTAI” and “BTAN”, could someone here tell me the meaning of these words?

IWC Steel Buckle

*Thanks to Susan for the review


by DTIME International on 30 September 2016

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog. Today I will do review on one of modified watch made by one of expert on this area. This watch is : Audemars Piguet 25940SK Rubber Clad White Dial. This is not only modified, but also replace some replica parts with genuine after market parts to be closer to genuine version.

Before I go to my review, I just want to show you some regular flaws on factory made replica of Audemars Piguet ROO Chronograph. You will find pretty much the same issue on every models. Those are :

  • Cyclops is not magnifying exactly as genuine, therefore the font looks smaller compare to genuine
  • Datewheel edge color on replica is white, instead of Black on genuine
  • Font type and size is smaller on replica compare to genuine
  • Gap between datewheel and tachymeter ring is very tight on replica, while in genuine there is significant gap between
  • Bezel screw on replica is too flat on the edge. While the genuine on this model is rounded on screw edge. Also need be repolished to catch the shine of white gold on genuine
  • Hand pinion is too big on replica

Another major flaws is the thickness and crown position :

  • Crown position need to be lower, and the crown guard shape is a bit different.
  • The thickness of the back case is very noticable. Replica has thicker caseback compare to genuine. This is hard situation for factory, since this chronograph AP are using Asian 7750 which required thicker case. If not, the rotor will be stuck.



All watch smith and modder around the world are keep working on how to get the factory made replica become more closer to genuine. Usually there are 3 options to make it closer to genuine version :

  • LOW BUDGET MODIFICATION : Light modification on bezel screw, datewheel replaced to ETA DW, re-shave the tachymeter ring to make a little bit gap with datewheel.
  • MEDIUM BUDGET MODIFICATION : Do exactly like on the first point with adding some re-shaving on hand pinion, re-shaving on cyclops, and re-positioning the crown a little bit lower
  • HIGH BUDGET MODIFICATION / FRANKEN : The thickness is the only thing that can not be moddified. The solution is only by changing the movement with thinner movement. The options, is only with genuine movement, usually LWO 283. Also some parts like dial and tachymeter can be replaced with genuine. It is really depend on what you want.



What watch smith did on this AP Rubber Clad are :

  • Gen dial and tachy ring.
  • LWO283 movement
  • Edge gen specs Datewheel
  • Gen specs hands (the pinion is not too big)
  • Double AR Crystal
  • Brand new Rubberclad Black Theme replica Noob factory
  • Rep case shaved to gen thickness and modded to gen specs  
  • Re-lume to make closer lume to genuine

You can compare this franken with genuine like picture below :

You can see above picture. Very clear that almost no issues or flaws on dial perspective. Below are some quality pictures of the franken we got right now :

How about the thickness?. Because we already change it with genuine LWO 283 movement, so the watch smith can do re-shaving on the caseback become thinner. You can compare with the replica factory made on below picture :

Besides the thickness, crown position is also need to move lower, also the crown guard after re-shaving, now very close to genuine. See actual picures from the side :

The only thing we do on caseback is make the engravings deeper, so it will look closer to genuine.

We provide you video on this franken :



This is the best part of this review. Since some genuine parts are installed on this franken, the concequences is to the price. We need to pay so expansive to do this kind of project. we spend almost USD 4,000 for this. It is not cheap price, but when you look at the result, you will decide weather it is worthed or not. 

Below is genuine price :

USD 4000 VS USD 13,995. Is that worthed? You decide, our job is to give you more options of having a good replica.



by DTIME International on 29 September 2016

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Watch

It is said that, about 60% of Chinese will choose Rolex if they are going to buy a superior wrist watch. Without exception, each corner all over the world also has a lot of fans like Rolex so much. Rolex Submariner was used for professional diving, and it also was a symbolic watch for diver. But it was rather difficult to afford the high price of original when we have limited budget. Therefore, today I am so happy to recommend a top-level replica, Rolex Submariner 116610LV green watch to you guys. All parts are interchangeable with genuine. And it was a classic and representative series. Its perfect performance has convinced the deep sea world, its glamorousness was around our land. When diving in deep sea, it was the best partner for professional diver. When exploring land, it also has wonderful and brave performance. Due to these advantages, it was liked by watch fans who with deep insight. Now I can not wait to tell you about its details.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Dial

First, This replica has an oversize case that was made of brushed stainless steel. Its diameter was 40.5mm, and 13mm in thickness. Through sapphire crystal, we can see its clear and delicate dial, which is green. Correspondingly, tts bezel is also in green and made of ceramic, this main tone made this wrist watch eye-catching. Actually, green dial was hard to handle for most of us, but it was deserved to collect for someone who is pursuing for fashion and stylish design. In order to give a good readability, its dot markers and needles feature blue super lume coating, so it was so awesome to have such unique lume that is rare among replica watches in the market. And you can get time information easily even you stay in darkness. Its dial is very simple. Its markers was the combination of dot, long strip at 9:00 and 6:00, triangle at 12:00. And date indicator set in the palace of three o’clock. This date window was made of convex lens which can help wearer observe date clearly and conveniently when they are diving or doing sports.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Bezel

Second, when talking about its bezel, it was a ceramic sandwich numeral bezel exactly, also with blue lume pear dot. Above this uni-directional bezel, it has engraved minute scales, which was convenient for diver to record time .

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Solid Case Back

Third, the bracelet was concert with its steel case. It was made of brushed stainless steel with new style oyster and matched with correct new Rolesor clap. And for provide more practical function to diver, it also features diver extension.

Blacken Rolex Clasp Engraving

The replica has a good water resistance performance, its solid case really played an important role in such practical capability. It made the replica with the function of corrosion resistance and get rid of strong hit from outside. In addition, we can appreciate its hologram at the same time. This replica is equipped with Nickle Plated Asian Eta 2836-2 Automatic Movement, which can provide precise and reliable time. And because it was automatic movement, can help you out of some trouble, you just need to wear eight hours everyday at least so that it could supply enough power reserve.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Movement Test

I think this replica with stylish design and was so creative in details. I hope you will like it, and I suggest that you can take this replica instead of the genuine since it really with reasonable price and can satisfy your special requirement at the same time.


Collect Rolex Submariner 116610 LV Green Ceramic Newest Noob V7 Best Edition on Stainless Steel Bracelet 

See other Collection here

by DTIME International on 27 September 2016

Replica Hublot Black Cavair

If you are one member of watch fans, I think you may have heard about Big Bang Caviar of Hublot, due to its unique symbolic design that has set shocking price, one million dollar. And Black Caviar was so hot in fashion world. Yes, Today I am going to recommend an excellent Hublot Black Caviar replica, which can realize your dream that owning one of these wrist watch with high reputation.

See more Hublot Black Caviar replica

Hublot Black Cavair Ceramic

This replica Hublot used black color as its main tone. It was briefer and clearer with this secret color. Now let’s explore its secret color. Actually, Even though this replica with low-key style as a whole, I think it still can not hide its gorgeous brightness. No matter judge from its design of detail or its function.

Hublot Black Cavair Black Dial

Firstly, Using ceramic as main material was its obvious characteristic. Its diameter was 42mm, and with thickness 13.5mm, this big size case revealed its fashion and mechanical appearance more effective. Its case was made of black ceramic, which with the same construction as genuine exactly. As we all known, ceramic was a kind of perfect material in watchmaking. It was lighter than steel about 30%. Besides, it can be anti-wear, anti-allergy, anti-rust. And its dial was made of real black ceramic with genuine quality. In addition, it was made by OEM makers for genuine Swiss brands. So these factors may be as strong persuasion to insure has good quality as original. Its checkered dial was so special since it has gone through the process of inlaying with the way of making diamond. So what was showing in front of us was that it has been arranged neatly, which liked caviar, shinning its brightness no matter which angle we observe. It also revealed delicate design on the other way. Secondly, its bezel also used the same material, black ceramic. And has inherited its created style of Hublot, it was fixed by six pieces screws with the shape of “H”. The fire-new screwy crown was covered by natural rubber, that’s an important character deserved to mention. Its sapphire crystal with colorless double sided AR coating , which can ensure to read time easily without any outside effect . The date display window was set in the place of three o’clock, you can adjust via crown. It was so convenient. Thirdly, Its anti dust black rubber strap also its special characteristic. Its strap has been concern with its whole tone. yes, secret black. It can make wearer feel more comfortable and it was more durable, really revealed its charming in every detail.

Hublot Black Cavair Black Rubber

Finally, Through its transparent case back, we can appreciated its outstanding craftsmanship clearly and feel the unique beauty of mechanical wrist watch. And we can see some detail engraving at the same time. This replica equipped with Swiss Eta 2824-2 Automatic Movement, which can have a good performance to provide precise time.

Hublot Swiss ETA 2824

When we hear the name of “Big Bang”, I think you has been shocked, but it may not make you feel disappointed, because this replica watch is really with high quality and charming appearance. I think it deserve your affection.

Hublot Swiss Movement Test


Collect  Hublot Black Caviar replica

by DTIME International on 27 September 2016

Cartier Calibre Replica

When talking about the world famous watch brand Cartier, maybe it has all kinds of charming and elegant ladies wrist watch in most of our impression. But we can not ignore some classic series of men watch. Today I am going to recommend an excellent replica, it was basic on the original one, Calibre de Cartier. After you know something about its detail, I think you may like it without any hesitation.

See more about this Calibre de Cartier HERE

Cartier Brushed Case

This replica with smooth lines, strong case, unique structure as a whole. It was so confident to reveal masculine characteristic of man.

Calibre De Cartier White

This replica Cartier watch features a case which was made of solid stainless steel, it has been gone through the process of polishing. It was so hard to resistant huge hit from outside. Besides, with gloss at the same time. Through the synthetic sapphire, We can see that there are seven Roman numeral markers distribute in white dial steadily.

Cartier Calibre Black Leather Strap

Especially the marker set at twelve o’clock position. It was the biggest one among all the markers, which was so attractive that can be easier to get time information. The sword-shaped hands were moving along with the sub-dial which was set in the place of six o’clock. The date display window was bigger than other designs, it has three clear numbers showing to us. And the triangle pointed today’s date. Its design of dial was simple without any complicated decoration. But its main motivation was to provide a good time information to you.

Cartier ETA 2813 Movement

Matching with a leather strap, which would be more comfortable in tough feeling. Along with a insignia deployant buckle.

Cartier ETA Movement Test

Through its transparent case back, we can observe the beauty of movement. And has detail engraving on case rims. It equipped with Asia 2813 Automatic Movement, has plated with nickle. Besides , it has 21 pieces jewelry surround in the movement. With such powerful movement, you don’t need to worry about the problem that it really has effective performance or not. Because I am sure to tell you that it can provide accurate time.

With brief and masculine style, this high quality Cartier Calibre replica was really a good choice because it was suitable for daily wearing actually. I can satisfy your basic requirement of wrist watch. The most important point is that its price is so cheap compare with the original but with the similar appearance and function.


See more about this Calibre de Cartier HERE

by DTIME International on 26 September 2016

Replica Hublot Big Bang

Nowadays, wrist watch was not just a tool for time only, it was a goods to reflect our personality. Therefore, a wrist watch can reflect your style, taste and attitude of life. Today I am going to recommend a nice replica, which based on the genuine of Hublot Big Bang series. It is exaggeration to say, it is prepared for someone who would like to express themselves with stylish idea, and is full of young, fashion attitude for life. It was a good reflection of its name “Big Bang”, which can be your good partner on the way of success.

See more Hublot Big Bang Valjoux 7750 Black Ceramic 

Replica Hublot Black Dial

Compared with the other traditional Swiss luxurious wrist watch, this replica with an enthusiastic taste since its stylish and unique appearance instead of the traditional shape. It announced its outstanding taste and special sight bravely through its creative design which was almost the same as the genuine.

Replica Hublot Ceramic Bezel

This Hublot Big Bang replica can bring us a enjoyable visual experiment due to its unique appearance. Actually, the striking characteristic of this replica was its mixed material. Different types of material was integrated concertedly. For example, It has composite case which has contained three kinds of material. Including stainless steel, rubber and caviar, Which can be distinguished with the other watch brands. Besides, its dial was made of carbon fiber. The design of dial was rather simple but really filled with modern feeling. Matched with super big steel hands, Arabic numerals with mixed markers, scales. It was so clear to read time in such ultra big black dial because its diameter was 44.5mm. Let’s observed it carefully, the red second hand was rather vivid due to it has added active taste to the dial which used black as main tone. Three sub-dials was distributed at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 position respectively. And the date display window was set in the palace of 4:30. You can adjust it through crown.

Hublot Black Rubber Strap

This replica also with classic unique characteristic. Look at its bezel, it was made of ceramic which has gone through the process of polishing. It can be wear resistant effectively. The bezel was fixed by six screws, it was more striking to leave us a deep impression, and also has revealed its stylish character. The screws were not only a tool for decoration, but also a key component to keep the sandwich structure being stable. The elegant lines of this replica make it more masculine as a whole.

Hublot Valjoux 7750 Movement

In order to be stylish, without exception, its strap was also special. It was made of rubber with anti dust quality. Besides, it with PVD black coating and tyre design. Such strap was really considerate. This replica was very dazzle and cool with this collocation.

Hublot Movement Test

Except its attractive appearance, its capability was also so powerful. It equipped with Asian 7750 Valjoux Working Chronograph movement. For one thing, it can ensure to be accurate in travel time, for another thing, it can be shock resistant since its high beat was 28800bph. In addition, it also with the function of chronograph, you can set it via the button on the side of case. We are living in a age which everyone is eager to express themselves deeply. For anther word, everyone would like to be stylish. The Hublot replica can satisfy your requirement due to its cool design which has broken through old traditional design. I think it is a good choice to help you highlight your own personality.

Collect Hublot Big Bang Valjoux 7750 Black Ceramic 

by DTIME International on 20 September 2016

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica

A fresh sport wrist watch that can catch the eyes of others is a kind of necessary decoration for men. I believe it may be the baby which every men are looking forward to own one of them. I understand your real thought deeply, so I am going to introduce one exquisite replica, its name is replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400, It really can show the side of sunshine and strong energy for men. This replica didn’t limited in the regular rules in design, It replays the elements of royal family with secrete. Maybe that is the main reason why so many people like it so much nowadays. You also can not miss it . Now let’s know something about its details.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Rose Gold

First of all, This nice Audemars Piguet replica has two size offer to you. This size of 37mm will be more delicate. And the anther size of 41mm will be clearer with big dial. To the men who like to choose a wrist watch as one part of their collocation, this replica is really a good choice since its thickness only has 9.8mm, which is almost a super thin model with fluent line. It uses PVD rose gold and stainless steel as the material of case and with sapphire crystal, that can make it have strong wear-resistance. And its nice appearance can make men looked so cool and stylish in daily collocation. Its dial brings us a concave-convex feeling in the whole vision since it with the shape of checker. It is full of tactile feeling that we feel surprised and want to touch it. In addition,the octagonal design make it clearer in boundary.

When talking about its dial, it also has one unique characteristic I need to mention, it is made of blue fiber and has green luminous at night, it is really convenient for us. After knowing the skillful design of this replica, I only have one word to express my whole feeling, it is awesome.

AP Rose Gold Crown


About its movement, it high replicas AP 3120, basic on imported MIYOTA 9015, its vibrational frequency is 28800bph, has large improvement in the ability of travel time with such powerful movement. It may be more stable and continuous in travel time. What’s more, It is more convenient to have the display of date in the dial.

AP Clone 3120 Movement

In order to improve its wear-resistance as a whole, its band also uses 316L stainless steel as material, it is united in the using of material Considering of men have different need with various collocation, it has two kind of bands you can choose, You can choose stainless steel or leather as you like, cowhide and alligator is available. It can be more flexible in daily dressing.It also has the function of water-resistance, near 50 meters, almost satisfy your daily activities.

Audemars Piguet Full Rose Gold Bracelet

AP RG Clasp


Wow, You see, the hour,minute, second hand is moving flexibly and with independent clear date display, having good performance in wear-resistance and water-resistance, this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica almost owning all superior advantages. I don’t believe that you can reject such amazing attraction. No matter you are in any occasions, you need to wear a wrist watch which with bright shape and useful capability. So which one is your best choice? Yes, that’s it.

Audemars Piguet 15400 Dial Lume


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 41mm 18K Rosegold Case JF 1:1 New Verison Black Dial on Rosegold Bracelet A3120

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Collection

by DTIME International on 20 September 2016

Audemars Piguet MICHAEL SCHUMACHER Replica

Audemars Piguet Black Ceramic Bezel

Nowadays, A lot of men will focus on Audemars Piguet naturally when they are choosing an Automatic wrist watch for themselves. In order to satisfy what you like most and consider from the most realistic standard, I am going to introduce one perfect replica Audemars Piguet MICHAEL SCHUMACHER limited edition, which is almost ninety nine percent similar with the original, but no need you cost hundreds of thousands of to own one original. I think most of clients will prefer to choose one high replica with reasonable price rather than to have the original with high price almost can not afford.

AP Logo on Crown

This replica is almost perfect in workmanship, its handsome appearance and cool style may be a special view that can be your new baby .Firstly, we find that it with stainless steel case, with such hard case can be strong protection. With super big size 44mm, and the black-gray dial decorate with famous “Mega Tapisserie”, which is one kind of super large checkers decoration. When we see it carefully, We find that there are two blue stars and five red stars stand by in the place of twelve o’clock and one o’clock, this is really a unique details in design, but it is a meaningful symbol. As we all known, this is related to its design inspiration. It is in memory of one famous racing driver Michael Schumacher, these stars symbolized that he was champion in seven important competitions. It is liked an art to combined with competition and wrist watch together skillfully in design.

AP Rose Gold Case

In addition, this replica uses black and white pattern as decoration in minute scale, which can remind the design of checkers flag. The calculagraph hands and date display decorate with red color, can easier to recognize time. Its bezel uses ceramic metal, which can be harder about seven times than stainless steel, and fixed with eight nuts liked the style of car. What’s more, it equips with black rubber strap, all these design, reveals the side of toughness for men.

AP Clone 3126 Movement

When we turn back the replica, we can see its back-case with simple design, the ring of outside was inspired by racing. Through the sapphire crystal, we can see its best replica movement, which is clone CAL 3126, basic on Asia 7750 25J Automatic chronograph movement, its power is same the original to have good performance in travel time. It also decorates with the symbol of AP and a famous signature from Michael Schumacher, uses his short name “MS”. When talking about its crystal, you can not look down upon, it is not normal, which is anti-reflective coating, can be scratch-resistant. And this replica with 50 meters for water resistance ,can satisfy your daily activities.

AP Rose Gold Buckle

After you have known something about its special designs in details, have you be attracted by such cool replica, do you want to show your side of sunshine through the decoration of wrist watch. Trust me,thisreplica Audemars Piguet is your nice choice, ninety nine percent similar with the original in appearance and capability. It deserves you owning one of them.

AP Green Lume

Collect Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44mm Rosegold Cermet Bezel Michael Schumacher 1:1 JF Best Edition A3126

Collection of Audemars Piguet

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Vacheron Constantin Malte Replica

Most world-famous watch brands always want to reveal its powerful ability through tourbillon, it can highlight the structure of brand perfectly. To wearers, such delicate wrist watch was full of strong attraction. I think all of watch fans has realized that tourbillon was so expensive since it played an important role in keeping precise time. Therefore, You may have the ideal that owning such magic tourbillon wrist watch with competitive price. Consider of this confusion, today I am going to recommend a delicate replica Vacheron Constantin Malte, the series of Malte, its Ref NO is NO30130/000R-9754, it was a tourbillon wrist watch, and was the top-lever replica. I think it was a good choice to owning a wrist watch with skillful craftsmanship but just cost less money.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Crown

This replica with deep taste of classic and retro style as a whole, which was very popular so far. First of all, its size was 48mm, if without containing the size of two lugs, its size was 42mm. It with long dial but its shape was not regular. Owning the tonneau appearance, may make a deep expression.

VC Case Side

When we observed its dial, it was so delicate. In order to be simple and clear in vision,it has cancel second hand. Its case was made of 316l stainless steel, which was so firm as a good protection to get rid of suffering from damage. I was so appreciated the design of its scale. The palace of twelve o’clock with slender Roman numeral. And the other scales used the line-shape, matching with the diamond-shaped hands, already created the feeling of noble. The black tourbillon device was set in the palace of six o’clock. Besides, it collocated with white dial, which was so distinct connected with these two color, and it was a great inflation between simple and complicated. Therefore, it created new energy in visual effect.

Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Movement

In order to have a good touch feeling, this replica used superior America alligator strap, no matter its obverse or the reverse, all were made of real alligator strap. When your are wearing this replica tourbillon watch, you make feel so comfortable, and also showing the feeling of noble as a whole.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Clasp

Through its transparent crystal ,which was made of scratch-proof sapphire crystal, we can appreciate its movement clearly. We may feel amazing for its outstanding craftsmanship. It used Asia Sea-gull automatic tourbillon movement, which has polished so smooth, it can insure you have precise travel time. In addition, it can be water-resistant, and satisfy most activities in your daily life.

Anyway, this replica contained the key capability and with same appearance, its price also rather acceptable when compared with the original. I think it was necessary to consider such tourbillon wrist watch.


(Susan Review on Replica watch)

by DTIME International on 18 September 2016

Audemars Piguet Ember Diver Replica

Blue sky and sea was unique view in summer this enthusiastic season, I believe that you may be eager to explore the glamour of sea and enjoy a wonderful diving experiment. Today I am so happy to recommend an outstanding replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver watch, it with fashion and sport taste, powerful capability as genuine. It may make your sea journey more smooth. This replica with a case which was made of stainless steel 316, has covered DLC black coating. It was really a reliable and practical wrist watch. Because this replica really provide more practical capability with cool appearance. With this material in case, it can be wear-resistant, and with the function of anti-corrosion. So it was more useful in diving environment. In addition, this replica inherited the classic design of Audemars Piguet, which with octagonal case. Its DLC black coated bezel was fixed by eight hexagonal screws. In addition, the uni-directional inner diver bezel operated by the rubber cladded crown at 10:00, such considerate design can make it play an effective role in chronograph. Its diameter was 42mm and 13mm in thickness, which was a reasonable size as diving wrist watch.

Audemars Piguet Diver PVD Black

Through its sapphire crystal glass, we can admire its cool dial. I think you may have the same feeling with me. Yes, absolutely, this replica can provide a clear view to read time through some detail. It was so special with black ember checkered dial, wider hands, the red second hand has caught our eyes at the first view. Its inner bezel has printed several of Arabic minute scale figures. What’s more,it has super lume sticks hour indexes. Its sapphire crystal with colorless AR as genuine. So no matter where you stay, you can read time easily, especially in dark deep sea, you still can get time information immediately without any outside affection. It has set date indicator in the palace of three o’clock with correct magnification. Just want to provide easy-read dial to wearer.

Audemars Piguet Ember Dial

When talking about its strap, this replica also was so considerate. For one thing, it would be more comfortable with leather strap. For another thing, it used black color and has red stitches with insignia clasp. Because this replica took black color as its whole tone, the black strap was responded with its black dial. In addition, its red stitches was in concert with its second hand.

Audemars Piguet Black Leather Strap

Under its closed case back, the replica Audemars Piguet Ember watch is equipped with Nickle Plated Asian Eta 2824-2 Automatic Movement, its high beat was 28800bph, with anti-magnetic cover as well. With this movement, it can ensure has precise time and it was safer with these practical function. In the back case, we also can appreciate its detail engraving and serial detail. It also engraved individual serial numbers in case back.

Audemars Piguet Solid Case Back

With the cool and noble appearance, powerful capability, it was really the best choice as diving chronograph wrist watch. Do you want to have a enjoyable exploration under the deep sea, let’s bring it together.

Audemars Piguet Movement Test


by DTIME International on 15 September 2016

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most famous and prestigious races in the F1 calendar. Even those who have never followed motorsports have heard of Monaco (maybe because of Tag Heuer ), a highly technical course which winds through the roadways of the famed city-state and playground for the rich and famous. The Monaco GP, now in its 83rd year, highlights prestige, luxury and wealth in a way that few other F1 weekends can match. Super yachts line the shore as on-lookers watch some of the most advanced machines in the world run a tight and aggressive course with more than its fair share of elevation changes. Well-heeled race fans, celebrities and socialites flock to the south-east coast of France to enjoy a truly legendary weekend of screaming race cars, world-renowned casinos and swanky parties.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases
Few watch brands have as strong a symbiotic relationship with motorsports as Tag Heuer. Many of their most famous models are tributes to notable elements within the world of motorsport, consider the Camaro, Carrera, Silverstone, Monza, Formula 1, and of course, the Monaco. Tag has made special editions for not only Mercedes but also McLaren, one of the most successful F1 teams of all time. In addition to the manufactures, Tag Heuer has also seen their brand represented by some of F1's best drivers, including Alain Prost, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna. Other brands have tried to connect themselves with motorsports but from track day junkies like Steve McQueen, to modern day World Champions like Jenson Button, Tag Heuer has become the reigning watch brand in motorsports. A big marketing campaign success by most accounts.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Tag Heuer celebrated the 2012 Monaco GP by announcing four watches, two limited editions that directly commemorate the Monaco Grand Prix, and the "re-release" of two special editions which were previously only available through Tag Heuer boutiques. Above is the Monaco Calibre 12 ACM Limited Edition (CAW211K) which celebrates the first year of partnership between Tag Heuer and the Automobile Club de Monaco, the group responsible for organizing a series of races throughout Monaco, including the Monaco Gran Prix. Tag Heuer is their official timing partner and thus created this 39mm black dialed Monaco featuring the ACM logo on the dial. The Monaco Calibre 12 ACM will have a production run limited to 1200 units.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Not one to forget their popular Carrera line, Tag Heuer also announced the new Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Monaco Grand Prix LE (CV2A1F) which will be limited to 3000 units and can be had with a sporty tire tread-inspired rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet, both of which nicely suit its 43 mm stainless steel case. I have always enjoyed the Carrera line as they feature a very pleasing case and lug design as well as excellent legibility for a chronograph. This new model sports a simplified dial layout and bright red accents for the second hand and elements of the dial and bezel script. It is really ironic that there is now a Tag Heuer Carrera Monaco watch. Nice and confusing right?

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Also announced was a duo of bright blue Monacos meant to invoke the memory of Steve McQueen, who wore a Monaco in the 1971 film Le Mans, and has been a considerable factor in the continued popularity of the Monaco line. First, the Monaco Heuer Steve McQueen Calibre 11, a traditional looking blue and white edition of the Monaco that is actually a slightly revised version of a boutique-only model that Tag Heuer announced last year. This is basically a vintage inspired Monaco with bright white racing stripes on the dial and its crown on the left side of the case. Note the use of "Heuer" and not "Tag Heuer" on the dial and the matching blue leather strap. It is fitting that this vintage inspired chronograph wears the Heuer name on its dial as the original Monaco design launched in 1969, some sixteen years before Heuer became Tag Heuer.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Last up is the Monaco Twenty Four McQueen (CAL5111) which is a more modern interpretation of the Monaco form. Featuring a highly detailed dial design, curved crystal and 40.5 mm case, this high end chronograph features an El Primero-based Calibre 36 chronograph movement with an advanced shock absorber system visible at all corners of the dial. This is also a model that is simply seeing a wider release after being a boutique-only offering last year.


Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

While pricing has yet to be announced, these special editions are a great way to highlight brand successes and Tag Heuer's strong connections with not only Formula 1, but specifically Monaco and its famous course. Given it's provenance as the first automatic chronograph and its truly iconic design, I am a big fan of the base Monaco models and really enjoy how Tag Heuer has managed to protect the style and aesthetic promoted by original models while still promoting innovation and technology through models like the Monaco Twenty Four McQueen.

Written by James Stacey ( a blog to watch )




by DTIME International on 13 September 2016

by DTIME International on 03 September 2016

Hi Guys,

Recently this Tudor Pelagos is being talked in every replica forums, there are pro's and con's especeially on the blue color, too bright compare to genuine. Yes it is, but it is different factory. The one brighter blue is comes from V6F/KW, and today Z Factory has been released the V2 of the same model (Tudor Pelagos 25600TB) with perfect blue color on dial and bezel compare to V6F. Is that really closer to genuine? let's have a look.


Compare to V1 from ZF, the bezel and dial color on this new version is very nice and close to genuine, as you can see on above pictures, pretty much no different between ZF V2 vs Genuine. Mean while, the V6F/KW, the blue color is too bright. All the details is there, and perfectly closed. How about the lume? see below picture :

Blue color is correct, except the marker frame is not lumed perfectly. Overall this is a perfect replication on this side.


This replica is also made from Titanium material as the genuine is. I didn't spot any major issue on the titanium finishing, also the crown, no issue with size and logo engravings. all smooth and perfectly cloned.


On this side, i spot some differences, especially on the engravings, as usual that engravings on caseback of replica mostly not as deep as genuine. As you can see the caseback engravings on genuine is very clear and deep. But i respect of the detail by putting perfect engravings on serial number and model number, well done. On the other side, the clasp engravings, is also another issue, while the genuine is very deep, the reps is not. But I can say, probably this is not the main focus of ZF, because this part is not gonna be showed while you wear this watch.


My final conclusion of this replica is SUPERB, I can't find any significant different especially on the face. All the different that I spot, is very minor. Besides, all the finishing of titanium is very nice and well neat. It is just perfect, and recommended for you to have this such superb replica from ZF v2.



by DTIME International on 01 September 2016

Welcome back to our blog. Today we will do short review to one of the most demandable watches from Tudor,  The Heritage Blackbay 79250BM Bronze.

Previously, we have this Tudor from Z Factory, and it was pretty close to genuine. But after awhile, V6F/KW has been release replica of the same model, and we noticed that V6F made is even closer to genuine.

If you read replica forums, lots of member keep asking which one the best one and the closest one to genuine. To make it sure, we provide genuine picture of this model as picture below :

We still have picture of this model from Z Factory, and now we try to combine the picture with V6F, and see what's the different between those two factories :


As we read some forums member review, finally we also spot some differences from the face of these two factories :

  • Bezel Insert width --> V6F/KW wider compare to ZF. And with this fact, V6F is closer to genuine compare to ZF.
  • Bezel Marker --> As far as we can see, V6F bezel font and marker is better fnished compare to ZF, very neat and close to genuine.
  • Dial Fonts --> This point is never mentioned on previous review, but based on my sight, there is well printed on V6f compare to ZF..


  • What i can noticed on this parts is not about the crown engravings, i saw both V6F and ZF have same crown engravings. But the the bezel thickness i can see that V6F is thicker compare to ZF and V6f have correct crystal edge as per gen.
  • The bronze finished is different between those two factory, the V6F is more vintagized compare to ZF.
  • The lug on V6F is more rounded / curvy when you look at from side. And the lug hole on V6F is a little bit lower compare to ZF. This is actually closer to gen, because if you see the strap thickness, V6F is same with gen, thicker than ZF. Therefore need bigger space


This part is very noticeable. The stitch color on V6F is correct to gen. Also the back side of the strap. But I can see that ZF strap is correct vintage, only wrong stitch color.


  • As the bronze finished is more vintagized on V6F, this also happen on the buckle, the V6F is more vintage.
  • I didnt see any major different on caseback. The only thing i see on the caseback color, the gen is seems more yellow (goldy), or probably gold plated. This is not happen on both factories.

This comparison is really based on my opinion, i can be wrong or right. If anyone have other opinion, please put a comments.


by DTIME International on 01 September 2016

Hi guys,

I've read some opinion and comment regarding the newest submariner 116610 Noob V7. The upgrade as claimed :

  • Updated ceramic bezel markers with the same depth and same platinum color.
  • Double AR cyclops with only slight blueish reflection as per genuine.
  • A special machine was purchased from Switzerland to engrave the rehaut and lugs exactly same as genuine - deep and double lined.
  • Round cut at the edge of the crystal and crystal only slightly sits above the bezel like genuine. It has the best bracelet in the replica history, perfect SEL and finish all over the links, perfect clasp with polished Rollie crown logo and every details are made according to the latest genuine SUB.
  • This watch comes with the SA3135 movement from Mr. Creme De La Creme, it is no longer a modified A2836 movement! When you add the improvements on the V7 from the V6s, and all of the improvements on the V6s from the 2014 SUB, this is still the best SUB on earth, bar none!

I don't want to go over compare between V7 and V6s (2014 model). I only want to go a little bit on the rehaut, the dial font and also the clasp Rolex stamp. Because there are some opinion and questions raised to compare both version to genuine.

Since I got confused what gen model are replicated, i do some light research to find some connection between reps and genuine models.

  • Gen Rolex sub 2016 model, you can find the detail HERE
  • Gen Rolex sub 2014 model, you can find the detail HERE

Lets go to the DIAL first.

What I know is the V6s is refer to gen 2014 model, which the main different on dial (compare to gen 2016) is the font. You can see below pictures :

The first V6s is refer to 2014 model, but later on, they improve the dial font closer to late 2015 & 2016 model, with longer "F" and correction on "M". 
The V7 is exactly copy the 2016 models, as you can see on above picture.

Now, move to the CLASP stamp.
Some of my friend a bit confused regarding the Rolex stamp on the clasp. The V7 is full polished with no brushing part and no black stamp, this is actually refer to the latest gen sub (2016). You can see the clasp stamp different on the gen as pic below :

The V6s and V7 is as the pic below :

You can see clearly the different on this part.

Now we go to the REHAUT
Some say that the V7 rehaut is very close to gen, as they claims that they bought special machine to engrave the rehaut. I tried to find some gen pictures to compare :

And below are the V6s and V7 rehaut :

The V7 rehaut above is the latest rehaut, previously still have "a bit rounded font" issue. But now they become closer. Even not as perfect as genuine (my opinion), but they do some improvement on this parts, while the V6s is still a bit rounded. 

I don't compare other upgrades on V7 to v6s, I think Noob is improving as their claims. My only question is how good the "upgraded" SA3135 movement on this V7. Noob no longer produced the V6s and on V7 there is no longer modified A2836. Only "upgraded" SA.3135.

Hope now there are no more issue on this SA.3135.

This thread is only my own opinion, might be wrong or right, but i am very open to anyone to comment and do corrections, also add something helping.



by DTIME International on 27 July 2016

Hi guys,

Welcome to DTime International. As we know that Noob has been released the newest sub and dssd V7 with lots physical improvements, also they claims that the SA.3135 now become more reliable, no longer issue on broken stem or poor PR. I haven't test the v7, still on shipment process to me. 

Above table is some factories that using SA.3135 and 2836. Now the Noob V7 is also come with two option : "improved" SA.3135 (their claims), and also with A.2836 with $50 price different.

In fact, there are Pro's and Con's on SA.3135 vs A.2836 (cal 3135 look). Before V7 has been released, V6S with A.2836 is more preferable compare to SA.3135 due to the issues. Here I have some points to compare :

There is no doubt on the look, SA.3135 is very similar to genuine with all the detail, this is because SA.3135 was build from scratch, which not using Asian ETA parts such as 2836. 

Please Note :

  • On Sub with modified A.2836, is Asian 2836 with modification to be closer to genuine Cal.3135 as shown on pics above. 
  • On Sub with SA.3135, is totally build from scratch to copy Calibre 3135

Function wise, there will be significant different especially on crown date and hour hands setting. SA.3135 is following the gen with clockwise setting, and A.2836 is the opposite. Other functions are the same, since this Sub have no chronograph, only date and hands.

This is one of weaknesses from SA.3135. Since it was built from scratch independently, you will have parts availability issue when something happen to this movement. Parts is hard to find and sometimes can not taken from other movement such as Asian 2836. Meanwhile, the A.2836 parts are very easy to find in the market, just because it was just regular movement and have been a while in the market. 

Hopefully this V7 is more reliable and less issue compare to V6s which have some issues on broken stem, also sometimes poor PR. A.2836 on the opposite is already establish and reliable since the begining.


  • If you want the closest look and features to genuine sub, you must choose the one with SA.3135 (hope the v7 is more reliable compare to V6s)
  • If you want proven reliability, and cheaper price, you should go for sub with modified A.2836 movements.

It is just simply your taste and choices. 


by DTIME International on 23 July 2016

Welcome back to our blog. There are facts that even the best replica factory couldn't make a perfect copy of Audemars Piguet Chronograph. Therefore lots of mooder has made some modification on some parts of the reps, to make it even closer compared to factory made.

There are some flaws on factory made Audemars Piguet Replica in general :

  • No Gap / Very small gap between datewheel and tachymeter ring. Genuine AP have a significant gap between those two.
  • The cyclops is not zooming as big as genuine. If you can spot the date on replica is more tiny compare to genuine. Other case also need to change the date font, because it is different from genuine
  • Bezel screw is flat with the bezel, while in geunine is a little bit sunken, and also curved, not flat.
  • Center hand pinion a bit bigger compare to genuine, especially for noob maker (On some JF is already perfect)
  • Thicker case on replica. This is because the movement size issue and there is nothing you can modified on this parts unless you change the movement to other thinner movement.

Lets talk about it one by one 


You can see clearly on above picture :

  • There is supposed to be a significant gap between date wheel and tachy ring. While factory made can't make even small gap, and what modder do is re-shape the tachy ring to make a little gap between, closer to genuine.
  • Date size on factory made (in this case JF) replica is smaller compare to genuine. The problem can be from the cyclops zoom abiltity, therefore lots of modder doing re-shape the cyclops closer zoom ability compare to genuine. 
  • Date font is different. Even the cyclop has been re-shape, the date font still smaller compare to genuine. This is because the date font on factory made replica is actually smaller. That is why, lots of modder change the date wheel to ETA date wheel. 


If you can spot the bezel screw on above picture, you will find that on factory made replica is flat and same high with the bezel surface. It is supposed to be a little bit sunken and also the surface is a bit curved. AP modder usually re-shaped the bezel screw closer to genuine. Also re-polished the bezel screw to be more shiny. You can see on pictures below :


Center hand pinion is too fat on some noob replica, but on JF i can say it is minor, some of them good already. All modder do is just re-shaped the pinion not too fat.


This is the "franken" area, you can't not do anything except changing the movement to make the thickness is the same with genuina. All AP chronograph replica are using Asian 7750, this is required to be thicker, if not, the rotor will not gonna move. If you only want the modify your AP, there is no option for this parts. But if you want to make your AP become "franken", simply replace your Asian 7750 with genuinie movement, than modify the caseback. 

The ball is in your hands, which replica you want to buy. Some happy with factory made, some need more, it depends on your taste, fell, and also budget.


by DTIME International on 30 June 2016

Hi guys,

Been happy with V5 for awhile, finally I got my new DSSD V6S from noob. Similar look, but when I look it deeper, there are some points that make this version even better. My first impression was "awesome". Here are some point that i wanna share, please someone add me something missed.


V6s a bit more shiny look at the first sight, especially on the bracelet itself. I don't know why i feel better when i am holding V6s compare to v5, flexible bracelet, more solid, it is just very comfortable on my wrist.

Bezel engraved on V6s is a bit thinner and neater, also the color i guess is darker compare to v5.

"ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE" color on V5 is fading while the V6s have better black color.

I guess the serial number on rehaut of v6s is better and easier to read.

Logo on V6s crystal is better compare to V5, easy to spot and very clear

I found no different between those two on : rolex stamp, caseback and lume. As you know noob always good on lume.


V5 using Asian 2836-2 and V6s is Asian Super Clone 3135. 

If you looking for the exact copy of cal 3135, V6s has to be your choice. However, i found on the forum that SA3135 has several issue like often poor power reserve and stem easily broken when stressed. 

Despite that issue, There is another different on hand setting :

  • V5 : Crown turns down (anti-clockwise) to make hands turning clockwise
  • V6s : Crown turns up (clockwise) to make hands turning clockwise

Gen = V6s

See Our Video Below :

This thread has been received an "Thread Of The Week" from RepGeek Forum HERE


by DTIME International on 08 June 2016

Hi guys, 

I will say finally J Factory made this things even better compare to other factory in my opinion. RO 15400 is one of the icon of Audemars Piguet, as I know there is TF and V6F version of this previously, and I will say JF is just extra ordinary. Let's take a look of my quick look :

The Face

  • Perfect blue color, same like gen
  • The emboss of checkered dial is very close to gen.
  • I have no issue with hands and hour mark, i think very close to gen as well
  • Date font size is ok, but a bit thicker on rep

The Crystal

I was amazed of the crystal on this rep, take a look some pic below :

It's just cool, very clear from every angle, no light distraction

Case & Bracelet :

Since I have TF & V6F, i never found big issue on the case and bracelet. On this JF also i found nothing to comment on this. All good, the finishing is just perfect, very solid bracelet. There is no gap between link, in the end there is no "cheap" sound when you shake it.

Caseback & Movement

Amazing.. I notice that JF put some extra effort on this to make it better compare to other factory. Look at the beauty of decoration, very detail, neat and close to gen. I only found certain minor different as pointed by blinking number above. 

The Dimension 

I found some different thickness between TF, V6F and JF :

  • TF (non-decorated) : 9.79 mm
  • V6F (decorated) : 10.8 mm
  • JF (decorated) : 9.88 mm

What I know gen thickness is 9.8mm, so you can see JF make it very close.

Overall i am happy with this JF. If someone have other opinion or comment, please add here

Cheers guys..


by DTIME International on 03 June 2016

Rolex really isn't like any other watch brand. In fact, the privately held, independently run entity isn't like most other companies.

Rolex rarely allows anyone into its hallowed halls, but I was invited to visit their four manufacture locations in Switzerland and experience first-hand how Rolex makes their famous watches.

Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; admired; valued; and known across the globe. Sometimes just sit back and think about all that Rolex is and does and find it hard to believe that at the end of the day, they just make watches.

Rolex does just make watches and their timepieces have taken on a role beyond that of mere timekeeper. Having said that, the reason a "Rolex is a Rolex" is because they are good watches and tell pretty good time. It's taken me over a decade to fully appreciate the brand, and it will probably take longer before I learn everything I'd like to know about them.

The purpose of this article isn't to give you a totally inside look at Rolex. That isn't possible because as of now there is a strict "no photography" policy at Rolex. There is a very real mystique behind the manufacture because they are relatively closed and their operations aren't public. The brand takes the concept of Swiss discreetness to a new level, and in a lot of ways that is good for them. So since we can't show you what we saw, I'd like to share with you some interesting facts that every Rolex and watch lover should know.


1. They Use An Expensive And Difficult To Machine Steel Because It Looks Better

Many watch lovers are familiar with the fact that Rolex uses a type of steel that no one else uses. Stainless steel is not all the same. Steel comes in various types and grades... and most steel watches are made from a type of stainless steel called 316L. Today, all the steel in Rolex watches is made from 904L steel, and as far as we know, pretty much no one else does. Why?

Rolex used to use the same steel as everyone else, but in around 2003 they moved their entire steel production to 904L steel. In 1988 they released their first 904L steel watch with a few versions of the Sea-Dweller. 904L steel is more rust and corrosion resistant, and is somewhat harder than other steels. Most important to Rolex, is that 904L steel, when worked properly, is able to take (and hold) polishes incredibly well. If you've ever noticed that steel on a Rolex watch looks different than other watches, it is because of 904L steel, and how Rolex has learned to work with it.

A natural question is why doesn't everyone else in the watch industry use 904L steel? A good guess is because it is more expensive and much more complicated to machine. Rolex had to replace most of their steel working machines and tools to deal with 904L steel. It made sense for them because of the amount of watches they produce, and because they make all their parts in-house. Most other brands get their cases made from outside suppliers. So even though 904L steel is better than 316L steel for watches, it is more expensive, requires special tools and skills, and is overall more difficult to work with. This has prevented other brands (so far) from taking advantage of it, and is something special that Rolex has. The benefit is obvious once you handle any steel Rolex watch.

2. Rolex Has Its Own Science Lab

Given everything Rolex has done over the years it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have an internal Research & Development department. However, Rolex takes it well beyond that. Rolex has not one, but several different types of extremely well-equipped professional science labs at their various facilities. The purpose of these labs isn't just to research new watches and things that may go into watches, but also to research more effective and efficient manufacturing techniques. One way of looking at Rolex is that they are an extremely competent and almost obsessively organized manufacturing company - that just happens to make timepieces.

Rolex labs are as diverse as they are amazing. Perhaps the most visually interesting is the chemistry lab. Full of beakers and tubes that carry liquids and gases, the Rolex chemistry lab is full of highly trained scientists. What is it mostly used for? Well one thing that Rolex stated is that the lab is used for developing and researching oils and lubricants that they use in machines during the manufacturing process.

Rolex has a room with multiple electron microscopes and some gas spectrometers. They are able to take an extremely close look at metals and other materials to investigate the effects of machining and manufacturing techniques. These large areas are extremely impressive and are used seriously on a regular basis to remedy or prevent possible problems.

Of course Rolex also uses its science labs on the watches themselves. An interesting room is the stress test room. Here watch movements, bracelets, and cases undergo simulated wear and abuse on custom-made machines and robots. Let's just say that it would not be unreasonable to assume your typical Rolex is designed to last a lifetime (or two).

3. Their Movements Are All Hand-Assembled And Tested

One of biggest misconceptions about Rolex is that machines build their watches. The rumor is so pervasive that even people at aBlogtoWatch believed it to be mostly true. This is because traditionally Rolex didn't communicate much on this topic. Well the truth is that Rolex watches are given all the hands-on human attention that you'd like to expect from a fine Swiss made watch.

Rolex uses machines in the process for sure. In fact, Rolex easily has the most sophisticated watch making machinery in the world. The robots and other automated tasks are really used for tasks that humans aren't as good at. These include sorting, filing, cataloging, and very delicate procedures that involve the type of care you want a machine to handle. Most of these machines are still human-operated though. And everything from Rolex movements to bracelets are assembled by hand. A machine however helps with doing things such as applying the right pressure when attaching pins, aligning parts, and pressing down hands. Having said that, all Rolex watch hands are still set by hand via a trained technician.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Rolex is obsessive about quality control. A predominant theme in the manufacture is that things are checked, re-checked, and then checked again. It feels as though their goal is to ensure that if a Rolex watch fails, it does so before it leaves the factory. Large teams of watchmakers and assembly people work on every single movement that Rolex produces. This is before and after their movements are sent to COSC for chronometer certification. And on top of that, Rolex re-tests their movements for accuracy after they are cased for several days while simulating wear before they are sent out to retailers.

4. An In-House Foundry Makes All Their Gold

Rolex makes their own gold. While they have a small handful of suppliers that send them steel (Rolex still works the steel in-house to make all the parts), all the gold and platinum is made in-house. 24k gold comes into Rolex and it is turned into 18k yellow, white, or Rolex's Everose gold (their non-fading version of 18k rose gold).

Large kilns under hot flames are used to melt and mix the metals which are then turned into cases and bracelets. Because Rolex controls the production and machining of their gold, they are able to strictly ensure not only quality, but the best looking parts. To our knowledge Rolex is the only watch manufacture that makes their own gold or even has a real foundry in-house.

5. Technology Is A Watchmaker's Best Friend

The philosophy at Rolex seems to be very pragmatic, if a human does it better, then let a human do it, if a machine does it better, then let a machine do it. In fact the reason more watchmakers don't use machines is two-fold. First of all machines are huge investments and in many instances keeping people around to do it is less expensive. Second, they don't have the production demands that Rolex does. In fact, Rolex is fortunate to have the ability to equip its facilities with robotic help where needed.

The epicenter of Rolex's automation prowess is the master supply room. Massive columns of parts are attended to by robotic servants that store and retrieve trays with parts or complete watches. A watchmaker needing parts must simply place an order with the system, and it is delivered on a series of conveyer systems to them in about 6-8 minutes.

Robotic arms populate the Rolex manufacture locations when it mostly comes to repetitive or highly detailed tasks that require consistency. Many Rolex parts are given an initial machine polish by a robot, but amazingly they are hand-finishing and polished as well. The fact is that while modern technology is a huge part of the "Rolex manufacturing machine," robotic equipment is there to assist what is a very real, human watch making operation.

6. Fort Knox Has Nothing On Rolex

It isn't surprising that Rolex is keen on security. At their foundry for example, I was given a bar to carry around that weighed in at just over $1,000,000 worth of Everose gold. There is a lot more of that, as well as valuable completed watches that need safekeeping. Rolex employs a series of extremely meticulous security checks and they had a James Bond-style safe that is located a few floors underground.

I noticed that rank and file watch assembly employees have an interesting system on their desks that required their ID badge be docked at all times after being identified with a fingerprint scan. Everything is scanned and cataloged. In fact, each Rolex watch movement has a unique serial number that is photographed and matched with a case that also has a different unique serial number. In the future when the watch is serviced, a watchmaker can learn everything there is to know about it.

Accessing the Rolex safe requires entering a bank vault door and passing an iris scanner that identifies you via your eyes. When Rolex parts move from location to location, they are transported in highly discreet unmarked (and likely heavily armored) trucks. Rolex is very serious about their safety, and for a really good reason since it is often said (in truth) that Rolex watches are just as good as money.

7. Dive Watches Are Each Individually Tested In Pressurized Tanks With Water

All Rolex Oyster case watches are thoroughly tested for water resistance. The way that this is often done at watch manufactures is with an air-pressure tank. A watch is placed in a small chamber that is filled with air, and if the pressure changes at all, it means that air leaked into the case. Each Rolex Oyster, as well as Oyster dive watches begins with this air pressure treatment. In fact, each case is tested both before and after a movement and dial are placed inside of it.

Dive watches receive a separate treatment all together. After being air pressure tested, Rolex proceeds to test the water resistance of each and every Rolex Submariner and Deep Sea watch in actual water. This type of test is much less common. Submariner watches are placed in large tubes that are filled with water to ensure that they are water resistant to 300 meters. The test is extremely complex because Rolex employs a complex system for testing if water entered the case.

After the watches exit the tank, they are heated up and a drop of cold water is placed on the crystal to see if condensation forms. An optical sensor then scans them for trace amounts of water. Less than one in a thousand watches fail the test. The story is much more intense for Deep-Sea watches. Rolex co-developed a special high-pressure water tank with COMEX to depth test each Deep-Sea watch. The pressure tank looks like something from a science fiction movie. Imagine something that looks like a several ton Gatling gun. This machine takes well over an hour and measures each watch to a pressure equivalent to 12,000 meters deep.

8. An Army Of Gemologists Work At Rolex

It has been said that Rolex has preposterous standards for the materials it buys from its suppliers. This includes things like metals as well as precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Rolex has a massive gemological department whose goal it is to buy, test, arrange, and set diamonds and other precious stones in a range of Rolex models. One of the things they do is check incoming stones to ensure that they are real. Using x-rays for example, they can test diamonds to ensure they aren't fake.

Rolex reports that in the years they have been testing diamonds, only two in 20 million have been fake. That might seem like such a small amount it isn't even worth their time to perform the test. Nevertheless, to ensure absolute quality, Rolex tests each batch of diamonds. This should also have an illustrative effect on the diamonds they use, which happen to only be IF in clarity, and D-G in color (the four grades closest to white).

Each and every diamond or precious stone (no matter how large or small) on a Rolex watch is hand-selected and hand-set. Rolex employs traditional jewelers to create custom settings for stones in their most exclusive watches, done using the same processes employed in creating the world's finest jewelry. It was amazing to see this level of artisanship and delicate care inside what many people believe to be a mass producer.

9. It Takes About A Year To Make One Rolex Watch

An advertisement for Rolex long ago claimed that it takes about a year to make a single Rolex watch. As suspicious as that sounds, it is true even today. Rolex produces almost a million watches a year, but surprisingly, no shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing process from what I could observe (and I've been to a lot of watch manufactures). Rolex is however interested in quality and efficiency. Basically, the entire company seems focused on producing the best watches, and continually seeing how they can make them better.

If you look at Rolex watches over time, they are more about evolution rather than revolution. This idea of always improving versus changing goes right into their manufacturing process as well. They are constantly learning how to improve quality through better processes and techniques. The move from aluminum to ceramic bezel inserts is a perfect example. Nevertheless, from starting to shape the parts of the case to testing a completed watch for accuracy, the process takes around one year.

Of course Rolex could speed this up for certain models if necessary, but each watch requires so many parts and virtually everything is made from base materials in-house. Once all the parts for a Rolex watch are completed, they are then mostly hand-assembled and individually tested. The testing and quality assurance process is rather intense.

A good example is how Rolex makes each of their watch dials. All of the dial are made in-house, and one of the most impressive facts is that all of the applied hour markers are set individually by hand. Often times at other brands, machines perform this process, but Rolex learned that a human eye is better trained to spot problems. So individual hour markers are applied and riveted by hand. Dials are dropped from 20cm up in the air to ensure that none of the hour markers fall out. This is a careful and time consuming process, and it is among the many elements of making watches at Rolex that is done by a skilled human being. Taken together, because of Rolex's rather fanatical dedication to quality across their huge production, watches take on average, about a year to produce.

10. Rolex Makes Virtually Everything In-House

After having said all of the above it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that Rolex makes virtually everything in-house as a totally vertically integrated manufacturer. As of right now the only major parts that Rolex doesn't make for all of their watches are the synthetic sapphire crystals and many of the dial hands (though I have a feeling the latter will change in the next several years). Rolex produces their own gold, cases, bracelets, dials, bezels, and movements in-house with incredible efficiency and quality.

It isn't just that Rolex can afford all the most useful machines, but also that Rolex invests into processes and techniques that are tightly-held trade secrets. The real value inside the Rolex factory are their tools and know-how, which no one could replicate even if they had a copy of their facilities.

Making everything in-house allows Rolex to be truly independent. Watch collector's often agree that there is the watch industry and then there is Rolex - the two just happen to make similar products. It is hard to love watches and not appreciate what Rolex is and what they produce. Traveling there I can fully understand why they aren't only the most successful high-end watch manufacture, but why they are also one of the most successful luxury brands in the world.



by DTIME International on 01 June 2016

After enjoying the black dial green sapphire, now finally my Noob 116400 blue dial has arrived, and here I am sharing my first impression of this timepiece.
My eyes can't move from the dial since the beginning. It just very cool. 

Tried to find gen dial comparison from the internet. Please take a look :

Myself personally can't spot any major flaws on the dial. All good from A to Z, including the blue shiny gradient which moving based on light sources. It is just cool.
To make myself sure, i took some closed up dial pics as below :

I couldn't find any major flaws on the dial. So details, so close to gen. If someone have gen of this piece, please share to me.

What i know the gen is 40.5 mm with 11.5 thickness. Pretty close...

That's it from me guys, please add some point on this to make my short review even better.



by DTIME International on 28 May 2016

Hi guys, now my both PO has arrived, first the Orange bezel (ref : dan Black bezel (ref : Let's take a quick look of it :


While Omega web said that the case diameter is 45.5, these reps is 45 mm
Gen thickness is 16 mm, these reps is 15.68 mm
Pretty much close to gen from the dimension.


I don't have gen to compare head to head, but i pick pics from gen website, and i guess it's all pretty close. There's no major issue found on this parts. Let's see my other pics below :


  • BEZEL MATERIAL : Aluminium polished bezel, very nice finished
  • BEZEL COLOR : Correct orange and black (not too black as other version i guess)
  • BEZEL MARKER : Very neat and clear. I didn't find any issues on this part
  • PEARL : very precise, centered.
  • CROWN SIZE : I found a bit taller compare to gen, but it's not a major issue
  • DIAL MARKER : All good I guess, all similar to gen from my point of view
  • HANDS : No issue
  • DATE WINDOW : good position, however I found the font is a bit bigger on rep
  • LOGO : I did't found a "fat" omega logo as some people says.


Well polished bracelet, well finishing, very solid when you hold it. There's no "cheapy" sound when you shake it. Also the clasp pretty smooth when I open and close it. 


I think this miyota has been decorated perfectly refer to co-axial 8500. Very detail.


color & brightnes have no issue at all. All good.

That's my quick look of these PO, hope someone can tell me more about this reps.



by DTIME International on 04 May 2016

Hi all, I love to see my new BP Le Petit Prince edition. First, I love the dial details. Second, I love the working PR. After closer look, I wanna share how good this timepiece is. Hope you guys love it.


Both pics above clearly shows how detail ZF made the dial details. These are some point from my point of view :

  • COLOR : It is just replicated properly, similar to gen dial color. Also I love how ZF made the burst pattern, looks beautiful
  • HANDS : Length & thickness is very close to gen, I didn't found any different.
  • MARKER : Font size is good, thickness is good, frame is good. However i found a little different on number 4, 5, and 8, it's just a small thickness difference.
  • SUB DIAL : The diameter is similar to gen, also the line pattern (see on first pic), just nice.
  • LOGO : I found no issue, very similar to gen
  • LUME : Not too responsive towards light source, need time to absorb, very different with lume on PAM or Rolex noob maker. But the color is correct.
  • CRYSTAL : Very clear AR, good viewing angle. I provide you more pics on this, to see how good the crystal is :


Very good combination of polished and brushed as per genuine. When I hold every side of the case, I didn't find any sharp things that can hurt your finger for some reasons. Same things on its crown, feel good and very neat, also good engraved on crown logo.

Nice engraved, there is none of the thing caused bad feeling while on my wrist. All good


I guess in every reps have some issue on leather straps. Same here, I feel like the brown color is dull, stitching isn't that neat, but dont get me wrong the details is good.

I love the details, I love the engraves, I love the finishing. It is just solid on it. 

I did a test by capturing day by day from the beginning i did manual wind. I just wanna know if the PR working and also the hands is pointing to the right number on the PR dial.

I haven't finish yet, but after I did the test. It is clearly can stay for 72 hours without I wear it. And also look at the hand on PR dial, pointing the right number. It's not 7 days, but I think on reps 72 hours is good enough.

For me it is just a Powerful Good Looking Timepiece....well done to ZF... 

That's it from me guys, please comment and add something more....


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by DTIME International on 06 April 2016

WIDTH is the distance between the lugs, where the strap meets the watch. To determine your width, you can take a ruler or caliper, and measure the width of the part of the strap that uses spring bars / screws to attach toyour watch case. Measure this in millimeters.

Width will expressed as size/size. i.e 24/22 (24mm wide by 22mm wide). This first number (24mm) is the width of the strap between the lugs of the watch case. Other number (22mm) is the width of the strap at the buckle.

Straight strap is one that is the same width at the lugs and the buckle, i.e 24/24 (24mm wide at lugs by 24mm wide at buckle). Tapered strap is one that tapers in width from the lugs to the buckle, i.e 24/22 (24mm wide at lugs by 22 wide at buckle).

There is also a table for several watches that are commonly use to change their strap :
LENGTH : Tail End (Length of long section) & Buckle End (length of short section, excluding buckle)

Length is expressed, for example like this: 125/75. The first number (125) is the length in millimeters of the tail end with holes. The second number (75) is the length in millimeters of the buckle end.


Follow the table below as your guide to match your wrist size to strap length :However, don’t let this table be your strict rule. Choosing the strap length is all personal preference. There is no “right” or “wrong” in choosing them. A length that we consider “too short”, or “too long” might consider to be “just right” for you.  Strap length is an art, and as your taste changes, your idea of what looks “just right” will probably change too. For example, If your wrist is 6.7”, you can also go with 125/75mm for a more conservative look (less tail, centered buckle), or you could go up to 130/80 for a longer look (more tail, buckle over to the side more).



by DTIME International on 05 April 2016


SevenFriday V2 series is very unique, you will need time to be able to read the time on its dial properly. This timepiece was design not to make the user confuse, it is just to make "differences" with other brands. In fact, this models, is very demandable. Let's start to learn how to read the time on sevenfriday v2

  • Layer 1 : Main Dial for Hour marker
  • Layer 2 : Hour Disc content number : 0+, 4+, dan 8+ as hour hand function
  • Layer 3 : Main Dial for Second Marker
  • Layer 4 : Seconds Disc content number of : 0+ 20+ dan 40+ as second hand function


On hour disc content : 0+, 4+, dan 8+, Add this number with the main dial number (1-4). Then you will have the hour time.

  • 0+ align with 0 = 12 o'clock
  • 0+ align with 1 = 1 o'clock
  • 0+ align with 2 = 2 o'clock
  • 0+ align with 3 = 3 o'clock
  • 0+ align with 4 = 4 o'clock
  • 4+ align with 0 = 4 o'clock (same meaning with 0+ align with 4)
  • 4+ align with 1 = 5 o'clock
  • 4+ align with 2 = 6 o'clock
  • 4+ align with 3 = 7 o'clock
  • 4+ align with 4 = 8 o'clock
  • 8+ align with 0 = 8 o'clock (same meaning 4+ align with 4)
  • 8+ align with 1 = 9 o'clock
  • 8+ align with 2 = 10 o'clock
  • 8+ align with 3 = 11 o'clock
  • 8+ align with 4 =12 o'clock (same meaning 0+ align with 0)

There is AM/PM indicator to indicate day and night time

Now lets read the second hands (content number 0+, 20+ & 40+)


  • 0+ align with 10 = 10 seconds
  • 20+ align with 5 = 25 seconds
  • 40+ align with 20 = 60 seconds / 1 minute

Please pay attention to minute hands. This one is just how we read the minute on regular watche, you have to see the marker on the inner bezel. There are 12 minute marker on the inner bezel. If the hand point to 1 marker, means 5 minute, 2 marker means 10 minutes, etc. It is just like how we read the minute on regular watches.


On above picture, clearly show time >> 5:11:25 AM

In this case >> 05:11:15 AM

In this case >> 11:25:45 AM


  • Need time to be able to understand this unique design time reading. Just need to get used to it.
  • Quality wise, this is the best SevenFriday replica we have seen in the market, the material is nice and the detail is perfect.
  • Same movement as per genuine (Using Miyota)


by DTIME International on 02 January 2016



The story: if you're a chart-topping muso these days, your watch of choice is likely to come dripping with diamonds. Not quite so at the dawn of modern popular music, when Elvis Presley was in his pomp.
For all the ridiculous bling of the later Elvis years, in the late Fifties and early Sixties, Presley's style was clean and cool. It was epitomised by his favourite watch - his Hamilton Ventura. The unusual triangular face was a near constant on his wrist, customised with a metal bracelet instead of the more traditional leather strap. Take a close look at the 1961 film Blue Hawaii - he wore the Ventura during filming.
The watch said a lot about the early Elvis look - he took classic elements of style and dragged them daringly up to date. And with watchmaking being the relatively cautious business that it is, the same applies to today's Ventura reissues. The Ventura XXL Limited Edition was released last year to commemorate what would have been Presley's 75th birthday. He may not have made it to the 21st century, but his style was ahead of his time.



The story: according to a CIA agent who witnessed Guevara's execution in 1967, the Argentinian-born revolutionary wore "a steel Rolex GMT-Master II with [a] blue-and-red bezel". How did the CIA agent know this? Because he stole it from Guevara's corpse. The lesson? Never trust the CIA.
With the press office at Communist HQ not returning calls, MH can only speculate as to Guevara's reasons for wearing a Rolex. To be sure, a self-winding mechanism is pretty useful if you have an active day job. The GMT-Master II also has a 24-hour graduated bezel, designed to help its wearer cope with the befuddling effects of crossing time zones. That would certainly be useful to a man who traversed South America on a motorcycle - and why not to the modern jetsetter?
If you want to indulge the revolutionary inside while also passing yourself off as a man of means, then the GMT-Master II might well be the perfect balance of reckless rebel and responsible adult. Just add a fat Romeo y Julieta cigar to deliver a two-fingered salute from within the capitalist establishment.

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The story: the Argentinian was the greatest of the "gentleman drivers". He blended understated style with hair-raising speed, coming back time and again from impossible racing positions. Starting his Formula One career at age 37, Fangio taught the world that, behind the wheel, the experience and levelheadedness that come with age could out-punch the exuberance of youth. 
Given he was prone to driving so fast that one crash broke his neck and half the bones in his body, Fangio needed a watch that could keep pace. He wore a TAG Heuer Carrera when he won the Mille Miglia in 1955, a watch tough enough to endure 1000 miles (1610 kilometres) of brutal racing on open roads in the great Italian endurance contest.
The modern version of Fangio's Heuer is the TAG Heuer Calibre 1887 300 SLR, which is made in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, Fangio's team in the mid-Fifties. It's retro in its styling; the only hints of F1 razzle-dazzle are the racing-orange detail on the otherwise subdued strap and the engraving of Fangio's Mercedes on the case. Wearing one is not an excuse to go setting off speed cameras, though. 

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The story: unlike most captains of industry, Sir Richard Branson seems to prefer putting himself in danger's path to relaxing in his big, comfy boardroom chair, musing on whom next to fire.
Branson embodies the spirit of enterprise on any number of levels. He is a proprietor of formidable business acumen, to be sure. But Branson is most animated by the prospect of adventure. He has made long-distance hot-air balloon expeditions. He has crossed the Atlantic in record-breaking time. He even plans to take on space with his Virgin Galactic project.
As a result, his style veers to the functional, and with great utility comes great design. The watch that embodies his adventurous spirit is the Breitling Chronospace, a timepiece equally at home calculating velocity as it is in the high-pressure environment of the boardroom.
And should you ever find yourself donning a pair of night-vision goggles, fear not - the LCD screen boasts viewing compatibility. Whether planning a trip into space or not, it's a big, bold watch for an adventurous personality.

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by DTIME International on 15 December 2015

There are so many questions have been asked to us : IS THERE ANY REPLICA WITH REAL ETA?This question raised with reason, because there are seller out there claims that their replica they sell are using real Swiss ETA Movement. Is that true? Let's discuss it


After doing some research, there are some hypothesis and opinions from public :

  • Replica watches are using after market genuine ETA, all the parts are refurb and rebuild become replica movement
  • Replica watches are using brand new real swiss ETA
  • Some parts of replica movements are genuine ETA, but most of it are clone parts of Swiss ETA parts (Asian ETA)


1st Hypothesis : Refurbish Real ETA 

A bit make sense. Just like cell phones, there are cheapest price option with refurbish parts and rebuild into new phone. If this is true, replica factory will gain advantage of the price become cheaper to build its replicas. Another question raised, with refurbish parts, how about the reliability of the movment? We got the answer from some replica forums : 

"Many people (myself included) even say that the installed refurbish "Swiss" in replicas are worse than Asian clones at this moment. Because the Asian clone is NEW and relatively controlled but the "Swiss" has an unknown origin and age"

2nd Hypothesis : Replica using real brand new Swiss ETA

Could be possible, however better we take a look real ETA price first :

ETA 2824-2 dan 2836-2 is general movement for watches, with regular features : date, hour, minute and second. If this movement are installed into replica watches, means the price will be double from the movement price itself. Reasonable price would be $400 - $500. 

Chronograph watches can't use 2836/2834 movement ofcourse. With it complexity, it require to install Valjoux 7750/7753. The price is like the picture above. With this options, the replica factory will not gonna have a good selling, because they need to sell in a very high price, because the real Swiss 7750 itself is already expansive. Bottom line, there are none of replica using this real movement. They are usually using a clone of this movement, they called it ASIAN 7750


Brand new genuine ETA are plain movement, there is no watch logo at all, only ETA logo. Logically if you want the real ETA installed to replica, you will not gonna have exact look as inhouse movement of genuine watches. If you modifiy the movement, then you won't get any warranty anymore from ETA company

3rd Hypothesis : Combine Swiss parts & Asian Clones parts

Very make sense, because in fact, 60% genuine ETA parts, are made in China cost wise. There is possibilty that watch maker has been made Asian movement with combine parts with gen. This is also not a good options for replica factory, the price will necessarily more expansive. 


If you try to call some replica seller, and asked this question : Is there any replica with genuine movment? I believe, you will get the answer like this :


Replica watches industry have to make money, they will prefer cheapest option to sell their replica. The facts is : THERE IS NO WAY FOR THEM TO PUT GENUINE ETA MOVEMENT ON THEIR REPLICA. If you want to customized, this might be possible, but for factory made replica, there are NONE !


  • RELIABILITY : Asian ETA is not bad movement, it is legally distribute in China, there are some people with experiences that  Asian ETA is very accurate and reliable. This fact is very reasonable since 60% of genuine ETA parts are made in China, therefore there is possibility to make people skillful to make a good movement for watches.
  • There is no FORMAL QUALITY CONTROL in Asian ETA, no formal warranty, therefore possibility to be mailfunction is very high.
  • Genuine ETA was made with plain, no watch logo (unless exclusively made for). It's mean that you won't get exact look with genuine inhouse movement of many famous brands. Asian ETA are designed to be modified as genuine inhouse movement by the factory. Nothing to worry about the warranty, because there are no warranty on Asian ETA


Some of replica modder attend to make some perfections of factory made. They do modification, sometimes with genuine movement or other parts. Therefore, another terminology are come up : MODDED, FRANKEN, HOMMAGE, GEINSTEIN etc. 

So at the end, it is your choices, we can only share the facts.


by DTIME International on 17 June 2015

Hi guys,

The price is quite expansive for reps, but I wonder it's because the "real" 18K yellow gold on it or maybe perfections on its detail. When the item arrived, i was pretty impressed of the whole build, the wrapped ceramic bezel is cool also the engraves, the gold plated is quite thick (approx 0.33mm), case and bracelet finishing is also great. 

Quick look, it's very close to gen but I'm not gonna go into deep, it's only my first impression of this noob's rep. Here are some pics :

Maybe it's only my opinion, a bit too yellow on the gold color, or maybe someone can tell me more about it.

Crystal a bit too thick i guess. I saw my friend's genuine a bit flat on crystal also not that thick, correct me if I am wrong

The plated of 18K YG is pretty thick, approximately 0,33 mm, way better to any version available in the market

The logo on crystal still different compare to gen, "the dot" is not there as per gen. It's not a big issue, at least exist on rep .
Have no comment on caseback. all good and precise, no gap between case and bracelet. Well finished.

Despite the YG color, the bracelet is very nice to hold, there is no "cheapy" sound when you shake it, pretty solid

The clasp is smooth when I open and close it, no issue at all. 

Hv no doubt on lume, noob always perfect on this. I took that pic after a short light on it, no need too long. It just cool.

This is the only big issue I have on this reps, and i think with all GMT Master models :

Look at the yellow circle, it's so clear that the gmt hand position is not like genuine. Gen have GMT hand between minute and hour hands, but in reps the GMT hand is on the bottom of all hands.

With A2836 on this rep, it will make a huge different on date / hands setting. The way to set the date is just different from gen. Please someone tell me if there is any reps with correct hands position and date setting.

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by DTIME International on 13 May 2015

In 1850, Giovanni Panerai opened a watch-making store, G. PANERAI & C. in Florence, at that time the capital of Italy. He was succeeded by his son, Leon Francesco, and then by his grandson Guido

In 1914, Guido Panerai went into partnership with Carlo Ronconi, a Naval officer, and this was the start of close collaboration between PAZNERAI and the Italian navy.

In 1920, Guido Panerai and his son Giuseppi (great-grandson of Giovanni Panerai) came up with the chronograph MARE NOSTRUM.

In 1936, the company delivered a prototype of the RADOMIR WATCH to the Italian Navy, made using a luminescent radium-based material, which was later replaced by tritium, and more recently by Luminova. This was part of an ultra-confidential military project, held to the strictest secrecy. 
The lever-system winding crown, known as the “Déclic” did not appear until 1942. This system made it possible to go to a depth of 200 meters, which was an outright record for the time. 

During the 1950s, PANERAI OFFICINE supplied 50 special models to the Egyptian army. 

The firm prospered from one generation to another for a century and a half, always in the hands of a member of the Panerai family. 
In 1993, two limited editions of the LUMINOR and the MARE NOSTRUM were for the first time sold on the civilian market, and PANERAI OFFICINE entered into the period known as “PRE-VENDÔME.”

In 1995, at the request of the American actor Sylvester Stallone, a lover of the brand, PANERAI OFFICINE brought out three series of MARE NOSTRUM and LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE, marked “SLYTECH” AND SIGNED ON THE CASE-BACK.

These watches were in part sold to the public and also given to the actor, who presented several as gifts to his Hollywood friends, including Arnold Schwartzenegger, who, though known for his attachment to the AUDEMARS PIGUET OFFSHORE, is also a lover of PANERAI.

In 1996, the series SLYTECH DAYLIGHT came out to coincide with the film of the same name. 

Between 1993 and 1997, PANERAI produced 1828 watches. (See PANERAI OFFICINE production /Pre-Vendôme Period.)

PANERAI was bought up by the VENDÔME LUXURY GROUP in 1997. 
Backed by its exclusive image, Vendôme launched into production of limited editions that were snapped up by collectors.

The LUMINOR Base and LUMINOR Marina models were introduced at the Geneva International Salon of Master Watch making in 1998, to great public acclaim.

In 1999, the group went in search of new customers, especially those who though they dreamt of owning a PANERAI, were not keen on its outsize 44mm. diameter, and the result was the PANERAI OFFICINE LUMINOR 40mm. 

Once again, whatever purists had to say, the model was a huge success, and sales of LUMINOR 40 mm. in all models now account for around 50% of PANERAI OFFICINE sales in this range of products. 

In 2002, the firm inaugurated the PANERAI MANUFACTURE, at Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. 

From 1993 to 2002, PANERAI OFFICINE has produced almost 93,000 watches, with only 1,828 dating from the 5-year “Pre-Vendôme” Period, a 50-fold increase in production since the family firm was bought up. 

Let’s bet that the industrial era into which the RICHEMONT group has introduced the PANERAI OFFICINE won’t kill off the legendary and fabulous watch of the Italian commandos.


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